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What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
05-07-2015, 04:08 AM
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What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
I apologise if this question has been asked and answered previously. Either way, here goes..

So essentially I'm half Asian and half Caucasian, I don't really look Asian although I suppose I do have poofy asian hair. This is the kind of hair that just sticks straight out or straight up from the head (especially after a shower or sweating) creating a porcupine-like afro, which I hate. In order to counteract this I generally wear a hat after the shower for at least an hour to get my 'sort of' desired looking hair. As you can imagine this can be quite annoying and impractical, especially as I play a lot of sports..

My question is, is there anything I can do to make my hair more manageable and less afro-like, especially in the long-term? I'm sick of wearing hats all the time and wish I could just get out of the shower and not really have to worry about my hair...

For example:
- Are there products that I can be using that will actually help?
(I find most gels and waxes etc. don't actually do the trick - I usually apply them then, again, wear a hat for a long period.. but even then it reverts to its afro-like state after a few hours or during physical activity)

- Is there a certain way I should / shouldn't be cutting my hair?
(I figure a lot of people will say grow my hair long to the point it weighs itself down, but I feel even then it still sticks up, especially when sweating)

I realise there might not be a whole lot I can do, but this is something I've been struggling with for years so any help would be greatly appreciated.. Plus I imagine a lot of Asian dudes, or even just dudes with this hair type are facing the same problem, so I'm just hoping someone actually has a solution Tongue

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05-07-2015, 04:24 AM
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RE: What to do with poofy asian hair?
Sorry for the double post, I can't seem to edit. Just adding a P.S

Tried the Gatsby range, doesn't seem much help
Blow drying and hairspray only seem to make things worse
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05-07-2015, 12:30 PM
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RE: What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
Believe it or not but puffy hair isn't just a problem with curly guys as also guys with straight hair get this problem. The causes are different tho and in the case of guys with straight hair it's the actual hair length that causes the puffing up of the hairstyles.

Usually straight hair is the thickest of all as its circumference is completely round which makes the hair harder to move around but easier to shape. The problem of moving the hair around is easily solved by adding more length to the hair.

There's a really useful thread in this link covering straight hair styles and products for precisely the same issue that you have even tho adding more hair length is the foundation to managing thick straight hair better.

How long is your hair by the way? you can have a look at this mens hair length guide for more advice on the different hair lengths for men. You very likely have short hair as the same issue that you have is a very common issue that our asian male customers have. You will be surprised as to how growing an extra two inches or five centimetres of hair length can do to managing, shaping and styling your hair.

For thick hair you want to get very tapered haircuts or even undercut haircuts. So you just want the hair to be on the top and not on the sides and back. This is so you avoid the helmet effect which is what you're referring to with the afro hairstyle. That's what many guys with afro hair do in terms of haircuts these days and is one of the reasons for the popularity of the high top fade haircut after the afro hairstyle faded in popularity from the seventies onwards.

Take a look at our huge undercut hairstyle guide as you will very likely benefit a lot from an undercut. You can also post pictures of your hair and face so we can dial in the best haircut for your thick hair. If it isn't an undercut it will be a fast short taper haircut. But you will need a skilled barber for a fast short taper as otherwise you will run the risk of getting a run of the mill taper haircut. You want the emphasis on your hair to be at the top and not on the sides and back which is the opposite of what guys with thin and not thick hair need.

Let us know how long is your hair and if possible post some pictures of your hair from the front and side. An example of a good hairstyle that I'm sure you will like a lot is the slicked back undercut hairstyle which has a full hairstyling guide in the link with lots of styling pictures and advice for you to pick up in seconds and apply it as soon as you're out of the barbershop.

Also the perfect product for you would be an oil pomade so take a look at this oil pomade post with two recommended hair pomades as those two oil pomades that are recommended in the links will weigh down your hair and have enough of a strong hold to keep your hair flat, instead of puffy which I take is what you want - I mean the flattened hair is what you want right?
Feel free to correct me tho if you don't want flat hair and instead want to keep the puffy hair but shaped up.

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05-08-2015, 03:11 PM
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RE: What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
Hey Bradley, thanks for the reply!

I've read over everything you've said and all the links posted and learned a lot. I generally tend to have my hair with short sides and back and relatively short on the top and front.

This is how my hair looks after I've added a bit of gel/wax then worn a hat forever:
[Image: hair.jpg]

That is how I'd prefer to have my hair but after a shower or during sports/workouts it tends to revert back to something like this:
[Image: asian.jpg]

I believe I may have been a bit too open-ended in my last post. I guess what I am really asking is how can I naturally (or at least quickly) get my hair to be like it is in the first picture without having to wear a hat for hours beforehand, and how can I keep it this way during the whole day, especially during physical activity or if it were to get wet (like in the rain).

