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The rising trend of manscaping and body hair grooming 0 0
The rising trend of manscaping and body hair grooming
08-18-2014, 06:28 AM
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The rising trend of manscaping and body hair grooming
Here is an interesting opinion on manscaping. It's a rising trend for mens fashion and male grooming, so the piece below looks at the trend of mascaping and body hair grooming.

How many men really trim their pubic hairs and why? Is this really part of the man-grooming process? According to P. Boradkar, an assistant professor at Arizona State University, manscaping or the act of trimming natural pubic hair is actually part of an aesthetic modification for appearance, sexuality and promotion in society. However, Boradkar (2000), McCreary, Hildebrandt and Boroughs (2007) consider manscaping a form of metrosexual behavior among heterosexuals. According to them, manscaping is most commonly the concern of those metrosexual men wherein, subconsciously, they desire to pattern themselves from the natural skin of women.

Nonetheless, recent polls according to C. Brooker (2008) dictate that 60% of men in the 21st century shave regardless of gender orientation or sexual preferences. Men may seem to be evolving towards their aesthetic way of living; however, psychologists (Trotter, 2005) assert that men's current preference for manscaping is not a considerable sign of behavioral evolution. In fact, according to Toerien and Wilkinson (2003), hair removal is not an intrinsic part of masculine behavior and that such aesthetic practice should only be limited strongly among women.

Hairlessness, in psychology of human behavior, connotes a normative representation of feminism. In such case, is there a possibility that the 60% poll of men shaving their pubic hair could be a made-up story, or an important indication of the rising number of metrosexuals?

Originally, Brazilian waxes and bikini shaves are only devoted services for women. However, as the liberalistic 21st century men enter the scenery of shaving, both sexes have become open to the fact that men need to shave their privates some time. According to the last year article of DearSugar, removing hair in the pubic area can provide a lot of advantages than by keeping them furry-furry in men's crotches. Some of the benefits cited are (1) ease and clearer view during oral sex, and (2) for protection purposes since one of the most transmitted STDs (public lice) happen to live within furry areas of the crotch.
Given the idea that manscaping is not entirely exclusive among metrosexuals, the next question is do men experience decrease in their manlihood if they give their pubic areas some shave?

On the other hand, according to the article of Brooker, women had voted for men with shaved privates than those over-grown hairy men. The issue behind is not entirely the gender disorientation; rather, the aesthetic value of having a man with "cleaner and clearer" personality. Meanwhile, according to the Tangomagazine, some Hollywood men are beginning to, spill their practices of manscaping. In the magazine, women interviewed women about manscaping have indicated verbal preference for cleaner and less hairy sex.
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08-20-2014, 06:24 AM
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RE: The rising trend of manscaping and body hair grooming
As a barber I have noticed that guys are more open to talk about manscaping. Not all but there is some chatter. It still remains more of a comical thing like 'i'm such a hairy nutter I have to use a freaking trimmer to be able to see my skin' but it is becoming more acceptable.

Disclaimer: I work in a men only barbershop.
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