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Wink Tips for styling messy fringe hair with Caesar haircut
Posted by: KIERANHIN95 - 01-22-2017 01:29 PM - Replies (1)

Hey all,

So I have never really been good at styling my hair so I am looking for some tips. The hair cut I have gone for is low skin fade with a textured fringe/longer on top. Very similar to this photo.

[Image: gW9FxGk.jpg]

I want to style the fringe forward and messy looking like in the photo from above. I have tried a technique I seen in a video, which basically said get the product into the roots and then use your fingers to rake your hair forwards side to side. However, my hair just stays straight, and the hair and my fringe look awful, like not even styled or connected. I've been using the American Crew hair fibre and/or the Redken rough hair paste. I have thin-ish hair so maybe I should get the Redken thickening lotion??

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  Razor parting question
Posted by: KingJim - 01-01-2017 03:18 PM - No Replies


I am thinking of getting a razor parting for when I next get my haircut but I am just wondering, if I dont really like it would hair grow back so there is no more of a razor parting?

Thanks Jim

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  Question For Men With Fine Hair And Breakage
Posted by: Hey Man - 12-15-2016 02:33 PM - Replies (2)


I was wondering if anyone here has fine hair that has resulted into your hair breaking when you brush your hair or style it using product/pomade? If so - has there been any product, treatment or leave in that has helped strengthen your hair?

While my hair isn't thinning, it's become fine due to grey hair as the texture changes. So as someone that used to have very thick hair, weak fine hair is new to me.

I have been told to never towel dry, because the towel just weakens the hair with the friction caused by the towel.

I would greatly appreciate any tips or recommended products to stop the hair from snapping through basic grooming.


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  How to Style Messy Pompadour Hairstyle with Undercut Haircut?
Posted by: grants041 - 11-30-2016 07:45 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys,
I have a disconnected undercut with a 1-2 fade and about 4-5 inches of thick hair on top. I have trouble getting volume on my hair when I comb it back, but then again I do not use a hair dryer or a circular brush.

I really like the look of the messy pompadour with a lot of volume and the little "clumps" that layer on top of each other, but whenever I try to style that, I end up with something dreadful.

What kind of products do I need to be using, first of all? I want some good hold that also does not look like I have tons of product in my hair.

Also, what are the techniques and methods that I need to do in order to get the perfect messy pomp? I really like this look and hopefully you guys can help me figure it out.

Thanks so much and have a great day!Big Grin

If you search "messy pompadour" on google images, the first picture is exactly what I am looking for.

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  I need help about my hair,products and what to do
Posted by: UltraReflex - 10-31-2016 11:59 PM - No Replies


my family keep telling me to cut my hair and grow it all again, they say its dead and started looking ugly.
My question is is cutting it and growing it again is the only solution?, i do not eat healthy food, the place where i live has a bad weather sunny, which makes sweat and things, so is there any products can help me out, a method, something? or the only solution is cutting it and just take care of it when it grows up, like healthy food and products, and what should i really do/use product for growing long hair that looks nice and got some volume and feels straight but not too much and of course less frizzes, i can buy products from amazon... if needed,... i will attach a picture of my hair it may helps!

I have a picture for my hair but can not post it, i wonder if it will help by anyway!

I cut my hair and grow it again, and work harder on it?
Or i start working on my hair and there a possibility it will become better with eating healthy and use the right products?

thank you guys!

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  Need help to achieve hairstyle - Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode
Posted by: oliharps01 - 10-18-2016 04:19 PM - No Replies

For a while now I've been wanting to be able to achieve the hairstyle of Alan Wilder from electronic band Depeche Mode. I'm 15 years old with thick and wavy hair unless I blow dry it.
Examples of hairstyle: https:// in front of first four and http:// in front of last link

Alan himself has said he used Black and White hair pomade if that's any help.
Any advice at all on how to achieve this hairstyle would be greatly appreciated.

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  Trying to get into hair care/styling, no idea where/how to start
Posted by: Anonymoose17 - 10-16-2016 07:06 AM - Replies (1)

For the longest time, I hadn't really cared much about my hair. I ignored it until it got long enough for my parents to complain (I'm only 19), then would just get a buzz cut, and the cycle repeats. Now I'm trying to take more of an interest in my hair, but I have no idea how to care or style.

First off, I find my hair is usually very dry and frizzy (I shower usually daily), and I don't really know how to change it. I made some changes after reading them, stopped shampooing (instead conditioner), and stopped rubbing my hair with a towel. Though this didn't change much, my hair is still dry and frizzy and I hate it. I hear heat doesn't help (I take hot showers), but I'm not sure what else to do. When I don't shower for a few days (like over the weekend), it's less dry and more wavy, but also greasy, so I can't leave it like that. So I want advice on how to stop my hair going dry after a shower, and what kind of products I need. Brands recommendations might now work, I live in Australia, so I might not be able to get US brands.

Second is styling. Next time I get a haircut (which is hopefully soon), I think I'll take some photos to use as a reference. After I figure out my head type and a cut that suits it. But should I ask for styling product recommendations from my barber, or should I ask for something here?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. Hair care/styling is something I really want to get into, but I have no idea how to start.

