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What is hair styling clay? What hairstyles to use with clay?
03-29-2015, 01:07 PM
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What is hair styling clay? What hairstyles to use with clay?
I've come across "styling clay" in my search for the perfect hair wax, I'm still unsure what it is, so what's a hair styling clay? What hairstyles is the clay good for?

It looks to me like it's some form of a hair wax but it isn't really a wax product. Is this some kind of hair product that companies have made out of thin hair to just push more hairstyling products into the market? LOL I remember something similar with that gummy hair gel a few years ago. I'm half joking here as this time it looks like this hair clay is actually of use but I'm getting mixed up with the terms.

I have thick straight hair so I'm interested in knowing about styling waxes and I've opened threads about the topic already. Just curious to know what's hair styling clay. That's all. Thank you in advance for the help! Smile
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03-30-2015, 12:44 PM
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RE: What is hair styling clay? What hairstyles to use with clay?
It's good that you ask these questions, don't worry about opening threads. You're going to find the most prepared hair professionals on the internet in this forum, so you will generally get very useful answers. I try to post more than I ask, but I still know that if I have a difficult question that I need to know the answer for, the guy in this forum will always get it right.

So, what's hair styling clay?

Hair styling clay is a type of low-hold matte styling wax. Styling clay is used for messy hairstyles and casual hairstyles where you aren't so much interested in shaping the hair as opposed to creating texture and volume.

With a hairstyling clay you will not get any shine, on the contrary. You will get a matte finish with a styling clay, and the actual matte finish is where the name "clay" term comes from as you try using actual earthy clay on your hair and you will soon notice that your hair doesn't shine at all! Smile

Don' let yourself get carried away by the clay name. You won't end up with actual clay or a clay consistency on your hair, it's just the name to associate it with the matte finish that it has. Usually, hairstyling waxes have a low to medium shine. What this means is that it's expected on just about all styling waxes to give some range of shine, even if it's just a little. With a styling clay, however, you aren't going to get any shine whatsoever, which is what we call a matte finish.

A styling clay will make your hair pliable, so you will be definitively be able to style it. However because the hold of styling clay is low to moderate, you just can't get good-enough hair shaping with a styling clay. Instead, you can get great texture and volume on casual hairstyles like messy hairstyles, brush up hairstyles, side parted hairstyles, shaggy hair styles and more. I've linked to all the hairstyles so that you can read through each of them and get an idea of what are the best hairstyles for styling clay.

You can also try this casual hairstyles thread for a lot of casual hairstyle pictures using hairstyling clay to create the casual hair look.

If you're looking for your hair to stay vertical, up and shaped in a particular form or shape, then do not get a styling clay. Instead get a regular styling wax with a strong hold, see the Gatsby styling wax reviews in the linked thread for examples of styling waxes that have a strong hold and a range of shining textures. Also there was a thread answered by other barbers on good styling waxes with high shine and hold which you might want to read as finding styling waxes with high shine and high hold, which is the opposite of a styling clay, isn't easy and the barbers in that thread did a tremendous job finding product recommendations for what the forum member needed.

If you have any more questions about hair styling clay, I will be happy to help.
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04-05-2015, 08:53 AM
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RE: What is hair styling clay? What hairstyles to use with clay?
Well the reply above is pretty much all you need to know about hairstyling clay. It's still within the range of a hairstyling wax but most styling clay products specialise in their matte attributes as explained in the previous reply.

I agree that casual hairstyles go best with styling clay. Messy hairstyles are also included although if you want to get a lot of vertical volume like in a messy brush up hairstyle, you're best using a strong hold wax so you can keep the volume all thru the day. Styling clays can still be used for volume but they won't give you much hold if you have thin hair.

In the case of thin hair and volume, you really need to stick to a strong hold styling wax. Thin hair has a natural tendency to lay down so using a styling clay for casual hairstyles and messy hairstyles with low volume is perfect. What I mean by low volume is that a hairstyle doesn't stick out a lot from the scalp and instead lays pretty much on the scalp or very close to it.

See the two pictures below:
  • For the 1st picture you would style your hair with a styling clay as the hair lays low and hardly has any volume.
  • For the 2nd picture you would use more of a medium to strong hold styling wax. See how the hair stands up vertical with medium volume.
Cheers! Smile

[Image: 511b6ec62f6b2ec39197930638e539ab.jpg]

[Image: c14b59cf8e5885deec92688c52ef612a.jpg]
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04-30-2015, 05:13 AM
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RE: What is hair styling clay? What hairstyles to use with clay?
Clay is basically not too different from wax. It gives a very strong hold and a matte finish. Perfect for messy, dry looking hairstyles. Smile
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