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Washing hair routine with shampoo vs. using Hair Products!
04-29-2015, 03:20 AM (This post was last modified: 04-29-2015 03:27 AM by LongShaQ.)
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Washing hair routine with shampoo vs. using Hair Products!
Hi guys,

first of all, please excuse my english. I am from Germany and because I was looking for information I needed, I found this place here which is of course in English. But I hope you will understand me.

I am now in the stage of letting my hair grow long. Most of my length passed the 6inch or is close to it. I wanted to grow my hair until chin length. So I guess, this will take me about October this year.
I have straight hair, no natural curls or waves...

So, why am I here...I used to wear my hair about a length at the top of my ears, which for me was a situation of hanging somewhere into nowhere as it didnt feel this is my character. Short hair doesnt fit me because I have a thin headshape.
So I decided to let it grow with first step chin length, maybe if its suitable for me, even shoulder length in step two.

I guess its now different in your country as it is here in Germany. About 90-95% of men wear their hair short and they all look kinda like clones to me (no offend to nobody). It is not accepted and in my personal opinion even most of women like short hair on men...anyways, thats another story and I passed it.

Like I said, I had midlength hair and used to wash it DAILY and even DRY it with a I know that damages your hair and makes it look dry...which happened to my hair too.
So I am trying to change the routine of hairwashing. I now wash my hair every 2 days, which is hard, because for me it feels like greasy at the second day and I am working in an office so my hair should look proper. I now wear it swept behind my ears.

The problem I have is, on the one side, I dont wanna wash my hair too often, I even wanna come to the point of just washing it like two times a week, on the other side, when I use hair products, I have to wash it the next day because of looking greasy ( I am using pomade and hair cream).

So how can I stay in my new hairwashing routine and still use hair products to make it look styled?
Is there any trick, like just use water in the day between and air-dry, or comb it a thousand times?
I read of all the time that people style their hair on a daily basis, but nobody talks about if they really keep up to not wash it too often...what about the guys on rockabilly who really use a lot of do they manage it!

Thanks for any tips in advance
and greetings from Germany

P.S.: Since I decided to let my hair get long, I found out there is a science on its own when it comes to it!CoolUndecided
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05-03-2015, 10:46 AM
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Either shampoo daily and use a conditioner or drop the shampoo and use your sebum!
Hey there and welcome to our forum! We're always happy to have future long-haired dudes on board and our long-haired community is growing so you will fit in nicely here.

Germany isn't the only nation that has most of its men with short hairstyles that all look the same. Most men tend to be followers instead of leaders and thus prefer to follow what others do instead of finding their own uniqueness and going by their own beliefs. This isn't necessarily bad at all, but it's one of the reasons that explains your observation. Humans are social creatures, that's how we've evolved, and hence we tend to conform to the herd mentality so as to be more socially active and "fit in".

Now, going back to your question, shampooing daily isn't a bad thing per se. It's a bad thing when you're doing it without paying attention to other hair care factors that lead to healthy and aesthetic hair.

I have not seen any mentioning of hair conditioners, are you using a conditioner right after shampooing your head? I have a feeling that you aren't since you're reporting dry hair from your shampoo use.

You must use a conditioner right after your shampoo. There's no escaping this; it must be done! If you want to grow a nice head-turning mane, you just have to use a conditioner.

The great thing about long hair is that it doesn't need any hairstyling products like pomades or hair gel. You can, of course, use hairstyling products, but using a conditioner the right way will get you even better results if all you want is your hair to be dangling (i.e. to be hanging down instead of styled up into a hairstyle).

The whole concept of not shampooing daily is based upon allowing your own sebum (secreted from your scalp follicles) to coat your hair. This means that your use of hairstyling products (e.g. pomades, waxes or gels) should be minimized. Instead, your own sebum acts as a conditioner and as a hairstyling product as it gives your hair a natural shine and makes your hair look thicker and glossier. This is specially useful when your hair is longer (i.e. longer than 6 inches as is your current case and your hair length goal).

The actual method is called the No Shampoo method and it's a method that was created by Rogelio Samson and published in his book The Men's Hair Book. There is a whole chapter dedicated to this concept as well as to variations of the program, so, if you don't have that book yet, it will do you a lot of good to have it as it covers other important aspects of men's hair like hair care, nutrition and growing hair longer.

What I'm trying to say with the above is that you have 2 options: either continue using hairstyling products daily and shampoo daily or drop your use of hairstyling products and simply rely on your own sebum and a good conditioner.

Continue shampooing daily and using hairstyling products:

If you want to keep using pomades every day, then it's in your interest to shampoo daily. Pomades leave a lot of residue, especially the older pomades, and residue buildup dries up your hair and removes its natural shine. Hence the solution is to shampoo every day if you're going to be using heavy-residue hairstyling products on a daily basis.

If you're going to shampoo daily, you must use a conditioner daily. You use a conditioner right after rinsing the shampoo while in the shower. You coat your hair with the conditioner and leave it for 1 to 2 minutes as you continue cleaning the rest of your body in the shower. Once the 1 to 2 minutes are over, you rinse out the conditioner and you're done. You then proceed to dry your hair and style your hair with your chosen hairstyling product.

