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What hairstyle product to use for side part and slicked back hair?
05-04-2015, 11:20 AM
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What hairstyle product to use for side part and slicked back hair?
So i have hair that's somewhere in between straight and wavy. When they're short, they are rather straight, when they get longer, they tend to be wavy, especially around the tips.

So i'm looking for a proper product to use, currently my hair is probably around 3-4 inches. I want a slicked back look while this works with gel, i want to avoid gel, i just don't like the hardness and the feel of it.

I tried the following products: pomade (black&white), gel wax and regular wax (both vo5). I could pull the slick back off with pomade, but i had to use an unhealthy amount, and if possible i would like the product to be invisible. Gel wax and wax don't work (also normal amounts of pomade). After 5-10 minutes, my slicked back hair wins the fight over the product, and my hair is just stronger. I end up making a part and separating the hair to stop it from standing up and making me look like a homeless guy.

Right now i have wax in it, and while it looked good this morning when i applied it and styled a part with the front hair styled back, now (around 10 hours later) it looks like the hair lost its shape and starts hanging down in my face.

Will i just have to wait until my hair gets longer? is there a way to pull it off decently with the length of hair i currently have?
Also, what's the best invisible product for that? i'm thinking Patrick Bateman or Aldrich Killian, which have hairstyles that don't (at the first sight) look like they have a product in it.

I looked at putty and creams, how do they behave differently than pomade and wax? i just don't want to spend money yet again on a product that doesn't do what i want it to.

I'd appreciate and hints! thank you
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05-07-2015, 01:24 PM
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RE: What hairstyle product to use for side part and slicked back hair?
I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for (MODERATOR EDIT -- Please read the rules).

I don't think you should really go for any totally different hair styling products, rather just try different pre-styling products such as styling mousse or cream using the methods shown in this video, and finish off with wax or with a matte product like clay if you want some nice texture, especially if you want to give it a little bit 'messy' look.

Or maybe try some different pomades. I have the same problem myself. Had, actually. My hair is really similar to yours. All I did to solve the problem was:
1. Better hair care for more healthy hair (still improving)
2. Pre-styling products to make your hair more manageable and movable
3. Different products, my personal favourite is Hanz De Fuko's Modify Pomade.

I use pomade and style my hair that way on a daily basis but I'm still not an expert. Pretty much all my knowledge is based on this forum's content and various YouTubers' videos. Hopefully I helped you though. And hopefully I'm pretty much correct. Big Grin
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05-08-2015, 07:40 AM
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RE: What hairstyle product to use for side part and slicked back hair?
By far the best hair product for slicked back hair is pomade. The same goes for the side part hairstyle. Pomade just works too well and gives a strong grip that lasts all day long.

Suavecito and Layrite produce some pretty good pomades for slicked back hair and side parted hair. Check out the following post comparing the Suavecito pomade vs the Layrite pomade as that post is on a thread that actually asks the question on the differences between the pomades from Suavecito and Layrite.

I'm talking of the water soluble pomades of both brands by the way which I too highly recommend if you want sleek hair that has either a high shine (see the Layrite pomade in the linked post) or low shine (see the Suavecito pomade in the linked post too). Despite the two types of hair shine available, both pomades give sleek and sheen in the perfect ratios for a water soluble pomade and for both slicked back hair and side parted hair.

You mention the Black & White pomade which is an excellent pomade but it's a petrolatum pomade aka an oil pomade which doesn't play very well depending on your hair type and whether your have thick hair or thin hair. So a water soluble pomade is the answer for you as water soluble pomades not only have all the goodies of the oil pomades but also lack the greasiness and yucky look of oil pomades. Although if you use a good oil pomade like Black & White you will only get the greasy look if you use too much of it, but in any case a good water soluble pomade will help to prevent the greasy look even if overdone a tad. So have a look at the post comparing the Suavecito pomade against the Layrite pomade as you will have two water soluble pomades that are ready to be used from the get go.

Since you also mention using a hairstyling wax, then a good hair styling wax for slicked back hair is any from the Gatsby hair wax range which is found in the link and which will work quite well for slicked back hair or side parted hair depending on what shine level you want. See the post in the link for the Gatsby hair wax range and choose any of the four Gatsby hair waxes according to how shiny you want your hair and how strong you want your hair to be gripped and held in a slicked back style or side part style.

If you can afford it, getting either the Suavecito pomade or the Layrite pomade plus any of the four Gatsby hair styling waxes would be a great choice as you'd be able to provide a different finish with a particular shine level depending on your choice of pomade or styling wax for the day.

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06-19-2015, 06:38 AM (This post was last modified: 06-19-2015 06:40 AM by murfilein.)
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RE: What hairstyle product to use for side part and slicked back hair?
Holy rats, i totally forgot that i posted here Big Grin

Anyway, i moved away from pomade because it really didn't look good on me. I got myself the fish hairdressing stiff-ish "hardcore hold" moulding cream.

While it certainly isn't "hardcore" hold, it holds rather well and is literally invisible in the hair after a couple minutes or blow drying. I like it, but next time i'll try their putty or mud wax stuff. Not sure where the difference is, but its supposed to be invisible too.
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