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  Growing hair help!
Posted by: spearsurf - 10-04-2016 08:59 AM - Replies (1)

Hi all,

I am attempting to grow my hair out while maintaining a professional look, since I work in the world of corporate business. The last couple haircuts I got, I asked the stylist to keep it long on top… Basically not touch the top… And trim up the sides and clean up the edges and sideburns etc. The last cut I got, the guy went a little short on the sides to the point where I basically had the hipster kind of long on top short on sides. The ideal look I am going for down the road is long hair past my jaw line right to about my shoulders. I just don't know how to get there without looking messy or having the sides of my hair look all feathery and sloppy. I'm ok with the long on top because I can slick it back. It's just the hair around the sides and in the back that is giving me trouble. My question to you is, can I continue to grow the top out and keep the sides and back trimmed? Will I eventually get to the same place? Or do I need to just go through the awkward phase and let the sides and back grow? Just keep in mind, I need to keep that professional look because it is my company policy. I'm trying to figure out a way to get around that and grow my hair out and still look professional. If you were me, what would you tell the barber to do at my next cut?

Also on another completely different note… I've always wondered what it would be like to perm my hair? Not the type with small curls, but more the way the big curly locks. Have any of you guys ever tried perming your hair with the chemical stuff? Does it work? Does it look good? Thoughts?

Thank you so so much for your help and advice!

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  How to get better hair and hairstyles as a male - 5 easy tips
Posted by: The Hairstylist - 10-03-2016 10:32 AM - No Replies

How to make your hair and hairstyles look better and feel better? As a guy you have probably read plenty of tips about hair for women, but what about tips on men's hair and how to style hair? Is the hair of men different from the hair of women? What needs do men have with regards to their hair?

The difference between women's hair and men's hair is very small, with the most common difference being that men tend to have greasier hair as they secrete more sebum than women. Other than that, both men and women grow their hair at approximately the same rate (one inch every two months) and can grow the same range of hair types and shapes (e.g. curly hair).
Without further ado let’s now provide you with 5 tips for better hair as a male!

Don't wash your hair every day
Most men wash their hair daily which is way too often for male hygiene. From my experience as a hairdresser and hairstylist, I recommend that men try to find out their best frequency of shampooing through a smart, simple method. In this method, a male must find out his optimal shampooing frequency though trial and error, removing one shampoo day every 2 weeks, as simple as that. By doing this you may find out that you ultimately need to shampoo your hair every other day while another male may find out that he actually only needs to shampoo once a week!

Learn how to use the right hair products for men
Almost all men have heard of hair gel or hair pomade but not all know specifically what each hair product is and does. Again and from my experience, hair gel should be used by men to shape their hair with texture and either a dry or a wet look, while pomade should be used to give a sleek natural look to the hair - not a greasy look - and hair wax should be used to shape the hairstyle while giving it some sleek too (so hair wax can be summarized as giving results as if it were a combination of hair gel and pomade).

Whatever hair product for men that you prefer, there is no excuse to not knowing your hair products as a male. This forum is full of great product guides and you can start your search of good men's hair products with this guide: http://www.menshairforum.com/talk/Thread...-Epic-List

Style with your fingers and avoid pulling your hair with a comb
Generally you are better off either styling with your fingers or using a wide tooth comb, especially if you have curly hair. Only if you have 100% straight hair with no curving should you be using a regular comb.

The only time when it's acceptable to pull your hair with a fine tooh comb is when getting a classic slicked hairstyle. See the following link for lots of ideas on the slicked back hairstyle: http://www.menshairforum.com/talk/Forum-...st-Threads

Get some hair inspiration and hairstyling ideas
Even though I haven't been on this forum for a long time, one of the goals of this forum is to offer hair inspiration to men who have given up on their hair or are close to doing so. I came across this forum searching online for a celebrity's hairstyle that one of our salon's customers had discussed about - I didn't know who this celebrity was and I was pleased to see that there was actually a guide on this celebrity's hairstyle!

By providing pictures of the many ranges of hairstyles, haircuts and hair shapes, anyone can easily understand that having whichever natural hair shape is not only normal but also a good thing as after all one's hair shape is the direct consequence of one's DNA being expressed. I'm talking mainly of curly guys who are not happy with having curly hair. Even this forum offers a section on curly hair for men: http://www.menshairforum.com/talk/Forum-Curly-Hair

I recommend that you browse not just this forum but also magazines. Go online to find particular sources of hair inspiration, it can be a magazine, a TV commercial or a movie, but just have an idea of a hairstyle you'd like to get. Then get a paper copy of that hairstyle that you want and bring it with you when you go to the hair salon or barbershop for a haircut. It really makes it easier for us to know what it is that you want as a haircut when you bring a photograph or a printed paper. Preferably more than one too.

Get the right haircut for the right hairstyle with the right professional
It doesn't matter that you have in your mind the most awesome hairstyle, if you don’t get the right haircut you will be going nowhere. Take your time to research your hairdresser or hairstylist - I'm talking about their skills - and don’t hesitate to ask for reviews. A good hair professional will have no problems telling you about his or her capabilities if that means making a new customer.

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  Coiled out of kinky hair. Please help.
Posted by: tonyped - 07-08-2016 06:24 AM - Replies (1)

Hello everyone. I would like to change my kinky hair into more coiled like. Make separated curls out of that mass of sheep wool, what I have right now. I am mulatto, but here, in Czech Republic where I live, there's only a small amount of black people and especially in my city (seriously, there's only like 20 - 30 of us in a whole city). Because of that, there's no one who would know, how to work with my hair (not even hairdressers Dodgy ) and no shop with hair products for black people and buying them from capital city or online would be too expensive. That's why I ask, how to make this transformation without special products. Maybe for some kind of daily routine of washing or with help of average products. I'll be grateful for any advice.

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