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What is a psychobilly hair style? lots of pictures inside 0 0
What is a psychobilly hair style? lots of pictures inside
10-23-2014, 08:20 AM
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What is a psychobilly hair style? lots of pictures inside
I posted a thread bout Kim Nekroman hair who is a famous psychobilly. The psychobilly hair style looks to be a pompadour hairstyle. Or at least it does to me anyway. Would love to hear any replies as to what kind of style is the psychobilly hair?

To get the idea here are some psychobilly hair pictures. They all share the same pomp on the stop and shaved on the sides to what looks like the undercut? not all them have the same pomp shape as you see them mohawks and other greased hairstyles in the scene like the old rockabilly lads.

[Image: 6b757e1644309ffb0bad7179cb7dbddb.jpg]

[Image: fe844b04838bbd1af3253b8a99d3b58b.jpg]

[Image: 506602639e197a0ac32d6645aa4fb877.jpg]

[Image: 88f02b3ee0a44a72ddd90a43fe1ca561.jpg]

[Image: 9b765e99e95f1bc85825093b50446040.jpg]

[Image: 226965f3de31f963749d5ce525b32fb7.jpg]

[Image: 16abb4a40663b316810d3725f96fadc6.jpg]

[Image: 3572400693_6e69a43f10.jpg]

[Image: e66923bfd6a17316dc47ed705dc6a411.jpg]

[Image: 5217b6e5be0cc63c85bad564871fbfc0.jpg]

[Image: 8269356a369d90ae1176354fc2bc7573.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mlofgb90uy1r4c6y1o1_500.jpg]

[Image: a4c3f0bad947589f5ccd0f9816a9668f.jpg]

[Image: e395762a171e7e2db278186e23a7cb9f.jpg]

[Image: psychobilly.jpg]

[Image: a0168d8008acd1918f1826c9fb0c9464.jpg]

[Image: 031f4a3bc21c15b0e2b9f87af67fcaa2.jpg]

[Image: 2495b53a02c87cf268e2bcaac4cd9fcb.jpg]

[Image: ecb6fef5a287c1093b260473bb43e457.jpg]
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10-29-2014, 04:12 PM
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Psychobilly pompadour!
If we are talking of a psychobilly hairstyle, then it doesn't get any better than this one LOL

[Image: 10727292_1468109846742947_1459432001_n.jpg]

This is simply a tapered pompadour with an Undercut or mid-contour haircut. It's a fairly common hair style in the psychobilly scene and even among hipsters, who will be very happy to combine their psychobilly pompadour with a hipster beard.

Great collection of pictures, though, Anton. I'm sure some people will find those pictures of hairstyling inspiration Smile

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