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Zayn Malik slicked back ponytail hairstyle
06-06-2015, 05:17 PM
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Zayn Malik slicked back ponytail hairstyle
Ok so I have been trying to get Zayn Malik's slicked back ponytail hairstyle going but how do I get it to look slicked back like his? I have tried wax and hairspray and a fine tooth comb but my hair just looks so dry and product heavy with clear comb lines going through it while his just looks slicked back and a little greasy.

[Image: 6TosCOi.jpg]
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06-09-2015, 09:05 AM
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RE: Zayn Malik slicked back ponytail hairstyle
Hi mate the trick to getting that same slicked back hairstyle of Zayn Malik is to use a good pomade. You need to get extra shine on your hair and pomades are the best hair products for adding extra shine to that level.

I would suggest that you go with the Layrite pomade recommended in this linked post comparing the Layrite pomade vs the Suavecito pomade. That Layrite pomade will work awesome for this slicked back hairstyle with plenty of shine and sheen but without getting your hair greasy. This Layrite pomade also has a strong hold so it will allow you to keep your hair slicked back with the ponytail hairstyle of Zayn Malik.

If you're also looking for your hair to look greasy as the guys in the sixties greased their hair then I highly recommend the Black & White pomade. See this post recommending the Black & White pomade as one of the best oil pomades. Like the Layrite pomade this Black & White pomade has a very strong hold and a high shine and slick. It's so strong that guys in the sixties used this Black & White pomade to grease their pompadour hairstyles so their pompadours lasted all day long. Can't argue with that mate! Big Grin

If possible then buy both the Layrite pomade and the Black & White pomade. That way you can alternate with a clean high shine look (Layrite) and a greasy old school look shine (Black & White). That's what I do and what I usually recommend to our barbershop customers if their budget allows for it. Normally you want to have two or three different pomades, hair waxes or hair gels so that you can play around with the holding strength or shine level for your hairstyle.

If you can only buy one of the two pomades then definitively go with the recommended Layrite pomade. That pomade is meant to be a cleaner alternative to the old school greasy pomades like Black & White and Dax. You will get plenty of shine, slick, sheen and hold with the recommended Layrite pomade but it will be way cleaner looking than the slicked back hair with a ponytail that you would otherwise get with a greasy pomade like the Black & White pomade.

Matter of fact I'd bet that Zayn Malik uses that Layrite pomade or a similar one to achieve that high shine slicked hairstyle.

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09-09-2015, 04:45 AM
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RE: Zayn Malik slicked back ponytail hairstyle
Not a fan of ponytails, but that shine looks very good!
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