My question is, why are you using a hairstyling product? Are you styling your long hair into any particular hairstyle that requires a strong hold? If you aren't, then there is very little need for a hairstyling product, especially for a pomade.

Instead of a pomade, use a moisturizing hairstyling cream that enhances your long hair. Have a look at the styling cream in this recommended hair products thread (the recommended styling cream is in the first post under the title of "best hair cream or styling cream"). Such a hairstyling cream will be easier to wash with water alone, so you will not have to use shampoo as frequently as you'd do with a styling pomade.

Rely on your own sebum and a good conditioner:

Instead of using a hairstyling product, you can simply do with a conditioner and with your own sebum. The trick here is to keep your hair moisturized and always coated with a film of your own sebum and of a conditioner.

In this scenario, you would shampoo your hair 3 times per week, for example. Every time that you shampoo your hair, you use the conditioner as I've described above.

On the days that you do not shampoo your hair, you still clean your hair with water only. You simply massage your scalp with the water running on your hair and run your fingers from the base (i.e. scalp) to the tips (i.e. end of the hair). This action does 2 things: it cleans your hair and it also helps to spread your own natural sebum across your hair. You do this for 1 to 2 minutes and you're done!

Once you have massaged your scalp as per the above instructions, you then have 2 options: you can either finish and proceed to dry your hair or you can use a conditioner. If your hair feels clean and has a natural shine, then you can simply dry your hair and that's it. If your hair feel somewhat greasy or lacks it natural shine, then you apply the conditioner to your hair. The conditioner itself helps to further clean your hair, so it's a very helpful hair product for men.

Your own sebum as well as a good conditioner will keep your long hair shiny and glossy, which is exactly what one wants with long hair. By using your own sebum and conditioner, you can drop your shampooing frequency and enjoy the benefits of using nature's best hair conditioner (i.e. your own sebum!).

If you want your hair to have extra gloss (i.e. look even fuller), then you can use a leave-in conditioner to lightly style your hair. A leave-in conditioner is like a regular conditioner, only that a leave-in conditioner is not rinsed out and instead you style your hair with the leave-in conditioner. You don't even need to style your hair when using a leave in conditioner, just apply the leave-in conditioner to your hair and it will start to look even fuller and with more body (i.e. better!).

For a good conditioner, have a look again at our recommended mens hair products guide in this link and have a look at the Agadir conditioner listed under the title of "best conditioner" (it's in the first post). That particular Agadir conditioner is very affordable and will work very ell for your hair to keep it smooth and glossy.

Leave-in conditioners aren't as affordable as regular conditioners, but they're still worth the purchase if you can afford them, especially if you have hair that is longer than 4 inches. I've gone through some of the best leave-in conditioners for men in this link and I've listed 4 of them that vary in price so that you can still get a good leave in conditioner for a good price. As said, if the price fits your budget for hair products, then I recommend that you buy a good leave-in conditioner (any of the 4 leave-in conditioners that I listed in that linked post will work really well for your long hair!).

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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05-04-2015, 01:08 AM
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RE: Washing hair routine with shampoo vs. using Hair Products!
Wow, a big thanks to your extended answers to my questions. You solved a lot of them but some new popped up finally ;-)

You asked me if I use a conditoner...well I didnt when I was in midlength...I did literally everything wrong at that time, like wash it everyday, no conditioner, dry it with a cheap heater. Now I learned a lot. Its like since I decided to let it grow, which is february this year, I try to wash it only every two days and always use a conditioner afterwards. The shampoo and the conditioner are natural cosmetics.

You asked me further why I use pomade. Well, I mostly use a styling hair cream from Nivea as my daily styling and on the weekends I use pomade just a little to style my hair. I work in an office with customers, so I have to look smart and cant let my hair dangle down. I still feel like I am in the awkward stage and for me I passed this when I reached my goal----chin length. And I decided not to go to a barber but just let it grow. Thats how it feels to me, though. In the office, I keep it swept behind my ears and for a proper look and hold, I need to style my hair. I cant afford any greasy appearance.

Thanks for your description of the two ways to take care of my hair. I want to follow the path of just washing it 3 times a week and use a conditioner or just water the days in between. I have to find out what fits me best. It sounds best just to use water...
So if I understood you right, its not bad for the hair if it gets wet every day?
By the way, I started air-drying!
I took a look at the conditioner as well as at the styling cream you recommended and they are both available here in Germany.
While the ingredients of the Agadir Oil sounds very good, I think I wont try the Morrocanoil Styling Cream because of the ingredients...there is a side in Germany that analyses those. You can see the results in the link if you want.

Anyway, I understood your message and I really appreciate the detailed explanation of how to proceed. I took away a lot of unsecurities for me and helped me a lot.
What is needed for me now is a portion of patience in growing and taking care of my hair and let nature do its work.

Thanks and greetings from Germany!
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