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What hairstyling product should i use to style straight thick hair!
05-22-2015, 02:47 PM
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What hairstyling product should i use to style straight thick hair!
Ok so i have a bowl cut but short around the sides, it is faded though which allows my hair to not stick out and sit flat nicely. When i say bowl cut not like an actual one... it goes down flat and then i have a heavy fringe which swings off to the left.
My problem is I have bought hair products in the past of which tend to be hard to use... like you have to rub them in your hand and it still ends up being too tough... i put it in and it just makes my hair greasy and doesn't have any hold or texture. I need like quite a easy to use almost liquid... at least not like clay product which allows me to put it in easy and style but keep my hair in a firm position so it doesn't blow around a lot and i don't have to keep rearranging it... also if it can add texture... make it a bit wavy which i guess will come with hope i use the stuff.

I was thinking of using a mouse which would calm my hair in the morning and maybe a hair spray which would allow me to add texture and position my hair nicely... i'm not looking to stick it up... but with gels that are weak it almost just absorbs into my hair which is straight and thick!

P.S i know i posted this on another thread section but i just found this one and realised it better suited here (the post).
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05-27-2015, 07:56 AM
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RE: What hairstyling product should i use to style straight thick hair!
I think that a good hair wax would be the first option here together with a good hair gel. Both products should be strong so that you can tame your thick hair. I read in another post from one of the moderators here how hair wax and hair gel are the first products to try for men with thick hair. I side with this advice too based on my own experience.

My experience is with a Tigi matte hair wax. It has the perfect hold for a natural looking hairstyle. It also doesn't leave your hair hard at all. So you can control your thick hair with the Tigi hair wax but keep your hair like you just got out of bed in a messy style. They actually call these hair products as bed head hair wax products!

So consider a matte Tigi hair wax for messy hairstyles for thick hair. For reference this is where they recommend the Tigi hair wax that I'm talking about:

Another type of hair wax to consider are the reworkable hair wax products from Gatsby. They're called 'reworkable' because you can style your hair as many times as you want during the day without having to carry the wax with you and add more of it. Just use your fingers and maybe a little bit of water or no water at all for a dry hair look. This thread is a very complete one that helped me a lot in learning about the reworkable hair waxes from Gatsby:
It's the most complete reference on the Gatsby hair waxes that you can possibly find online.

For hair gel just go with one that has a strong hold and also comes from a good brand. Again Tigi is a good brand for hair gel. Another one hair gel brand that I see mentioned a lot in the forum is called ' Short Sexy Hair' and it comes in a bit tub that you squirt. I'm eyeing the Short Sexy Hair gel for my next hair products purchase. For reference this is where you can find the Short Sexy Hair gel recommended by the forum barbers:
There's a lot of men's hair products recommended in that thread including the Tigi wax and the Short Sexy hair gel.

Another reference to check for good hair gels for men:
I've heard great things in the forum about the Mohawk hair gel from Tigi. It's described in detail in that thread so give it a go as the thread is more of a hair gel guide.

So I think the hair wax from Tigi and Gatsby plus the hair gel from Short Sexy Hair are great products for controling your thick straight hair and shaping it in any hairstyle that you want.

One more thing is that if you want to have slicked hairstyles where your hair is low and styled on the scalp so it's flat, you can go with a pomade. There are lots of pomades with plenty of strength. If I'm correct pomades have a strong hold by default because they're based on oils or semi solid ingredients.

For a good pomade I like the Suavecito pomade. You also have the Layrite pomade and these two tend to be recommended in the forum. There's even a thread comparing the Suavecito pomade vs the Layrite pomade:
From what I've learned and my experience with the Suavecito pomade you would u that one for a wet hair effect and some shine, not a lot of shine. If you want a lot of shine like the pomades in the fifties then you choose the Layrite pomade. I know for sure that the Suavecito pomade and the Layrite pomade are great to style thick straight hair. I've also heard good things about both pomades from friends of mine who also have thick hair.

If you're planning to style your hair flat like with a side part then use those pomades. if you want volume and definition then go with the Tigi hair wax and one of the strong hold reworkable waxes from Gatsby.

My two cents!
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05-27-2015, 08:11 AM
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RE: What hairstyling product should i use to style straight thick hair!
Thanks! My hair is kind of medium - long. I have a kind of modern bowl cut. I read that one of those waxes was for short hair styles. Do you know which one would be better for medium styles?

I have got this exact same thread on another forum section not sure if i can some how merge them.
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05-27-2015, 08:37 AM
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RE: What hairstyling product should i use to style straight thick hair!
Sorry I didn't see your other thread. One of the moderators said he upgraded your account so that you can post pictures as I too would like to know how your hairstyle looks.

About medium length hair and a hair wax, you can still use the Tigi hair wax and Gatsby hair wax on medium length hair. Strong hair gel is the one that can give you problems with a medium length. But the cool thing about the Tigi hair wax and the Gatsby hair wax is that thy don't make your hair solid like it's been iced, you know, like those extra strong hair gels do. Those hair waxes allow you to still get some flexibility and natural texture on your hair, so they're just as good for short hair and medium lengths of hair.

I'm only talking from experience with the Tigi hair wax and the strong reworkable hair wax from Gatsby. Of the Gatsby hair waxes that you will see recommended in the Gatsby hair wax thread I referenced, I've tried the one with the super strong hold and the one with a strong hold and some shine. They were good on medium length hair.

The one thing I have read in the forum and also in a book called the mens hair book is that hair wax is not a good product for long hair, so maybe you're talking about that instead of medium lengths? long hair does better with hair products that also moisturize the hair but that's another story to short hair and medium length hair.

You may have also read the potential issue of using a hair wax on medium length hair with another hair wax brand. I haven't seen any reference to that in this forum when I've read their hair wax discussions but if you have read it somewhere I'd love to read that. But as far as using a hair wax like the one from Tigi or Gatsby which are both good products, you can use it on medium length hair. Only thing to take into account is to use about twice as much hair wax with medium length hair than with short hair. So that's only a couple extra dabs from the tub anyway.

If a the thread isn't merged I'm cool with posting here too but if you post the pictures in the other thread then I will also contribute whatever I can. I'm just like you though as in I'm not a barber. I'm just a guy trying hair product after hair product. So far so good thanks to this forum! Cool
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05-27-2015, 10:24 AM
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RE: What hairstyling product should i use to style straight thick hair!
Thanks a lot for your time! I have uploaded pictures on to my other post.
I have a picture of what my hair is like and 3 pictures of the kind of thing i'm going for. Although the 3rd one is a bit wild for me it's mainly the first 2 except in the second picture my hair on the sides is more blended.
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