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Unsure if I can grow full beard
01-02-2016, 11:40 AM
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Unsure if I can grow full beard
I just turned 18 and I have questions regarding my facial hair. I am able to grow thick side burns, decent moustache, a stubble directly under my chin but very little hair under my lower lip. Many of my friends who grow facial hair often make fun of my lack of hair under my chin and lower lip because it looks very weird. Although I don't take these insults personally, I really hope I can grow facial hair in those regions. It looks as if I deliberately shaved there as the rest of my facial hair grows well. The region under my chin is not the one that I am most. Concerned about as I have a feeling that it will grow in. However the one below my lower lips is what I am worried about as I can even count the number of hairs .Can I stimulate any growth in that region? I am overweight and does that contribute to anything? Are there any facial hairstyles that allows for lack of hair in those regions? Thanks
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02-28-2016, 12:40 AM
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RE: Unsure if I can grow full beard
Everyone is different. My brother is 43 and he only grows a handful of hairs on his chin, like a scraggly Billy goat. He cannot grow a beard. It's genetics. We have a wee bit of American Indian in us and that means our family is not very hairy. Some guys have patches on their face where no hair grows; could be the chin, cheeks, sideburns, is different for everyone. Since you're still young, it's possible your hair may grow in thicker in the future. ..or not. I went to school with one guy who had a full beard at 17, and others not 'till 25, and others, never. If your dad or uncles or grandfather are around, how does their facial hair grow? Yours may be similar (or not).
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