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Top 10 David Beckham hairstyles 5 1
Top 10 David Beckham hairstyles
02-11-2014, 03:48 PM
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Top 10 David Beckham hairstyles
David Beckham's hairstyles have varied over the years, from curtains styles to short mohawks to cornrows. Some people say that it is his wife Victoria that forces David to style his hair in some awkward ways to look hip and "avant-garde" lol
What I will do in this post and the next one below is list 10 of David Beckham hairstyles that have created trends or become popular, either for good or bad. The styles listed range from those since he started playing football with Manchester United to those from when he moved all over the world to play football while he made more money posing in his underwear double lol

I will also provide a description of each of the hair styles & recommend the products for each style to use. You can also ask questions about any of the featured styles in this thread. Some of his hairstyles are cool and trendy while others are part of fashion looks he wore for a while that you would only expect Jersey Shore wannabes to wear...

Middle-part Curtains
Beckham started his career with the curtains hairstyle & a middle part, which was an instant ladies winner.

[Image: twPv33w.jpg]

Faux hawk with metro mullet
David Beckham popularized the faux hawk hairstyle in the late 90s t early 2000s. He also got a small neat mullet to go which later on was popularized by Cristiano Ronaldo and which was coined as the metro mullet by hair expert Rogelio of The Men's Hair Book.

[Image: s4IBAaN.jpg]

Medium length hair with headband
Another thing Beckham popularized was the use of hair accessories especially headbands. He would leave his straight hair 4 to 6 inches long - a medium longish length - and then use headbands to pull the hair back. He also started bleaching his hair for that surfer look.

[Image: jFe8N6o.jpg]

Short mohawk
Beckham's mohawk haircut was unexpected & one day he just showed up with his hair buzzed to skin and a single crest of hair on the middle of his head. He has been one of the few male celebrities to sport a mohawk so kudos to him for that - the 'hawk actually became a bit popular again in Europe in the mid-2000s thanks to Becks.

[Image: L4sAE8L.jpg]

Shaggy cut with layered messy hair style
This hairstyle of David Beckham was a big one & everyone agreed back then that it looked very good & we had lots of guys in Europe and Australia imitating the shaggy cut with a messy out of bed look for years and it still remains a popular style, especially the modern range of messy hairstyles.
You will need a hair straightener - aka flat iron - and a good styling wax for the shaggy look to work out, but more on the products to use below on the next post of mine.
Do also go to the hairdresser or hair salon for your first shaggy so you get the layers right as hairdressers and hairstylists are trained in the shaggy cut - aka "shag".

[Image: XopoKav.jpg]

Shoulder length long hair
At Real Madrid, Beckham's hair was long, reaching the shoulders. Most of the time he would keep his long locks loose but would tie them when he had to play football matches.

[Image: JA3GOi8.jpg]

Continues below Smile

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02-11-2014, 03:49 PM
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RE: Top 10 David Beckham hairstyles
Ivy League haircut with messy look
This was a creative hairstyle of David Beckham. The Ivy League cut is used as a more formal style with side parts or brush ups, but David provided his own twist to the look and used hair gel to tousle the short hair and create messy spikes. This was another style that became popular especially in the UK.

[Image: jPQCzVl.jpg]

This list is a list of "top" hairstyles, but that simply means the most "insert word" hairstyles of Becks. In this case, Beckham decided it would be fun to wear cornrows for a time as the style grew more and more popular with rappers in the US. David Beckham has a girly voice, so we at Men's Hair Forum do't think he got the cornrows to join 50 cent in one of his gangsta tours and bust a couple of rhymes while wearing baggy pants showing his underwear. Or maybe he did??

[Image: aFMlyFs.jpg]

Buzz Cut
After his trials of trendy and stupid hairstyles, David Beckham decided he had enough and going against his wife's orders, he got a buzz cut. Victoria bought David a hair clipper so that he would keep his eyebrows clipped and trimmed, but David decided one day to use the hair clipper for what it is actually intended for.
Result?? Victoria got mad at him but he gained even more fans as he has the head shape to pull a buzz cut Smile

[Image: dvnyYiy.jpg]

Slicked back undercut
As Beckham got older he realized it was time to start showing some masculine elegance so he grew his hair to medium length, got an undercut and then styled his hair with the modern slicked back hair method. David Beckham's slicked back undercut has remain his preferred style for a couple of years now and especially now that he retired from football and his income comes from posing for fashion brands. Good move.

[Image: LXfMpiP.jpg]

[Image: Eldv3Sk.jpg]

[Image: SDoyQuX.jpg]

Hair products for all the hair styles of Beckham
You will only need a product foundation to get any of the top 10 styles in this list. The products recommended below for the hairstyles in this list will be very useful for any other men's hairstyles you have in mind & that you can think of as we have them all in this forum Big Grin

- Get this hair gel: works great for the Ivy League with the messy look.

- Get this excellent styling cream: great for the curtains style, for the medium length hair with headband & also for the shoulder length long hair style.

- Get this great hair clipper: one of the best hair clippers you can get and an excellent investment. It is a cordless hair clipper with a super long life battery & comes with the full clipping set and kit so that you dont have to buy anything else. This hair clipper will be a life saver for any buzz cuts or undercuts you want to do & you'll get them done in minutes!

- Get this hair wax: great styling wax for the shaggy cut & for the faux hawk with metro mullet.

- Get this pomade: excellent choice for the slicked back hair. Undercut + slicked back hair + good pomade equals #swag.

- Get this hair straightener: even if you have straight hair - like David Beckham - you will need this hair straightener for getting all the layers of the shaggy cut. This hair straightener does its job really well and faster than most hair straighteners. You can also use it for any other styles you have in mind & also ofc if you have curly hair!

- Get this set of 3 headbands: masculine and sporty, these 3 head bands will go very well with any male look and will pull your head back without breaking the hair or damaging it.
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02-13-2014, 06:25 PM
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RE: Top 10 David Beckham hairstyles
What an excellent article post, big J! You always get the right pics for these male celebrities, I'm beginning to wonder if you spend too much time reading Hello! and all those Euro magazines Big GrinBig Grin

Definitively those are some of the best hairstyles of David Beckham. And by best I am talking about the same way as you refer to "top" LOL Surely this dude has been through just about all hairstyling looks a male could go through. The only one look I could really think of that he is yet to try is a curly perm although let's give him some time as it's only a matter until his wife forces him to try that style in the name of hipness (and that will surely be the number 11 top style in this list!).

Nonetheless, great research work, J!

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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02-26-2014, 02:46 PM
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RE: Top 10 David Beckham hairstyles
I would agree that the best hairstyle of David Beckham is the slicked back undercut. I think it is also because he is much older in the pictures for this style from the other pictures and yet the slick back takes years of his face like any good mens haircut will do.
It look like he has been working hard to keep his youth full image on check and he is doing fairly well imo. David Beckham is 38 years old. He is not getting any younger Big Grin but the look he has chosen does him well imo
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