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What product to use to have long hair down like Falcao?
08-11-2015, 09:08 AM
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What product to use to have long hair down like Falcao?
Hi folks,

The ends of my hair are fast approaching shoulder length and I've got a specific look I'm trying to achieve but no matter what product(s) I use, I can't seem to get it right.

I'm basically trying to keep the hair looking wet/moisturised, so it stays straight and facing towards the concrete as opposed to dry, frizzy and all over the place!

The best example would probably be Radamel Falcao (football player):

[Image: 1HT0mwQ.jpg]

I can achieve this by soaking my hair obviously, but after the water dries up, I'm back to square one.

Any ideas what's needed to keep hair lubricated like this for most of the day?

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08-14-2015, 11:58 AM
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RE: What product to use to have long hair down like Falcao?
To weigh down long hair that has yet to fully hang down, the best hair product is a styling cream. What you need to do is to add extra weight to the hair so that it hangs down naturally. You add weight to your hair with extra moisture and with a heavy hair product (a styling cream).

To weigh down your hair, wet your hair completely so that it is dripping a lot of water. Then dry your hair but leave the hair wet without dripping water (this is what we call 'damp hair'). Make sure that your hair is hanging down when it's damp as that's the shape that you want to achieve so you need the right wet hair foundation.

When your hair is damp you then use a styling cream and you coat your long hair completely with it, so use plenty of styling cream for this. A styling cream will give you some hold but not a lot so it is ideal for this purpose. Do not use a hair dryer, just coat your hair with the styling cream and you're ready to go. You will need to test which amounts of styling cream are enough for your hair to remain weighed down, but you will pick that up within a couple of days of using the styling cream.

In the forum you will see two styling creams that are recommended. The first one is the styling cream listed in the recommended mens hair products page and that styling cream is really good for this purpose. It is not very cheap, but the good thing about that styling cream is that you don't need a lot of it as it's more like a concentrated version of a regular styling cream (you just need less of it than with other styling creams).

Another great styling cream is the one recommended by the guys in this list of hair products for Leonardo DiCaprio's hairstyles. Click on the link for the styling cream under the recommended styling cream for the curtained hairstyle and you're ready to go. It's a cheaper styling cream compared to the previous styling cream so go with this cheaper hairstyling cream if it's within your budget. Either of them will do a great job.

Another option to weigh down your hair that you can consider is using a leave-in conditioner. With a styling cream you will get some extra shine (not a lot) to your hair and some hold too. However with a leave-in conditioner you just get your hair to hang down while looking like it was styled with no hair products. You also use a leave-in conditioner by simply coating your damp hair with it. A leave-in conditioner will make your hair look better but it will not give you some extra shine or holding strength like a styling cream would do.

So if you prefer to have your hair weighed down while looking more like it was naturally styled, then choose a leave-in conditioner. One of the forum moderators posted this list of great leave-in conditioners for men which lists each leave in conditioner according to the hairstyling needs of a male as well as the price of the leave-in conditioner.

The list above of leave-in conditioners for men in the link is the best list of this type of products that I've seen online and I have experience with 3 of those leave-in conditioners and I can tell you that they do exactly what's needed from them. I've seen other leave in conditioners recommended in the forum but I think that any of those 4 recommended leave-in conditioners will work extremely well for your hairstyling purpose.

If your hair still doesn't hang down fully with a styling cream or with a leave-in conditioner, then use both of them together. This is the ultimate trick to get long hair to hang down and works really well with curly men. So you first coat your damp hair with the leave-in conditioner and then you coat your hair with the styling cream.
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08-14-2015, 12:32 PM
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RE: What product to use to have long hair down like Falcao?
Thanks for your detailed reply, buddy! I'll give styling cream a go! Is there any way I can rep your post?

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08-14-2015, 12:44 PM
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RE: What product to use to have long hair down like Falcao?
Nah, don't worry bud, that's what we're here for. We've just got part of our forum staff on holidays so I'm doing the rounds this week. I'll leave your post and my post on the other thread too as I think it ties in nicely with the topic of the thread. I've moved your thread to the current long-hair section of the forum and you will find in this section some really useful advice too for long hair. If you have more questions then you can open a thread in this section too or open a thread anywhere else on the forum where you think that you will get the most visibility for the topic of your thread.

As said, styling creams and leave-in conditioners are extremely useful products for long hair, so it's worth owning at least one of these products if you already have long hair or if you're growing your hair long. Enjoy!
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