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Undercut Hairstyle Variation - Ruby Rose haircut - PLEASE HELP
05-04-2015, 03:55 PM
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Undercut Hairstyle Variation - Ruby Rose haircut - PLEASE HELP
Hey, all. I was wondering if someone could give me the exact name of the hairstyle of Ruby Rose linked below. Also, I need to know if I can go straight from a normal undercut to this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

[Image: RsXvGMP.jpg]
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05-08-2015, 08:12 AM
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Undercut Hairstyle Variation - Asymmetric haircut of Ruby Rose
Hi mate that's a double taper haircut. The hair decreases in length as it goes from the top to the hairline of the sides and back. It isn't a difficult haircut at all. However it looks like the haircut of Ruby Rose is an asymmetric haircut. This can be a bit difficult for a hairdresser who isn't used to asymmetric haircuts. Have a look at this asymmetric haircuts guide for men as you will find lots of different asymmetric haircuts which use the undercut haircut or taper haircut as base haircuts.

For the same haircut and hairstyle of Ruby Rose, tell your barber or hairdresser that you want to have your hair in a side part hairstyle. That will be your day to day hairstyle. Then tell him or her that you want the side part line to be razor shaved with a t-outliner clipper. A t-outliner is like a hair clipper but it is used for shaping anything on the hair so it's a good type of hair clipper for creating shaved line across the head.

So after you got the razor shaved line you then tell him that everything on the side of the head where the line is drawn is to be trimmed with shears aka barber scissors in a long taper haircut. The first two inches should be done in such a long taper haircut with shears. This way, the taper haircut will end at about the lowest level of the temple and have a hair length at the end of the taper cut of about half an inch or one centimetre of length. Then for the remaining hair below the shears taper haircut, so whatever is below on the side of the head that has yet to be trimmer, you tell your barber to give you another taper haircut but this time, the taper haircut must be a short taper haircut done with a hair clipper only.

The above is for the side of the head where the shaved line is to be drawn. So in the case of Ruby Rose haircut, the razor line was done on the left temple, so the above two taper haircuts, the first taper haircut done with shears only and the second taper cut with a hair clipper only, are done on the left side of the head as well as on the back of the head.

As for the hair on the right, it looks like Ruby Rose had the same done as on the left side of her head. So just ask your barb or hairdresser to cut the sides and back of your head with the above two taper haircuts.

The hair length on the top looks to be a length that reaches below the eyebrows so I would say it's at least four inches long or ten centimetres long. If you currently have an undercut haircut, then you need to grow the undercut to at least two inches long or five centimetres long so that your barber or hairdresser can then perform the two taper haircuts.

It may look a tad complex but I can assure you that any barber or hairdresser will understand this type of taper haircut from my description as well as with that haircut picture of Ruby Rose. Just make sure that you bring that picture of Ruby Rose with you to the hair salon or barbershop. Either print it out on paper or have it on your smartphone so you can show it to your barber or hairdresser.

Hope that helped mate! Cheers.
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