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Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 review 5 1
Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 review
08-21-2014, 03:18 PM
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Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 review
The Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 is a rechargeable cordless as well as corded shaver and trimmer set that includes everything you need for personal grooming at home or abroad. I am posting a review a Wahl 4000 Custom Shave System review. It's lengthy and detailed but it's worth the read if you're interested in these great value electric razor.

Introduction to the Wahl 4000

The Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 is a great shaver and trimmer for personal grooming both at home and abroad for a nice smooth close shave. I have been using the Wahl 4000 electric razor for a few weeks and have been very happy with my shave in the mornings using the Wahl 4000 shaver.

The Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 comes with the rechargeable shaver, base unit with power adapter, three foil heads, foil guard and foil container, cleaning brush, travel pouch and dual head trimmer. The travel pouch holds the shaver nicely and the plastic container holds the two foil heads that are not on the shaver.

The battery

The cordless features work well and the battery lasts a good long time, I have had the shaver and been using it daily for two weeks without charging yet. You can also unplug the power adapter from the base and plug the shaver directly to the adapter for a constant smooth shave. You can charge the shaver using the base that holds the shaver upright for a quick place to charge and set the shaver as well as unplugging the base and using just the cord to charge the shaver.


The shaver comes with three different foil heads for three different shave closeness shaves as well as a nice set of accessories and even a carry pouch. The shaver itself is very well designed and its two shave heads make for a great close shave as well as an easy to maintain shaver.


The Wahl shaver performs very well and has plenty of nice features that I have come to appreciate over my previous electric shaver. I have been using a single head foil shaver and now with the two head shaver can really appreciate the speed and quickness of shaving with the two head system.

The Wahl shaver also stays neater and does not clog nearly as quickly as my previous shaver. The heads under the foils are mounted further away from the body so much of the hairs that are cut away when shaving fall toward the base of the shaver and stay clear of the blade and foil area. This means less clogging and easier shaving as well as not having to clean the shaver every time you use it.

I started shaving and when the shaver did not falter or slow down during my shaves, I just didn't think to clean it. My other shaver, name brand left out on purpose, would start to slow down and not shave as well after two or three shaves. The Wahl Shave 4000 is still going strong after the first two weeks of constant shaving as well as checking out the features.


The shaver is easy to clean and take care of, the heads easily snap off to get the entire unit disassembled for cleaning or replacement. The foil heads seem sturdy enough just like all the other foil shavers I have seen and used. The Wahl shaver is very sturdy and works well along with being easy to clean and maintain.

The trimmer

The trimmer pops in and out easily and works well for my beard and mustache and trims up the side burns nicely. It comes straight out from the front and angles enough to be comfortable and highly visible when you're using it. When pulled back the trimmer sits flush in the body of the shaver and nicely out of the way.

The little battery operated trimmer that comes with the shaver set is one of those nose and ear trimmers as well as a regular and very small trimmer. It comes with two heads that are easily removed and replaced as well as cleaned by rinsing. The small trimmer has three and four teeth so it is nice and small to trim delicate areas like around your lips or near your ears.

Experience with it

End of week three and I did need to charge the razor but it was not totally dead, just a bit slower than usual. I did clean it out to see if the head was getting clogged but that was not the problem, it just needed a little boost with a little more power.

Also you cannot tell the difference in power when the shaver is plugged in or fully charged. I wanted to see if plugging the shaver in and using it would be stronger for a better shave than a fully charged battery and I could not feel any difference between the two so the batteries are really nice and strong when charged.

I really like the quickness of the Wahl 4000 shaver and the features it provides for easy cleaning as well as the strong battery are also nice features. The three shaving heads allow for a variety of shaving closeness for your personal preference as well as having spares.


This particular Wahl Custom Shaver System is a great shaver and grooming set with plenty of nice features and nice on the go portability. I highly recommend the Wahl 4000 Custom Shave System for a great all around shaver and personal grooming system.

Personal ratings

My ratings in numbers:
  • Ease of Use & Performance: 24/25
  • Look & Feel: 20/25
  • Features: 23/25
  • How much I enjoy it: 21/25
Total: 88/100

Overall, great shaver!

By the way, here is a picture of the Wahl 4000 shaver. What do you guys think of it? the review is meant to be detailed enough but would be great to hear some of your comments too.

[Image: TrgZEQ1.jpg]
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08-22-2014, 06:25 AM
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RE: Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 review
Great review of the Wahl 4000 Shave system! You're on a roll Smile

The Wahl 4000 is great because it provides different degrees of closeness and really gets a close shave similar to the more expensive high-end shavers. For its price, it's a very good purchase and, having used it myself in the past, I can say that this can be used as a "de facto" daily shaver, without a doubt.

For anyone interested, you can buy the Wahl Custom Shave System 4000 with the trimmer included in HERE. On the other hand, you can buy the 7367-200 version which comes without the nose-hair trimmer but is still the same Wahl 400 shaver for a great price through THIS vendor here. If you're just interested in the shaver, then you can get it from the vendor in the second link for a superb price. If you're interested in the shaver AND trimmer too (which goes great for nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows and sideburns) then use the vendor in the first link for a greatly price Wahl Shave System 4000!

The vendors above in both links have plenty of additional information on the Wahl 4000 plus plenty of customer reviews which also favor this electric razor (with or without the trimmer). Since the vendor in the second link carries the model version with the electric shaver alone, the price for it is really affordable when compared to other medium to high-end shavers.

Thanks again for the review, Sunset!

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