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help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems 0 0
help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems
10-07-2016, 04:33 PM
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help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems
hey guys... i was just wondering if you guys could help me out with suggestions.

i have medium to long hair that is wavy and prone to some hermione granger like dryness and frizziness and it is just a nightmare trying to keep it looking right. i live in south florida too where it's always humid, so that doesnt help.

first and foremost, what can i do so that i can make it easier styling my hair each morning? the look i want is sort of a shaggy style with thick, straight hair (with just a slight wave) with lot of volume on top as per below:

the picture above is actually me, btw! (i had showered without shampooing or conditioning and had brushed the curls out).

right now, my typical daily routine is that after taking a shower, and while my hair is still wet, ill start brushing it until its dry with the following combs so that the curls are straightened out:

however, it takes me a really long time to brush my hair this way. usually an hour. and now that my hair has gotten longer, the ends have more of a curl, so it always ends up with a curl around my ears and behind my neck no matter what i do, its becoming very rare to have a "good hair day".

is there anyway to avoid this, besides shaving my head? it's such a chore, i mean im all for looking good, but even when i spend an hour brushing my hair it still doesnt guarantee a "good hair day".

furthermore, i think brushing my hair so much everyday is taking a toll on it and damaging it as ive noticed ive shed a lot of hair. a lot of that could be that im actually tugging/pulling on my hair too as when it starts drying as im brushing it, the curls start to set in and i have to put more effort into pulling the comb through my hair. either that or my hair is thinning and im actually going to lose my hair because when my hair is oily or very wet you can see a lot of my scalp underneath, which absolutely makes me want to die.

the whole situation is also uncomfortable because i cant sleep over anyones house (because if i take a shower, i cant take an hour in the bathroom afterwards, because theyll think im weird), i cant go to the beach (because if i wet my hair it'll get all frizzy and messed up), i have to worry if it rains (because once again its get frizzy etc

ive provided pictures bellow so you guys can see my hair when its wet, when i towel dry it and on a normal day when ive spent about an hour brushing it in the morning. notice how it still looks horrible?

this is just after getting out of the shower (when it's wet):

anyways what do you guys recommend?

shampoo and conditioner-wise. i currently use loreal total repair 5 shampoo and conditioner (as seen below). usually ill shampoo and condition it one day and the next day i wont shampoo it only condition it or just rinses it with water and then the next day shampoo it again (one day yes one day no). are there any shampo & conditioners you guys can recommend with natural ingredients (no phosphates etc) that will improve the health of my hair and also help with the dryness and friziness and making it straighter for styling? ive heard there are shampoos/conditioners with keratin to help with straightening and frizziness?

what vitamins or what can i eat to improve my hair's health? as i noted above, when my hair is oily or very wet and uncombed you can notice a lot of the whiteness of the scalp underneath the hair more than the darkness of the hair covering it up.

would permanently straightning it be recommendable? so i dont have to spend an hour combing it everyday? and i can just wake up and go? the thing is ive tried a form of permanent straighting before and it made my hair straight, but it was completely flat, with no volume or texture, so i didnt like it. volume and thickness is key for me.

or maybe so sort of product i can use? id really prefer to avoid hair dryers and hair irons if possible.

people who have naturallygood hair and are good looking have it so good, they dont even know.

anyways. thanks in advance guys!
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10-07-2016, 04:34 PM
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RE: help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems
btw how do i post photos? i have lots of pictures to provide, but i didnt know how to add them to the thread!

thanks once more!
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10-14-2016, 06:56 AM
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RE: help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems
I think brushing is a good part of the frizzy problem. you really don't wanna be brushing your hair especially if it's wet. try to ditch the brush and go with your fingers for a little while and see if it improves.
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10-14-2016, 06:59 AM
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RE: help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems
I would also add: learn to love your hair, it's unique to you and you should be proud of it not try to change it. after your shower, just towel dry your hair and walk out for the day. takes 10 minutes.
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11-20-2016, 02:07 PM
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RE: help me! wavy/frizzy hair problems
r3dzzz you have obviously not seen me with my hair when i don't style it or comb it!

when i do and i have a good hair day, i feel great its like im a young han solo in Empire Strikes Back... lol

btw how do i post pictures/what site do you guys use to host pictures and then copy/paste the screenshots/links? thanks in advance!
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