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Toby Alderweireld hair, hairstyles and haircuts - Guide with Pictures 5 1
Toby Alderweireld hair, hairstyles and haircuts - Guide with Pictures
05-22-2014, 01:03 PM
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Toby Alderweireld hair, hairstyles and haircuts - Guide with Pictures
This is our guide on Toby Alderweireld's hair, hairstyles and haircuts, from past to 2014. Toby Alderweireld has dark blond straight hair which he keeps short to a medium length. Toby Alderweireld's hairstyles revolve around medium length on the top & short hair on the back & sides.

Pictures of Toby Alderweireld hair & hairstyles
Toby is a Belgian football player who plays for Atletico de Madrid in the Spanish football league. He is known for his wide range of cool hairstyles that are both modern & trendy for young men. Let's now go through all his hair styles!

Slicked back undercut
One of the favourite hairstyles of Toby Alderweireld is the slicked back undercut which is an undercut with hair at medium length slicked back with pomade. It is a great look & together with the side swept with undercut is one of the main 2014 mens hairstyles Smile
The slick back undercut looks great on Toby as you can see below!

[Image: toby-413453.jpg]

[Image: Alderweireld+ANP.JPG]

[Image: 457696793-1-455485.jpg]

[Image: 2Alderweireld.jpg]

[Image: b08b869a-301f-11e3-afa4-d68af9ff06d2_web...g.h380.jpg]

[Image: Toby-Alderweireld-of-Ajax.jpg]

[Image: alderweireld-atm.jpg]

[Image: h2lxpwFhNhd58SKI0boxySjKiGMIixVFepGUxQjD...z2gyl=w300]

[Image: 71025.jpg]

[Image: 4d61fb5b2f665e6e6350ea481ea4f0dd.jpg]

To do the slicked back undercut of Toby Alderweireld, you only need a good hair clipper & a good pomade. Use the hair clipper to clip your hair with a number 1 clipper length & cliper all the hair on the back & sides of your hair - below the temples, all under a horizontal line running from the temples. Then use the pomade & a comb to slick the hair back.

Clipping the hair by yourself is super easy as you only need one clipper length & you can do it in front of your bathroom mirror. We highly recommend a cordless hair clipper & the best one you can get is this Andis hair clipper as it is the most powerful clipper you can find for cordless clippers. It is also heavy duty so it will last you a very long time - longer than any other cordless clipper - and it also comes with all clipper lengths & everything you need for a great haircut!
For the pomade to slick your hair back like Toby, then get this hair pomade which mimics the wet effect of Alderweireld's hair. This pomade also has a strong hold so it is perfect for slicked back hairstyles!

For those of you in the UK or in Europe, you can also get the hair pomade in this page (UK distributor).

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05-22-2014, 01:03 PM
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RE: Toby Alderweireld hair, hairstyles and haircuts - Guide with Pictures
The regular undercut can be styled in different ways from messy styles to a faux hawk. Toby Alderweireld's haircut has been the undercut mainly so he wears it frequently, independent of what is styled on the top Big Grin he actually styles his mane similar to the hairstyles of Gareth Bale with the undercut & side part or brush up hairstyle on the top!

[Image: 6983084252_f33e27d9cc_z.jpg]

[Image: bWtNT48.jpg]

[Image: 0025.jpg]

[Image: UIOOT0Q.jpg]

[Image: toby-1810143.jpg]

[Image: 22af90ce-cddb-11e2-8436-c1c2ce0b17d5_web...PG.568.JPG]

[Image: 0025.jpg]

[Image: ahepV8M.jpg]

[Image: 54.jpg]

Slicked back hair
You don't need an undercut to also slick back your hair. In the picture below, Toby chose a taper haircut for his slicked back hair for a classic clean look which has some modern touches due to the short taper cut.
For this slick back style, use the same pomade recommended for the slicked back undercut above.

[Image: 50391.jpg]

Faux hawk
The faux hawk is another cool hairstyle for men & a favourite hairstyle of Toby Alderweireld.
For the faux hawk, use this hair wax that is excellent for shaping the hair & especially the hawk crest. This wax allows you to re-style your hair on the move & without having to add more wax - it is known as moving rubber wax which is why it goes great for shaping the crest as you can always retouch the crest all thru the day Smile

If you are in the UK or Europe, you can also get the moving rubber wax above from this distributor.

[Image: TobyAlderweireld.jpg]

[Image: Toby-Alderweireld-Ajax1nl_458x500.jpg]

[Image: 55.JPG]

[Image: 62186.jpg]

[Image: 317254d1362814050-wonderkid-360s-bundesl...eireld.jpg]

Ivy League haircut
The Ivy League haircut is a modern short haircut for men that allows for side parting or a quiff. It is done in a taper & is a clean haircut that still allows for some styling. This is Toby Alderweireld's Ivy League haircut:

[Image: 090213-SOCCER-toby-alderweireld-LN-PI_20...60_320.JPG]

For the Ivy League above, do also use the moving rubber wax I recommended earlier for the faux hawk style.

Shaggy combover
The shaggy combover has also been a cool hairstyle for Toby Alderweireld hair. It keeps the sweeping of the hair but also has the shaggy element for a modern touch Smile I recommend that you use the same moving rubber wax I recommend above for the faux hawk style.

[Image: Toby_Alderweireld.jpg]

[Image: Toby-Alderweireld2.jpg]

Messy hair
When his hair has been short, Toby Alderweireld has also chosen to wear messy styles that have the 'out of bed' look as these styles are always trendy - so long as it looks 'clean' messy & not 'ugly' messy! Big Grin

Use the moving rubber wax I recommend for the faux hawk or use this other wax for a more natural messy style with a matte effect - that means 'without shine'. If you are in the UK or in Europe, you can also get this matter wax from this UK distributor.

[Image: Toby+Alderweireld.jpg]

[Image: alderweireld.png]

Side swept with 2 step undercut
Last but not least, Toby Alderweireld's hair has also been styles with a side swept but instead of an undercut, he got a 2 step undercut which has the hair with 2 layers of undercuts. The side swept is done with the pomade recommended earlier for the slicked back undercut.

[Image: cBOpY4D.jpg]

As a last recommendation, in this forum we highly recommend that you have a copy of The Men's Hair Book - click the link to read more about it. This book will teach you everything about your hair & help you achieve your best hair ever & for the rest of your life! As you can see with our friend Toby above, the right haircut & style can really improve your facial aesthetics, but getting the right style also requires knowing your hair, knowing how to keep it well groomed & knowing how to look after it with convenience. For all of that, The Men's Hair Book is the best resource you can ever read.

If you have ay questions about any of the hairstyles or want to post more pictures of Toby Alderweireld, then post them below Smile
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05-22-2014, 02:01 PM
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RE: Toby Alderweireld hair, hairstyles and haircuts - Guide with Pictures
This guy has some cool hairstlyes , As most of them are undercuts though they wont suit my face shape Sad.

How would you style the shaggy combover / Messy hairstyles?
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