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Would you help an ugly man? 0 0
Would you help an ugly man?
05-20-2016, 07:13 AM
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Would you help an ugly man?
Hey, guys.
My name's Nabil, im 16 years old,I came here to seek ur help, u see im looking for a haircut, advice on hair , anything.
Im not the best looking guy out there, ive got genetics that doesnt help to look sharp, i ve learnt to accept that, the thing is i have avery very weird face shape, and its hard to figure out the haircut i should have, i have a high hairline, black straight hairwith a fine texture, please help me figure the jind of hairstyle that will make me look normal, whztever it is ill take what i can get.. Please do, whatever u think ill accept ot just help

Photos : imgur(dot)com/a/isScb
My face shape depends so much on the haircut as tou can see the difference in image 1 and 3 ... Which is why i need a haircut. My skin color is brownish thanks to a tan that never came off
Any advice to looking sharp would be great, thank you
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02-09-2017, 06:48 PM
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RE: Would you help an ugly man?
First things first, you are not ugly and should never label yourself as such.

You have a natural tan, smileBig Grin

Now the hair, I would personally have very good length ontop 6+ inches and style it messy and coming forward.

Have the sides and back grade 2-3 and grow side burns to tragus length.

Get your eye brows threaded aswell.
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