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  Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 review by experts
Posted by: Richie - 12-08-2018 02:56 PM - Replies (2)

I'd like to ask for any barber experts here for their Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 review. It's cheap and does a lot of things like beard trimming and also hair trimming. Price is surprisingly cheap for what it does plus it's a Philips Norelco trimmer type and I've had good luck with those in the past. I'm looking to pull the trigger on it but it'd be great if any experts in the forum can weigh in their opinion on the Norelco Multigroom 3000 from Philips.

Look forward to any opinions, thanks in advance.

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  Suggestions for hair wax with strong hold but natural style look
Posted by: bixtape - 11-16-2018 11:45 PM - Replies (2)

Hi Guys! I came to the states 3 months ago and my hair wax is about to finish and I'm looking to get a new one. Unfortunately mine is available only in my country and I have no idea which ones are good here.... I'm using ''rough wax'' which has strong hold , zero shine , natural look. I've tried before some other waxes like undercut but this one is by far the best one I had! I really hate the greasy look , or shiny look . I really want the wax to have strong hold but to keep the look of my hair very natural and be able to style it how I like to.I don't really want to spend more than 20$ . I can't post any pictures here so if anyone is willing to help me please message me so I can send you pictures! I would appreciate it a lot if you guys help a new brother out to get the right product without wasting ton of money! Thanks in advance!

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Posted by: superashley - 10-30-2018 06:28 AM - Replies (1)


I've read through so many forums looking for the info i need but can't find, its quite specific.

I keep my hair in a very short bald fade. i use Wahl balding clippers on the back and sides which i believe is 0.4 mm, then wahl super taper on the top, without a comb with the lever on the longest which is i believe 0.8.

I have 2 issues. 1 is that i have thick case afro carribean hair and with these two i can't get the transition clean. i use the taper lever but the lowest setting doesnt meet the length the balding clipper leaves and its a noticeable line so i need to use my beard trimmer to blend. so thats three trimmers! ti doesn't take long but its annoying and i have to keep unplugging and plugging when i move between. its also really inconvenient and especially as i travel for work a lot and like to keep its short and neat so it means carrying these all around.

So I'm looking for one trimmer that can cut as short as 0.4mm up to a number max, ideally with a cordless option.

Anyone have any ideas?

I found this one from Andis called Andis LCL Easy Clip trimmer -

But then i realised it was for dogs! Confused I'm not sure if that is suitable for human hair/heads?

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Thumbs Up 20 Epic Dyed Hair Styles for Men's Modern Hairstyles with Photos
Posted by: A London Barber - 09-15-2018 12:47 PM - Replies (3)

We have the merman hair trend and the bleached hair trend, but yet another men's hair trend popping lately is that of dying the hair in aggressive colors to go with modern haircuts like the undercut or the skin fade as well as popular hairstyles like the modern pompadour or brush up.

Dyed Men's Hair Ideas Gallery:
So why not give you some epic ideas on dyed hair styles so that you can get some inspiration from for your next look? Twenty in total.

Below is the gallery's first set of 10 pictures. Please see the next post under this one for the gallery's second set. As usual feel free to ask any questions!

[Image: ace9b7ae498733e17b0f724718f1c628.jpg]
[Image: 6a2741f66c1055f1abd222cfe10ac07f.jpg]
[Image: 9e5dc3327fad727ff1cd4bebcd2c5c25.jpg]
[Image: d4364d939bb561e349671a82b47b6bfe.jpg]
[Image: 4077b1bbed5285664d32d15ca7024888.jpg]
[Image: 257e8c35b54538e7b126ffdcff3868db.jpg]
[Image: d64875543101da98ab81aa22abdb7f94.jpg]
[Image: c27ee0e2feee09d6a4b1c35d40dfd887.jpg]
[Image: c348dad471009dc230226aa338b42589.jpg]
[Image: 247b20b77732017634675b5d8b585034.jpg]

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  25 Bleached Hair Color Ideas for Men (White, Silver, Platinum, etc)
Posted by: A London Barber - 09-15-2018 12:12 PM - Replies (3)

Bleached hair styles cover the spectrum of white, platinum, silver and light blonde colors that have become popular as of recently. So here are 25 bleached hair style ideas for you to consider if you want to jump on this online craze! If instead you would rather go with something like blue or green as your hair color style, then see this merman guide.

