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best hairstyles for black men hair? barber opinions wanted 0 0
best hairstyles for black men hair? barber opinions wanted
07-31-2014, 02:16 PM
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best hairstyles for black men hair? barber opinions wanted
As our fellow black guys, what do you think are the best hairstyles for black men hair? talking of the afro, flat top, fade haircut, other barber hairstyles? looking to contemplate other hair styles for black dudes. I have been away for sum time and cannot see any similar discussions on this topic. I know there are other black guys in the board so this discussion would help a bunch of us for hairstyle ideas. What y'all say? thanks
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08-02-2014, 04:29 AM
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RE: best hairstyles for black men hair? barber opinions wanted
Jay, I know what you mean but, just in case that some readers remain confused, what Jay is referring to in his post above as "black men's hair" is kinky curly hair or the hair type of afro textured hair, which is common among black men. Thus, in this instance, Jay is asking about the hair styles that suit black males with kinky curly hair.

Ok, back to you, Jay. Kinky curly hair has a very good thing: it remains vertical and without dangling for super long lengths, which is usually an issue for women, but which, on the other hand, allows men to get some pretty cool barbershop haircuts done as designs, shapes and free-styled forms!

Other than free-styled haircut shapes, I am listing below some of the best hairstyles for black men.


As you rightly listed as your first black hair style, the Afro hairstyle is a style for black men that, while not as popular as in the 1970s, it still enjoys some popularity and can look great on a male if the 'fro is taken care of.

To look after your Afro make sure to use a good styling cream to keep the curs moisturized and looking good. A great styling cream for men with afro hairstyles is THIS one.

[Image: fd89d407c331768f8f950b48fb89e7c3.jpg]


A short fade haircut will always look good on a black male, and as such is an extremely popular haircut and hairstyle variation in the black male community. And for a reason!

In this forum, we highly recommend to simply go to a skilled barber for a good fade cut instead of trying to give yourself one. You would need to be very talented in cutting fades to be able to give yourself one successfully, and you'd still botch it! Big Grin

[Image: shemar+1.jpg]

High Top Fade

The High Top Fade (aka Hi Top or High Top) is a hairstyle that is gaining traction yet again from the 1980s. The High Top Fade includes a flat top (or flattened top) that can vary from 3 to 10 inches in length!

[Image: 917144_268337670016016_1333534059_n.jpg]

Burr cut

A very short buzz cut like a Burr cut. It usually sits black men as the curls are visible at very short lengths. You can also shape the hairline and sideburns for a more customized sharper look.

For an excellent hair clipper, go with THIS one. For an excellent T-outliner to trim and shape your hairline and sideburns, do go for sure with THIS T-outliner.

Short curls or short waves

Depending on your hair type, whether the curls are coiled or kinky, you can also opt for some kind of Caesar cut with the curls. I have seen the Caesar hair cut for black men and it suits them very well when the hairline is trimmed properly and the hair combed forward (just use the T-outliner to keep the hairline as short or as long as you want). Some thing similar to Drake's hairstyle.

You can use THIS hair brush to brush the hair forward and get better curls and waves forming with the short hair. Brush the hair forward with the hair brush in the link for some 4 weeks every day for 15 minutes or so and your curls will start forming lines of S shapes!

[Image: 294897_1.jpg]

360 waves

I noticed that you also asked in another thread about the 360 waves hairstyle. The 360 waves is like the waves hairstyle above, only that you also brush (down) the sides and back of your head to get the S-shaped lines across the sides and back of your head.

Use the same hair brush for the 360 waves hairstyle as the one in the link above for the waves style above. Add a little pomade every day like THIS water pomade so that you enhance the wolfing of the 360 waves and get more defined waves (plus that pomade in the link is very easy to clean and doesn't cause greasiness!).

[Image: oPNs4uD.jpg]

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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