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hair wash frequency 0 0
hair wash frequency
10-25-2016, 07:53 AM
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hair wash frequency
hello, I've been holding off to ask this question for a little bit while I try a few things but I think it's worth asking now.

So before I read the men's hair book I used to wash my hair every day and never use Conditioner. After reading it I started doing 1 on 1 off and I've been stuck at 1 on 2off, well actually I still go to 3off in an effort to accustom my hair to longer lapses with out shampoo but nothing works... by day 3 my hair always looks positively greasy.

I've been using minimal amounts of product. The only thing that I've been using is a hydrating cream on wash day to give me a bit of control because otherwise my hair is on my face all day. ( my hair is about 9-10 inches extended)

Right now I'm going to try 0 products aside from Shampoo/con on wash day and see if that helps. I've also gotten a very light, no cones Conditioner to see if that helps as well.

My hair type is wavy at best, it's almost straight on the top and almost curly on the sides/nape and its very thin. From what I read in the book, my hair type needs the most wash right after straight hair so I guess I could be fighting for a lost cause...

Any long hair, wavy hair or knowledgeable dudes care to comment on my situation or offer suggestions?
Would using a shampoo with sulfates help? (mine is sulfate free)


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