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Undercut Haircut When Not Styled
05-09-2015, 05:56 PM
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Undercut Haircut When Not Styled
Hi I am Asian with jet black straight hair. I'm currently sporting an undercut haircut. My main problem is when my hair doesnt have any form when not styled. It is kind of a mess. What recommendations would be give me to at least make it look decent when not styled.
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05-10-2015, 06:07 AM
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RE: Undercut Haircut When Not Styled
Well the point of styling your hair is for it to look better so when it isn't styled it won't look as good as it does when styled. BY the way I also have the same hair type of yours, fellow asian checking in.

What I do is I use a tiny amount of styling wax to keep the hair messy but in a controlled mess. Try the Tigi wax or one of the Gatsby hair waxes in this thread where they talk about the best hair waxes for men Both of these types of hair waxes get recommended in the forum usually and they will work well even with the smallest amounts that you can use for casual hair styling.

I use between one third to a half of what I would usually do when styling my hair. It works just as well for an undercut haircut as it does for any other short haircut. It also takes way less time to style my hair in a casual hair style or messy hairstyle. No need for a hair dryer or for shaping, just take a single dab from the hair styling wax, spread the dab around your fingers and then start finger styling by tousling the hair casually. A good tip for the messy hair styles to work is to have your hair a bit damp. So you don't have your hair dry but it also isn't dripping wet. You want your hair slightly damp or wet, then you style your casual hairstyle or messy hairstyle with the styling wax.

If your hair reaches past your eyes then it's best that you do some kind of slicked back style with the styling wax or with a pomade so you don't get your hair bothering you. This is a great reference for the different types of slick back hair and for the slicked back hairstyle

One other awesome find is the use of hair accessories for men Check out that hair accessories thread in the link as you could easily just buy a headband to keep your hair pulled back. It also looks quite good with straight hair.

A head band is a type of hair accessory that you place across your had so you have the headband going across the top of your hairline. That way it pulls the hair back. You can also pull the headband further back and it will pull even more of your hair back which can look really good. It will also depend on how long the hair on the top of your head is but for medium length hair it looks really good IMO Just see these pictures of guys with headbands.

You can have headbands of different widths too. They're all on that mens hair accessories thread. It's a great read if you want to consider using hair accessories for anytime you don't feel like styling your hair. And even f you feel like styling your hair, headbands are still useful as I find that they complement very well hairstyles like the modern slick back or long hair with an undercut.

[Image: tumblr_meb5gova9o1ry8gmfo1_500.jpg]

[Image: fernando_torres_celeb_liverpool_v_manche...844835.jpg]

[Image: 1386881251_extras_noticia_foton_7_0.jpg]

[Image: 1254830883_0.jpg]
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