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Where to buy this football headband for slicked back hair?
09-12-2015, 06:50 AM
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Where to buy this football headband for slicked back hair?
Hello my friends! I have a friend who uses an elastic headband to pull his medium length hair back like a slicked back hairstyle. Here is the picture of the same headband that he uses.

What is this type of headband? I asked before about the type of head band of Gareth Bale when he plays matches with Real Madrid and the name of Gareth Bale's headband is an alice band. But this is a different hairband of my friend which he also uses to play football. We are amateurs so this is not like Read Madrid by the way even though I live in Madrid!! Big Grin

I know that his football headband is elastic but it is like a textile elastic hairband. It is not made of a hard material like the alice band.

Please tell me about this type of headband with the elastic hairband and where can I buy it. Thank you!

[Image: d2Xkzwe.jpg]
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09-15-2015, 01:39 PM
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An elastic headband has the same use as an Alice hairband for men's hair in sports.
That same headband of your friend is found in the official men's hair accessories guide and you will find vendors in that same thread for that type of headband and even for wider headband. Those are indeed sometimes called soccer headbands (or football headbands) and are used even with medium-length hair to keep the hair back.

Remember that it only takes about five inches of hair length to block the eyes if you have straight or wavy hair and that is still a medium length for men's hair. Take a look at the men's hair accessories guide in the link above and you will see the huge range of headbands that men can choose from. hat guide is the most complete resource that I've seen on men's hair accessory products so it's worth bookmarking in case that you aren't going to buy the headbands now.

In that guide you will also finds vendor for Europe as I think that you're in Spain going by your username. So really, lots of different headbands and hairbands to learn about and buy in that guide. It's a guide with a lot of pictures of sportsmen with hair accessories so please be patient as the full guide loads as you will be able to see how each of the men's hair accessories looks on a male.

An Alice band is similar to the elastic headband of you friend, only that the Alice band is made usually of a hard plastic and sometimes it's made of metal. If you're going to be playing soccer or any other sports, then I recommend that you either get a headband like the one in your friend's picture or an Alice band. If possible, also tie the hair into a man bun or a top knot so that it is not dangling.

The best sports hairstyle combination for men with long hair is the hair tied in a bun or a ponytail and the hair on the front (forelock) held back with a headband of an Alice band in case that the hair on the front unties itself from the bun or the ponytail (which would be a risk for you if playing a soccer game or any other sports competition game).
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