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Why does my hair not respond well to any product? 0 0
Why does my hair not respond well to any product?
02-26-2018, 11:31 AM
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Why does my hair not respond well to any product?
Hello! First off, I am going to start buy prefacing that I have read the hair products guide and am familiarish with all of the types. However, I have not had a lot of luck finding a great style over the years that I am consistently happy with. Even when I go get my hair cut the general strategy is to gel it forward and up a bit in a fairly messy manner that is passable maybe 1/4th of the time. I wish there were hair cutters that instead of cutting hair could just try out styles and talk about products for 30 minutes instead of having that be an afterthought.

Anywho my general strategy is one of two things:
1. Use V76 wax on almost completely dry hair working it in to add volume to the front. Sometimes I can get it tamed into something decent with just my hands but generally I have to run a brush through it in which case I use one of these [1]
2. Use Lushes Hair Custard. Putting it into wet hair then blow drying it into a similar style as 1 except it has more volume especially in the back and 8/10 times has a worse looking resulting texture. I have a lot more difficulty getting this into a a great shape but when I do it looks pretty great.

While both of these options avoid the “gelled” look they generally cause something much worse where my hair just looks kinda not that great. I would hope for them to group together a bit more however instead they form more of a matte that is not exactly ordered either. Especially with option 2 I have to be careful not to be styling it for too long otherwise that ones texture looks very bad.

My hair type is fairly thin and in the valley between curly and straight but I tend to go for straight hair styles because it is not nearly curly enough to go for anything else and I dont like those as much anyway. If left alone with no product my hair generally just lifts into a very airy generally fairly messy style. My hair color is dirty blonde but it is light enough that I have to be fairly careful how I go about doing things. One difficulty for any hair product is that I bike around so I get a lot of ~20mph wind in my face although I generally do not wear a helmet.

I have some pretty great Lush shampoo and conditioner so I am confused why I am having such issues styling my hair and getting it to look good consistently. There are a lot of styles I see that I would like to try out but my hair just doesn’t behave in that way. Generally after my hair is styled I can make no adjustments but you see some people casually messing with their hair through the day and having it lift with their hand and then fall back into an orderly style later.

I am now on the lookout for some new product or product that can make my hair behave better. I hate having it look and feel so stuck and not being able to feel good about how it is styled on a consistent basis.

I am also toying with the idea of dying my hair a darker brown color to change how my hair texture looks a little bit. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on that?

Additionally I am a new Seattle resident so if your are a salon/barbershop or know of a good one please let me know. I tried Tracy’s and the cut was fantastic but the style she came up with afterward was just like what I got in my hair masters days. Keep in mind I am on a student budget so I cant go that extravagant consistently (but if you know of a more expensive place that would just talk styling and try some things out for a one time session I would be most likely game).

[1] Amazon Vent Hair Brush Blow Dryer Brush, Women Thick Long Curly Paddle Hair Detangling Massage Brushes, Fast Drying Hair Straight Barber Volume Comb, Curved Anti Static Styling Tool for Wet/Dry Hair(Black)
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