It seems if I add product to my hair (without wearing a hat for hours prior) it looks something like this:
[Image: Untitled.jpg]
which is less than desirable... as I wish to just have a natural look about my hair.

I'm just sick of wearing hats all the time to try and keep my hair down and less spiky. I've never really used a pomade before, would that be an ideal product? And would it hold during sports sessions? Also, I feel its more the hair itself rather than the style that is the problem. Perhaps I could be following a certain hair-care routine that can make it less pooofy/spikey in the long-term?

I apoligise if I haven't been clear in what I'm exactly wanting, just having trouble putting my problem/questions into words, but thanks again! Rolleyes
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07-05-2015, 02:54 PM
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RE: What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
I have the same poofy hair problem with the sides of my head because I'm half white - half Asian. To keep my hair down on the sides, I use forming cream AND super hold gel. I also wear a hat to keep my hair down. After a while, I then apply strong hair spray and dry it with a blow dryer until my hair stays down. It's a long process but my hair (about 1.5 - 2 inches on the sides) stays down. Besides the time it consumes, my hair is shiny from the process but that's the trade off to not have an asian fro.
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09-27-2015, 09:00 AM
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RE: What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
Very short buzz on the sides (no.1,2 or skin fade) as often as possible (I trim every 2 weeks). If hair is medium or long on top, blow dry with a round or vent brush or use a hair iron (Repit Brush Iron). Heat styling equipment must be the ceramic negative ion type or your hair will get fried. Pomade with a comb for a slick look or finger style with wax for a natural look. If hair is too short to use a tong on, a messy spiky style with wax (must be matte, try Joico Moulding Clay) is the only convenient option. Hair must be dry before any product goes on. Avoid gel, it's atrocious on Asian hair as it makes the follicles separate and the scalp glaringly obvious. Self acceptance and the right cut is the key.
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02-11-2016, 12:57 PM
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RE: What to do with poofy asian hair? Straight hair styling problems
Interesting. I actually have a pretty similar problem. Only thing is, I'm not remotely Asian and neither of my parents had that type of hair, but the combination of theirs kind produced this type of hair for me just randomly lol. Well it's not exactly the same; it's a good bit softer and not as coarse as typical Asian hair, but it's still got that straightness, thickness, and stiffness that makes it hard to style and manage, so I kind of know what you're going through.

It is annoying how it just poofs or sticks out or up like that after a shower (though maybe not to the extent of the guy in your pic, but still). I sometimes did the wearing the hat trick for 10-15 mins, enough to get the sides more closer to the head, since I usually have shorter sides and back than top, which seems to work best.

When I was younger I didn't know this and never got the right haircut, and it often had that kind of frizzy fro or helmet or bowl type look since they would just cut it about evenly all around.

I usually always wear some kind of product, especially when it's short, and often comb it up and to the side. But yeah, avoid actual straight up gels. I find that pomade type products work pretty well as they deal with frizziness and give the hair a more smooth natural kind of look; I tend to use things like Old Spice Spiffy, Axe Clean Cut Look, got2b Phenomenal styling paste or Playful. Some mousses can also work, but it depends on the length.

Unlike you however, I noticed that when sweating, my hair often tends to actually look more natural and gets more manageable and flexible cause of the sweat and oil on it, weighing it down I guess. Not that I'm saying having sweaty hair is a good thing lol.

I do hear that the undercut is a good solution to this hair type. Only thing is, every time I go to a barber, they never cut the sides and back short enough to make it truly an undercut; they always leave about half an inch or so and seem reluctant to go any farther. I'm not sure why. I always just assumed there was a reason for this and trusted their judgment, but I don't know anymore; I think a lot of hairdressers in the US are just unfamiliar with this type of hair. The only time I seem to have gotten a true undercut was when I randomly went to a Mexican barber who barely spoke any English, and I just told him to give me whatever he thought looked good. And it actually turned out to be one of the best I got. Next time I go, I'm going to get a real one, and tell them to make the sides shorter. Because after a couple of weeks the sides get too thick and it starts looking even length all around, which you don't want.

Anyway, it's funny how things work out sometimes. I have a Korean roommate who, despite the rest of him being quite Asian, has a hair type that's more similar to Caucasian hair, being more wavy, flexible, and manageable, and not the poofy stiff frizzy kind.
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