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Washing hair with baby shampoo
11-02-2015, 10:44 AM
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Washing hair with baby shampoo
I have long thick wavy hair, about 7inches long, and we all know how depressing it is when the hair conditioner runs out and your hair because dry and puffy after it's dried off after you wash it only with shampoo and warm water.

Now, I can go on about how washing long hair with warm water is both good and bad at the same time but I'll get out of context here. So let me get to the point.

I've always had a bad experience with leave-in conditioner. The main reason is that not matter how much dry my hair gets after I wash it and no matter how greasy or not the leave-in conditioner actually is, my hair simply gets greasy naturally because I live in a tropical region and it's almost always hot.

While I was going through this forum, reading some of the threads that applied to me, I stumbled over one that said to try using mild baby shampoo. So I decided to give it a try.

Now, I had to actually check how much baby shampoo costs. To my surprise, it was really cheap. Compare to normal shampoo, it's basically free. However, where I live, mild baby shampoo was somehow hard to find. Most of them was soft or "like water to the eyes". When I finally found the mild shampoo, I discovered that it's consistency was very...light. I had to use two times as much shampoo as the normal one to get it to foam.
I was mistaken, though. Despite always having babies around while i was growing up, I never noticed how baby shampoo always foams after to apply water to it. In a matter of seconds, I had to deal with more foam than I had expected. I still did not use a regular conditioner afterwards.
When my hair dried, it became puffy and dry as if I had use my regular shampoo. Nevertheless, I was still in my experimenting days and a few days later I decided to try the baby shampoo again.
I used the amount I would usually use with my regular shampoo and washed it off. I still didn't use a conditioner. Guess what? When my hair dried off, it wasn't puffy and did not feel dry to the touch. Instead, it was still a bit greasy but my hair smelled great and it was clean. Even though it was still a bit greasy, it did not have the unclean feel to it that makes me uneasy.

When growing out your hair, the most important thing is moisture. That's what helps your hair keep a nice structure and helps it grow. Of course, your diet and other factors come in but moisturising is what most of us leave out for some reason. That's why conditioning your hair is recommended.
Meanwhile, while most people have dry hair because of the environment they live in or because of genetics (my mother has very dry hair but she's the only one who does), some if us actually have really greasy hair and it does not help when our environments contributes to it (though it is actually helping those trying to grow their hair out). I am not, also, bashing and bad mouthing those who completely advocates the use of hair conditioner. This little thread are for those who are like me. So try it out and tell me what you think.
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