Bleached hair color styles gallery:
Remember that the hair can be bleached all across or as highlights. Whatever you get, get it done by a professional who has a lot of experience with bleaching men's hair. The length of the bleaching will dictate the actual tone or you can get a silver overcoat if that's your thing.

[Image: c46663f20730e9054cfbea924809d201.jpg]
[Image: 78d8cee4672964726673ba453dc505b6.jpg]
[Image: 0b6535e1806ccec28fcd3697e2e3da16.jpg]
[Image: 94a7f5070fd556acdceede4a2f9dc967.jpg]
[Image: 8f918cf98b75516f6eb111afac37c9f0.jpg]
[Image: d38235010c56e897e6ed8af46b17dde8.jpg]
[Image: 4af80bd9d4a7d1a73da176a7ed7780ce.jpg]
[Image: 67ef26ed17a44e59b20b2e262f80dbfd.jpg]
[Image: a326256df8c2fe0b1f406c09a9cc19a4.jpg]
[Image: 49f27041d906b4aff251712a0d898a29.jpg]
[Image: 28a29458f9fe70a9da29029db8c2bce5.jpg]
[Image: a54667d192e5df64a5cc8f41cde7dffa.jpg]
[Image: 4ff047cefac749becf4866db6fc9a9e1.jpg]
[Image: 8c08f1f469a5bc5c141a30b0f0607e91.jpg]
[Image: 5a675ecff4386418aa32237d9a0cd6b6.jpg]
[Image: 8bf08f37b92d280d5811781e39d22e90.jpg]
[Image: bbc9be2584504a49be762f1f06aa8659.jpg]
[Image: 989765f34c4326923e4fc3639a0d1c2d.jpg]

More bleached hairstyles on the next post below.

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Star Gillette Mach3 vs Schick Quattro razor - Comparison review
Posted by: A London Barber - 08-19-2018 08:14 AM - Replies (1)

A comparison review between the Gillette Mach3 razor and the Schick Quattro Midnight razor
The last thing you want to do in the morning when you’re groggy and trying to shake off sleep is hear the metallic drone of an electric razor. Don’t get me wrong - I like electronic things - my electronic toothbrush gets plenty of use. One of the reasons my toothbrush gets plenty of use is that it doesn’t make noise. You don’t plug it in; it runs by battery. Its operation is virtually silent, about the same decibel level as a buzzing mosquito, but somehow less annoying.

Therefore, my preferred shaving tools are completely non-electronic and silent. Moreover, both have the advantage of political correctness since they don’t use electricity. I’ve bought two manually operated razors: the Schick Quattro Midnight and the Gillette Mach3. They’re both fast, reliable, and have plenty of pickup. Still, one of my razors has a slightly better hold on my heart. Why?

I’ve had the Mach3 Gillette Safety Razor for a longer period of time than I’ve had the Schick Quattro. There was a bit of condition-response in that buying choice. When it comes to household products, consumers tend to copy their parents. My father used Gillette products, including their razor blades, and I was not bold enough to know what my mother used. Marketing specialists know this and put a lot of money into promoting their products in the hope of keeping generations of consumers buying their products.

[Image: 9c70L5B.jpg]

Another condition-response factor which made my first choice of the Mach3 Gillette product easier was that the advertisers tended to put their product in front of the consumer’s face at macho sporting events like boxing. Yes, I’ll admit it right now. When I use my Gillette Mach3, I become suddenly confident I could beat Vladimir Klitchko for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. I wonder what razor he uses.

Schick is also aware of the complications of the male psyche. The Schick Quattro website ad points out the “smoothness” of the Schick Quattro Midnight and the worry one has about having to beat back female attention:

“Easy ladies, there’s enough of me to go around,” says the ad.

