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What is a disconnected haircut? Is it an undercut hairstyle?
03-29-2015, 02:22 PM
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What is a disconnected haircut? Is it an undercut hairstyle?
Hi again I'm going through some great hairstyle threads in the forum, and I was wondering what's a disconnected haircut? Is this similar to the undercut hairstyle?

I have read the term being used for the undercut, high and tight, slicked back hairstyle, taper cuts etc I'm only able to list those hairstyles because I've been reading and learning from their threads over the last hour LOL I had no real idea what those hairstyles were before joining the forum.

For example I came across the following thread giving examples of the different disconnected hair styles:

It seems to me like the disconnect haircut is any haircuts that have the hair shorter on the sides and back of the head. Am I right or can anybody explain what's a disconnected hairstyle?
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03-30-2015, 12:55 PM
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RE: What is a disconnected haircut? Is it an undercut hairstyle?
I will go ahead and post what I said in that thread. The disconnected haircut is not difficult at all as it's simply a range of haircuts with something in common, big differences in hair length between top and bottom (of the head).

Yes, you're correct on your thoughts on what's a disconnected haircut. As said, it's a haircut that has a big difference in hair length between the top and lower areas of the head, in this case between the top of the head and sides and back of the head.

The hairstyles I posted are disconnected hairstyles in that they are affected by the rapid taper cuts on the sides and the back. The rapid taper cuts are disconnected haircuts. Right you can have a disconnected hair cut as an undercut, taper haircut, fade haircut, high and tight (I just saw the new forum guide, great read!), mid contour cut, long taper and as many other mens haircuts. I've linked to the threads discussing those listed disconnected haircuts, and they're worth a read as it will help you to hone your haircut knowledge and then be able to get much cooler haircuts in the barbershop or if you're into cutting your own hair like many guys in this forum are into, myself included! Smile

You also have to consider where the disconnection occurs. It's usually where the temples start, which is the uppermost part of the sides of the head. The disconnection can follow a horizontal line without any deviations, like the undercut, or it can be curved, like a mid contour cut or regulation haircut. If you want to see very visible disconnections, read the high and tight forum guide in the link as the high and tight haircut is all about a sharp edge making the actual disconnection in the haircut.
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