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Which long hairstyle should I go for to cover forehead?
07-17-2015, 10:56 AM
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Question Which long hairstyle should I go for to cover forehead?
Hey guys! Smile

It will be time to go to the barbers pretty soon and I want to change my hair style up. I know my hair looks messy in the following pics, but it normally doesn't haha; it's just because I'm at home. I've been wearing this hairstyle since I was 13 (good few years), and I want a new cut. I'm really clueless at picking hair cuts for myself, but I am considering something with bangs to cover up my forehead; as you can see, my hairline isn't perfect.

Anyway, so here is what I look like:
[Image: Gix2xwL.jpg]

And my troublesome hairline:
[Image: 1IsgyGo.jpg]

My hair comes down to my eyes when it is pulled down straight, but it is naturally wavy at the fringe unfortunately for me. I'm not looking something that is really hard to maintain, but I don't mind putting a little bit of work in for it.

Any hair style suggestions are appreciated. Smile
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07-17-2015, 12:25 PM
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A slicked back Undercut and a Caesar haircut are great hairstyles for high hairlines.
Your hairline looks fine and shows a matured pattern even though you look like a young guy. It's absolutely normal to lose the rounder hairline pattern in your late teens and early twenties. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about the shape of one's own hairline since the shape is manifested through your genetic makeup. However, if it starts to recede, then measures can be taken to stop (or at least tame) the receding. But, as said, your hairline looks absolutely fine.

I'm going to go ahead and recommend 2 great hairstyles for your particular case: the slicked back Undercut and the Caesar haircut (aka Caesar Cut hairstyle). I will be posting below relevant links to guides and discussions that expand on each of the hairstyles, so make sure that you go through the referenced links too.

Slicked back Undercut hairstyle:

You could do with a longer hairstyle if you're looking to spice up your looks. You have vertical temples which favor the Undercut and something like the slicked back Undercut would look quite good on you. However, a slicked back Undercut doesn't cover the forehead, but you can easily remedy that by combing the hair on a side part or forward instead of slicking it back. Have a look at this slicked back Undercut guide in the link as it has everything that you need to wear an epic slick back Undercut.

In essence, you will want the sides and back of your head in the slicked back Undercut buzzed to a short hair clipper length, starting with a number 2 hair clipper length. Don't go for a shorter clipper length the first time that you get an Undercut as you may not like the end result. A number 2 clipper length is a safe length for an Undercut on the sides and back of the head. The hair on the top of the head is to be left between 4 and 6 inches, so you will have to grow your hair to at least 4 inches in length (it will only take you one or two months with your current hair length).

The great thing about the slicked back Undercut is that you can give yourself an Undercut (i.e. buzz the sides and back of the head) at home by yourself. An Undercut is a single-clipper-length haircut, which means that all you need is to buzz through the sides and back of the head without changing the length. This makes the Undercut an extremely easy and convenient self-haircut to give yourself at home.

Make sure that you get a good hair clipper and not one of those cheap supermarket clippers; see our detailed hair clippers discussion for a great range of hair clippers for all pockets. If you can get the ones from Andis or Oster, you will have a hair clipper for many, many years (and without giving you any issues).

The problem with the slicked back Undercut is that it does not cover the forehead. However, a slicked back Undercut is a sharp hairstyle that looks great on matured hairlines and high foreheads. So long as you get a good haircut, the slick back Undercut will look great.

To style the slicked back Undercut, go with a water-based pomade such as the water-based pomades from Suavecito and Layrite which you will find detailed in the link (including their recommended vendors) and that go really well for this type of hairstyle.

Caesar Cut hairstyle:

Another great hairstyle that you can try is the every-so-classic Caesar haircut which you will find explained in the link as that's our very-own Caesar haircut guide. With this hairstyle, your hair is combed forward, thus creating a fringe on the top that shortens the forehead and evens out the hairline in males.

There are 2 versions of Caesar haircuts: a classic version and the modern version. In the classic version, all the hair on your head is to be left between 2 to 4 inches in length; then, the hair is combed forward. In the modern version, however, only the hair on the top of the head is left between 2 to 4 inches, while the sides and back of the head are cut in a taper haircut.

The problem with taper haircuts (as per the haircut in the modern Caesar hairstyle) is that they require that you visit a barber. Trying to cut you own taper haircut is a very risky move as 99.9% of the time you will destroy your hair's aesthetics. To maintain the taper haircut in the modern Caesar hairstyle, you will need to see a barber or hairdresser every 3 to 4 weeks to re-trim the taper cut.

Consider both the slicked back Undercut and the Caesar Cut hairstyle. In the slicked back Undercut, your hair is grown to 4-6 inches on the top while the hair on the sides and back is buzzed short in an Undercut. In the Caesar Cut hairstyle, the hair on the head is left between 2-4 inches and you can alternatively cut the hair on the sides and back of the head in a taper haircut. Whichever hairstyle you end up choosing, you will be getting an aesthetic hairstyle!

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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07-17-2015, 12:34 PM
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RE: Which long hairstyle should I go for to cover forehead?
(07-17-2015 12:25 PM)TheMensHairForum Wrote:  Your hairline looks fine....

Thank you very much for taking the time to write all that out. Smile It's a tough decision, but I will ponder it.
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