Somehow it’s a lot easier to imagine myself winning the boxing heavyweight championship of the world than saying “Easy ladies, there’s enough of me to go around.”

I’ll tell you where the Schick Quattro Midnight excels. It is smooth operating as the advertising states. It’s four blade titanium head floats on the skin so easily you can barely feel it. It truly baffled me at first and I thought perhaps the blade was upside down. The Gillette Mach3 is also smooth but has a definite “feel” to it. It doesn’t glide the way the Schick Quattro Midnight does, but it doesn’t scratch or cut either.

[Image: eIi6CBh.jpg]

Though the four-blade shaving head would seem to be superior to the three-blade head of the Gillette Mach3 razor, I think the Gillette Mach3 is less apt to clog with shaving cream. With both razors, you’re advised on the packaging to rinse often. With the Gillette Mach3, it seems that I have to rinse less and can remain a bit longer in my morning hazy condition.

In examining these tonsorial products from the male standpoint, one must congratulate the product designers and scientists who work together to produce these fine products. Both the Schick and the Gillette are examples of forward thinking design. Both razors fit into the hand as easily as custom-designed golf clubs. The Schick Quattro Midnight has the slight edge because of its curved handle design. The straighter Gillette Mach3 is not uncomfortable to hold, however; its combination of plastic and metal has a keen and ergonomic feel. Even the placement of the Gillette Brand logo is both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

There is a slight edge in favor of the Gillette on the purchase price of replacement blades at the place where I shop. The Schick Quattro replacement package of 4 blades costs $9.29 and the Gillette Mach3 package of 4 replacement blades costs $8.49. I’ll rescue you from doing the math (runs for a calculator); there’s an eighty cent difference there. Could that fourth blade be worth it? Easy ladies, there’s enough of me to go around.

For more razor reviews, see this forum section: http://www.menshairforum.com/talk/Forum-...g-Products

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Lightbulb Top electric razors and shavers reviews
Posted by: A London Barber - 08-07-2018 12:14 PM - Replies (1)

A comparison guide on some of the best men's electric razors and shavers currently available
Men's electric razors have come a long way. They now have modern technology that makes the shaves smoother than they have ever been. And they are much easier to clean. Most are just rinse and go. Be careful when shopping around. Many places sell refurbished shavers, so if the price looks way to low, read the fine print carefully. It is perfectly ok to buy a refurbished men's electric razor, as long as you know it is refurbished. In this case, make sure you check and see if the guarantee is still in effect. These men's electric razors are from some of the top manufacturers and you will find one to fit just about any budget.

For more on electric shaver reviews, see this section of the forum: http://www.menshairforum.com/talk/Forum-...g-Products

Remington Clean Xchange Men's Electric Shaver
This men's electric shaver is battery operated and it will run for a half hour on a charge. It has a 15 minute automatic shut off, takes an hour to fully recharge and never needs cleaning. This is a great one for the world traveler because it automatically adjust to the different voltage in other countries. The Remington CleanXchange is a medium priced electric shaver.

[Image: rVPGdqm.jpg]

Panasonic ES-RT51-S Men's Electric Razor With Linear Motor and HydraClean Automatic Cleaning
This men's electric shaver is at the top of the Panasonic line. They claim it has the sharpest blades of any electric shaver and it has Panasonic's HydraClean™ system that automatically clean and dries the shaver and recharges it as well. It comes with a travel pouch, AC recharger and a storage stand and docking station. The Panasonic ES-RT51-S is a high-price electric shaver worth its price, that's for sure!

[Image: dTW0Vn5.jpg]

Wahl Flex Shave Rechargeable Corded / Cordless Electric Mens Shaver
This men's electric shaver can be used with or without a power cord, has a popup trimmer for sideburns and comes with a bonus personal trimmer. The Wahl Flex Shave is a medium-priced electric shaver for men.

[Image: 1VLSq1Z.jpg]

Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Men's Electric Shaver
Norelco is famous for their three round shaving heads, which give 50% more shaving surface than traditional ones. It has a special antimicrobial coating which allows it to be cleaned by just rinsing. The Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch is a high-end electric razor and its quality is similar to the high-quality of the aforementioned Panasonic ES-RT51-S electric razor!

