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What hairstyle product to use for piecey/chunky hair look?
06-24-2015, 05:12 PM
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What hairstyle product to use for piecey/chunky hair look?
Basically a brush up/quiff with medium length hair

I've used all the recommended products here from Gatsby or TIGI but they don't give that chunky look. To get that look I have to use a bees wax hair product that doesn't wash out to give it a chunkier look.

Any recommendations for a hair product that gives a chunky/piecey/layered look?
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06-27-2015, 08:35 AM (This post was last modified: 06-27-2015 08:36 AM by Bradley.)
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RE: What to use for piecey/chunky hair look?
Hi mate you may want to post some pictures for others to know what kind of hairstyle you're after. By chunky I take it that you're looking for some textured hairstyle. If bees wax is what does it for you then look into a pomade instead of hair wax.

An excellent pomade with beeswax that I would recommend is one that was recommended by one of our administrators in this oil hair pomade list in the linked post. It's the first pomade out of the two pomades listed. It's a premium oil pomade as it doesn't contain petrolatum which is what most cheaper pomades have and what makes hair look really greasy. I've tried it and it really works like the Tigi hair wax but with more bulk and as you call them chunks.

The problem is washing out the pomade which in all honesty isn't that bad compared to the petrolatum pomades. But if washing a pomade out is something that worries you then go with a water pomade to get the same strong hold with beefier locks and chunks. Go with the Layrite pomade recommended in this post comparing Layrite vs Suavecito and you will find pros and cons of that pomade. Personally the only thing about that water pomade from Layrite is that it has a high shine so I'm not sure if you're also looking to add a high shine to your hairstyle. The shine isn't a greasy shine, just an extra natural shine for your hair.

If you're still not convinced then head to this list of hair thickening products recommended by an admin too and get the shaping wax. That particular shaping wax (hair moulder) will add bulk to your hair and get your hair to group into define locks for that textured and layered look. Just browse down a tad in his post to see the shaping wax linked. It will work very well for what you intend to do mate.

If you're in the UK which I think you are then let me know for good sources to buy those products as I think all the products in those linked posts are from the United States tho they can be shipped to the UK too. They're actually cheaper than buying them from the UK but if you still want good UK sources for those hair products then let me know.

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