Top Aftershave Reviews and Recommendations

Our list of some of the 5 best aftershaves for men

Aftershaves have to work well in not only cooling the face down and moisturizing it but also have to work well in giving your shaved face a clean revitalized look, not to mention that they should smell neutral or good but not over-powering. Aftershave can be expensive and you mention a good price so I am posting below a review list covering 5 of the best aftershaves for men that are priced considerably low. As you will see and read below with each of these aftershave reviews, you do not need to make a big investment for your facial skin care and daily wet shaving.

Gillette Series Aftershave Gel for Sensitive Skin

This men’s aftershave by Gillette is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin that gets affected while shaving. I use this aftershave and can vouch for its crisp scent, revitalizing effects on the face, and clean feeling. I frequently get razor burn so this aftershave actually cools the face down after a full shave.

A bottle of Gillette Series After Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin

Old Spice Classic After Shave

This men’s after shave by Old Spice is a great product that leaves you feeling refreshed after your daily wet shaving. This aftershave has the classic old spice scent that is distinct to the brand, and always smells nice. This aftershave can be used even if you have not recently shaved, it will make your skin feel nice after a shower, before a date, or on any occasion.

A bottle of Old Spice Classic After Shave

Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue After Shave

The Aqua Velva after shave is always great after a full shave; I have used this product in the past and I was satisfied with it for what it costed me. This men’s aftershave is usually priced good and it offers a clean refreshing splash that cooled down my face after a full shave. This product is not the best for sensitive skin, but for everyone else it works very well.

A bottle of Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue After Shave

Nivea For Men After Shave Cooling Balm

I am a fan of the Nivea for Men range of aftershaves. The Nivea company makes great men’s bathroom products, and does not stop at this men’s aftershave. This aftershave provides a clean and energetic feel after shaving for normal skin. This product actually makes your face look healthy especially after a warm shower when the face can get dehydrated.

A bottle of Nivea For Men After Shave Cooling Balm

Nivea For Men: For Sensitive Skin After Shave Extra Soothing Balm

Nivea makes a great aftershave in this sensitive soothing balm. This aftershave is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin; sensitive skin can make your face irritated from the razor when shaving, having a good aftershave is vital. This product will cool the skin leaving it healthy looking and cool. My skin gets irritated from shaving like crazy and this aftershave balm really soothes the irritation. That should tell you something! If you can get several bottles of the stuff so it lasts you a super long amount of time.

A bottle of Nivea For Men For Sensitive Skin After Shave Extra Soothing Balm

The above is my two cents. I am going by your mention of good prices too. Most cheap aftershaves are garbage but there are some good affordable treasures like the 5 reviewed-above aftershaves!

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