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Wella Brilliant hair spray gel, any product experiences? 0 0
Wella Brilliant hair spray gel, any product experiences?
09-02-2014, 03:51 PM
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Wella Brilliant hair spray gel, any product experiences?
Has any of you used a spray hair gel called Wella Brilliant hair spray gel? actually I have the bottle in front and the full name is Wella Liquid Hair Brilliant spray gel. I used some of it because my girl had it and she said that this gel was unlike the rest and that you could 'spray' it on your hair. Since hair gel is sometimes some disgusting rats to remove I have it a try.

The spray mechanism worked to my surprise and the finish of the styling gel has been pretty smooth with no white flakes or residue. The hold seems to be more for casual hair styling than for spiking or for quiffs. This is fine by me but the hold was supposed to be firm to strong and I would call this firm at the most. Then again my hair is a pain in the back to keep in good hold although I just left a review for another gel that did keep a good hold of my mane.

My girl loves the Wella gel and is kinda expensive so she tells me to stick to my products or order some new gel lol so anybody know anything about the Wella Brilliant styling gel? bottle looks fine except for the Wella logo which is not very manly Big Grin
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09-03-2014, 08:31 AM
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RE: Wella Brilliant hair spray gel, any product experiences?
Mate I have no experience with it but the wella brand is fairly good anyway. I did find the following review of the Brilliant spray gel. Hope it helps.
It's from a female point of view but she sorta found out the same as you with the gel. no wonder it is a popular hair gel with the ladies. She mentions she has never spent more than 11 dollars on a hair gel which is like 8 pounds lol what kind of hair gels was she buying before then?

Here is the review.


Usually in the summer time I will wear my hair up in a tight bun so the wind hits my neck on hot summer days. However on cooler days I like to let my hair down, and usually when I let it down I have to straighten it, which can take a lot of time. However when I want an easier way to let my hair down I simply add some gel, give it a scrunch a shake, and wallah, I have curly yet tamed hair.

I have used many different gels in my time, and some of them have worked wonders, while others even expensive name brand ones would leave my hair hard, flaky, and stiff.

When I came across a brand names Liquid Hair for the first time I was interested in it simply because the products looked clean, and the packaging looked appealing. I have seen many gels in my time where the gel actually looked cloudy or dirty, and when I spotted Wella Liquid Hair Brilliant Spray in a 6.8 ounce clear plastic bottle I was able to look right in and see the gel. It was clear, looked thick, and not a spot of any odd color additives.

The price however at the time was close to $11.00, and I had never spent that much money on hair gel before, and I knew that just because you spent more does not mean your getting better quality.

I had never seen gel come in a spray bottle before though, and I knew that applying it would be easy and mess free, with squeeze gels I had no choice but to bloop the gel into my hand and rub it into my hair. With this I simply had to spray and style. According to the bottle I could sculpt curls just using my finger. That this gel would provide control while styling, and it would not build up or flake up, not only that it also promised to add incredible shine. Sounded good to me, there is nothing I hate more than stiff hair that flakes up. Not many people see me with curly hair, so when I do curl it, I want to make sure it's looking its best.

I splurged on the the $11.00 spray gel and made my way home.

After showering I scrunched my hair up and began spraying the gel. The pump surprisingly gives a lot of squirt for it's small pump. I have long hair though, and using the pump to spray as I use my other hand to scrunch hair became a bit messier than I had initially imagines. The bottle became slippery and spraying it became quite difficult. I fumbled with the bottle though until I had a decent amount of gel in my hair.

The scent of the gel was actually pretty pleasant, and did not smell like an over chlorinated pool like most gels do. I liked it, and had no need to put in heavily scented creams afterward to mask the scent.

Now all I had to do was let my hair air dry and wait to see the results.

As time went by I noticed a few fly aways which I was not too fond of. After my hair was fully dry though it was left soft and curly, so the results were true to it's promise on the bottle. I however could have used a bit more hold than what I was getting from it. Don't get me wrong, I loved how the gel did not leave my hair sticky nor did it leave any flakes behind, but when it came to curls, they were present, but a little flat. The gel made my hair wavy and it was nice, but when I use gel I use it to get curls, not waves. My hair is already naturally wavy, and all this gel did for it was amp up the waves a tad and frizz was still very present. I wondered though if it were perhaps my fault for not scrunching my hair more as it dried.

However the second time I used it, I concentrated more on scrunching the hair thinking that perhaps it would cause more curls and not weak waves. No such luck though. The 'waves' were the same as they were the day before. Nice looking, but not quite what I was expecting. The hold was close to nothing and I had to use a defrizzer just to tame the frizz.

I do like the gel still though for when I want an easy wavy tattered beach look, but for when I want cute bouncy curls this gel fails miserably. It has its ups and it has its downs. Overall though I would buy it again.
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09-03-2014, 04:34 PM
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RE: Wella Brilliant hair spray gel, any product experiences?
Lordius, I know which hair gel you're talking about(i.e. Well's Liquid Hair Brilliant spraying gel). It's certainly a good hair gel but it should be used for added texture, overall thickness and casual styling. If you are going to use it for any of the curl types (like wavy hair), then expect bouncy curls instead of the more shaped and fixed curls that you'd get with stronger-holding gels.

Great for casual hairstyles and messy curls though. As said, the gel also adds texture since most other hair gels tend to lay the hair too down, making the hair flatter and the scalp visible at times. Definitively the hair gel, going by what you experienced. The spray presentation is also a plus.

Last I recall is seeing it sold was through Amazon, used to have more presence on retail stores though. A good Amazon vendor to get the Brilliant Liquid Hair spray gel is THIS one here.

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