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Tips for Natural Hair Men on Styling, Hair Care and Haircuts
07-01-2015, 09:27 AM (This post was last modified: 07-01-2015 09:29 AM by Sunset.)
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Tips for Natural Hair Men on Styling, Hair Care and Haircuts
Natural hair isn't just for women and, for natural hair men, it's important to learn about hair care. Here are some tips on styling and trimming your natural mane.

Trimming your hair tips:
Trimming your hair ends (aka hair tips) is not the same as having a blunt hair cut. A trim is just a very short clipping of the ends of your hair. If you are growing out your natural afro Hair, have a skilled professional clip your ends as well as give you a proper haircut.

Trimming your ends is not too complicated to do. However, you should get your hair professionally trimmed if you require a full trimming of your hair. If you're going to trim some of your hair, then make sure that you use special scissors known as shears which are very cheap and which you can buy from Amazon easily. Do not use kitchen scissors!

Clipping your hair with braid extensions:
Don't clip your ends if you will be using braid extensions to grow your hair. Your hair will show from the extensions if you do that. Only clip your hair once you have reached your hair goal. Again, find a good hairstylist who has experience with braid hairstyles and natural hair.

Managing split ends:
The problem of split ends occurs when the cuticle is damaged and the fibers of the cortex are unraveled. This is more of an issue for women but if you're a guy, you can get split ends from certain chemicals (e.g. relaxers), neglecting your hair, processed foods (although this is from anecdotal discussions), certain medications, and harsh hairstyling treatments, so you'll have to clip your ends.

Your natural hair can be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks if you suspect that you have split ends (they're visible at first sight) or if you are not taking good care of your natural mane.

Locking in moisture:
After you squeeze dry your hair with a towel, add your favorite hair oil to your hair while damp. This locks in moisture to your hair and ends.

Strengthening your natural mane:
Always use a good hair conditioner after you shampoo as well as a heat taming product if using heat. You can also use a hair mask if you have damaged your hair. Be aware though that once your hair is damaged, the only permanent solution is to trim the damaged part of the hair.

Use a deep conditioner at least once a month. A deep conditioner is used for about 15 minutes on your hair instead of the 2 to 3 minutes required for a regular hair conditioner for men.

Advanced tip for treating split ends:
Dab or spray ice water on the ends of your hair and then immediately use a hot-curler on the ends. This will seal the cuticle and make your ends moist. This will cut down on split ends if you are using heating tools daily or too often. Heating tools for men include hair dryers and hair straighteners which are the most popular heat styling products for men.

Use heat taming products any time your natural hair will be heated:
Remember to use a heat taming product as often as you use heat on your hair. Apply the heat taming product before using your heat styling tool (e.g. a hair straightener).

Heat taming products can be used on all kinds of heat styling products but you should pay special attention ti using it with curling irons, hair irons (including hair straighteners or flat irons) and hot rollers.

The only hat styling product for men that you can use without a heat taming product is a hair dryer. However, if you aren't going to use a heat protecting product, then it's imperative that you use a clip-in diffuser on the hair dryer. A diffuser simply spreads the blown air over a larger area and thus minimizing the damaging effect of the hot air being blown by the dryer.

Heat protectors (another name for a heat tamer or heat protecting product) normally use heat-absorbing polymers that distribute the heat so your hair isn't damaged from the high temperature of the styling tool. Mist or spray the heat protector on clean towel-dried hair prior to the use of any heat styling tools.

To further protect your natural mane from the elements, you can use a UV protecting product on very hot days with a clear sky if you're in an out doors environment for long periods of time. Some hair products for natural hair will provide UV protection but, if you don't have such products, you can simply coat your hair with some sunscreen (now that's a natural hair tip that you won't read anywhere else but on the Natural Hair section of the Men's Hair Forum!).

If you have any questions or advice you can post it below! Smile
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07-01-2015, 10:13 AM
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RE: Tips for Natural Hair Men on Styling, Hair Care and Haircuts
Dude I really needed some tips like this because I use my hair dryer too much! Thanks for posting this.

My question would then be, can we use these tips for normal hair for men instead of just for natural hair? I have read the definition of natural hair in the forum and how it usually related to kinky curly hair. But as a dude like myself with wavy hair using hair wax and pomade and using those heat styling tools (I didn't they were called that way LOL), can I still benefit from these hair care tips?

I have been using some hair care tips from the forum already as I only recently learned of this forum. And it is true what you guys say of hair care being more important than hair styling. I'm still a noob but I'm eager to learn more about hair care to be able to be happy with my hair as I'm constantly changing styles and straightening to try and find the right spot. I'm possibly going to grow my hair long so hair care will become even more important so I would rather learn about it now.
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