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Waist length for long hair men pictures?
07-09-2015, 09:20 AM (This post was last modified: 07-09-2015 09:21 AM by Mane Man.)
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Waist length for long hair men pictures?
Does anyone know what waist length long hair for men looks like? I've pictures of women but have yet to see how waist length looks on guys with long hair.

Is it that rare as a hairstyle for men? it seems like long hair guys stop at growing their hair at chest as even in real life I've yet to meet any who had longer hair than that. Anyone have a picture of how long hair to the waist looks like on a guy?

Also would there be any reason why there are so few men with waist long hair?
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07-09-2015, 10:08 AM
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RE: Waist length for long hair men pictures?
There are two main reasons for waist length hair in long hair men being uncommon.

The first reason is because it takes a very long time to grow your hair to the waist. It takes about 6 to 8 years to grow you hair to the waist. That's if you're starting from a buzzcut or short hair as most men do. That's a long time and a lot of things can happen that make you have to cut your growing hair.

A new job is a very easy way to have to cut your hair. I know this because I've had to cut really long hair in more than a few times at our barbershop. Guys with hair to their waist or thereabouts having to cut their hair short because they lost their job and now they're getting a new job. They're so desperate for a job that they will cut their hair just to get thru the interview. It even saddens me to have to cut such long hair because I know that it holds a lot of value to the lad whose long hair I'm cutting.

The second reason is that not every guy or even woman can grow their hair to their waist. The life cycle of a hair strand can range from two to eight years. If you got unlucky in the gene pool when your hair strands will shed after two years of growing which means that you can only realistically grow about 12 inches of hair length which is a shoulder length. Other guys and girls are lucky to have hair life cycles of eight years or even more so they can grow their hair well past the waist and to their knees and lower.

Most guys will not be able to grow their hair to their waist as the average life cycle of a hair strand for men is 4 years which is about 25 inches of hair length. That's actually past the chest but not to the waist. I work with centimetres but I know most of you guys are from the US so I'll use inches. You want to get about 40 inches of hair length for it to reach your waist from the top. So only a small percentage of men can statistically grow their hair that long.

The only way to know how long you can grow your hair is by growing it. You will know when you cannot grow longer hair because it will look to you as is tho you're stuck on that same length for months on end. That's the usual sign of hitting your genetic potential but lots of people (women mainly) think of this as a plateau and start buying silly snake oil pills promising them hair that reaches their ankles.

For your motivation here are some pictures of long hair men with waist length hair. Just grow your hair long and hopefully you can grow to that length. Cheers!

[Image: QWsqVIB.jpg]

[Image: 450px-Longhair.JPG]

[Image: LYldRIS.jpg]
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