[Image: 10KV1Hn.jpg]

Braun Series 7-790cc Complete Men's Electric Shavers w/Recharger
This men's electric razor can be used with or without the power cord, has a multi-message LCD panel, operates cordless for 50 minutes at a time and fully charges in one hour or charges in 3 minutes for a quick job. The Braun Series 7-790cc electric razor is usually the electric razor for men with the highest price, but, again, you're paying for quality, so the Braun Series 7-790cc electric shaver is worth a look!

[Image: KipFRC5.jpg]

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Thumbs Up Reviews of good shaving razors for men
Posted by: A London Barber - 08-07-2018 11:49 AM - Replies (1)

A review of the best manual shaving razors for dudes
Men's manual razors have come a long way in the past 10 years with more blades, electric vibrating technology, and even trimmers. This review will take a look at 5 of the best manual razors for men, what makes them so good, where to get them, and an average price. FYI, there are more shaver reviews from myself and others in this sub-forum: http://www.menshairforum.com/talk/Forum-...g-Products

Gillette Fusion Power Razor
The Gillette Fusion Power razor is a great men's manual razor that delivers exceptional results. This razor has 5 blades that are closer together than a razor with less blades, this creates less irritation from razor burn and makes for a very close shave. This shaving system also comes with a precision blade on the back for close trimming where a 5 blade system is too big. This trimmer blade is very useful for any touch ups on a short beard. This product also has electric power to make whiskers stand on edge for an even closer shave. The Gillette fusion power razor can be found for around $8 dollars, euros or British pounds.

[Image: wY18pLA.jpg]

Gillette Fusion Phenom
This is another great men's manual razor from Gillette. This razor has 5 close together blades for a close comfortable shave and has as precision trimmer on the back for hard to shave spots. This razor is not however electric; however shares the same razor cartridges as the Gillette fusion power razor. The blades have a fading strip to indicate when it is time to change the blade. The Gillette Fusion Phenom can be found for around $10 dollars/euros/pounds at your local drug store or pharmacy (e.g. Boots).

[Image: ZbBprIN.jpg]

Schick Hydro 5 Body Groomer and Shaver
This all-round razor from Schick is a great manual razor with an attached trimmer. This razor features four titanium blades that can be used in the shower and one trimming blade on the back of the cartridge for a precise cut. The handle of the razor has a great small power trimmer for precision trims and overly long hair spots. The Schick Hydro 5 trimmer and razor is a great all in one men's manual razor and it can be found for around $12 dollars/pounds at most local stores.

[Image: LqySKdG.jpg]

Gillette Mach3 Men's razor
This manual razor from Gillette comes with three blades that deliver a close shave. The Gillette Mach3 razor actually works well for a three bladed razor and provides very minor irritation and in fact gives a very close shave. The Gillette Mach3 product can be found for around 9 bucks (be it US dollars, euros or pounds). It's very cheap for what you're truly getting.

[Image: hAUehDv.jpg]

Schick Quattro Titanium Razor
This epic Schick shaving razor provides a close shave using its four titanium coated blades. The razor is easy to hold and use and comes with a conditioning strip built right into the blade cartridge. This is a great men's manual razor, the blades also last for a good amount of time, and I have used the same blade for about a 1-2 months before replacing. This product can be found for less than $10 dollars/euros/pounds.

[Image: pu83LKH.jpg]

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  Wahl magic and A5
Posted by: Boter - 05-30-2018 04:02 AM - No Replies

Does it possible to install A5 blades (Andis for example) for Wahl magic cordless?
I am choising a clipper for my, and this one is fits me, except one: it have minimum cutting height 0.8 mm, I would like to have 0.25 mm. Can I install famed Andis blades on it?

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  How to ask for this short haircut with buzzed sides
Posted by: blee9 - 05-19-2018 07:17 PM - Replies (1)

I want this short haircut, but how do I ask the barber for it? Picture at the link below:

[Image: F18QsTi.jpg]

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