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The least greasiest/non-greasy hairstyling products?
04-18-2015, 12:01 AM (This post was last modified: 04-18-2015 12:02 AM by Cleromancy.)
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The least greasiest/non-greasy hairstyling products?
I've never used any hairstyling product whatsoever so please be considerate.

Is there a hairstyling product that can maintain a short hairstyle, then dry, and remain non-greasy? do any pomades, hairsprays, waxes, gels do this?

I ask this because I want to maintain a certain hairstyle but I also want the product to dry because whenever I become intimate with my hookup partner she seems to enjoy running her fingers through my hair and brushing it as well.

It's not important if I have to re-apply but I'm concerned about her hands becoming greasy because she's somewhat of a clean freak and a germaphobe.

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04-18-2015, 05:56 AM (This post was last modified: 04-18-2015 05:58 AM by GoodHair.)
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RE: The least greasiest/non-greasy hairstyling products?
Yes, in fact there are many hair products which are made to be non-greasy yet still provide plenty of hold. First off, I would definitely stay away from pomades, gels, and hairspray. Most of them make your hair either really shiny, stiff, or very greasy.

What I would recommend is either a hair cream or a hair wax, depending on how much hold you want. Hair waxes generally give you the least shine, but give a tremendous amount of hold. When you run your fingers through your hair when it's coated with wax, you can tell something's in your hair but it shouldn't too stiff or greasy. Hair creams are very light and provide a low-medium hold, and have a matte-medium shine. Best thing about hair hair creams is that they are as natural as you can get in terms of looks.

Another thing to keep in mind is your hair length and hair type. If you have longer hair and/or very curly hair I would recommend you go with the hair cream. If you don't, and/or want a hair which has a lot of volume and requires a lot of hold, go with the hair wax.

If you want specific product recommendations, check out this thread here which has a list of products which are tried and recommended by many users here.
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04-19-2015, 08:31 AM
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RE: The least greasiest/non-greasy hairstyling products?
Yep I agree with the poster above so check out that thread-page that he has linked (click here for that thread too). Get the Tigi wax in the 'best hair wax' section of that thread that he has linked to. It's between the 'best hair gel' section and the 'best pomade' section in the linked page.

In that linked thread-page under the 'best hair wax' section there is one link for a hair wax called Tigi and another link for a type of Gatsby wax. Click on the Tigi wax link and buy that one. It's the closest you will get for a great non greasy mens hair product. That styling wax allows you to style and shape your hair with no shine and no slick which is what you would think of as greasy.

Hair styling waxes are the best hair products if you want a natural look instead of a greased up look. The worst hair products are pomades. These days we're lucky to have water soluble pomades which are way less greasier than the older pomades which used petrolatum as their base as well as mineral oil. The result was yucky hair!

Also take a look at this Gatsby waxes post by one of the mods. He lists 4 waxes from the Gatsby brand which give your hair flexibility and a good hold so they will also go great for your hair styling without the greasy look. I would suggest that you buy the number 2 wax that is listed as 'for maximum hold'. Just click on the link for the number 2 styling wax in the list to see the product.

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04-25-2015, 01:46 PM
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RE: The least greasiest/non-greasy hairstyling products?
I think you got the best answers that you could have wished for. They're on target 100% and I agree completely with them.

I mean these days you will avoid greasy hair products by not buying the cheapest ones. For example if you wanted to buy a hairdressing creme, you would do best by avoiding Dax and instead get something by Bumble and Bumble. Or if you want to get a pomade, get something by Suavecito or Layrite or not that cheap greasy stuff known as Murrays pomade. Sure Murrays and Dax hair products are peanut money but they are not just greasy but also hard to wash off your hair. They're best avoided and you only need to bump your budget by a couple extra dollars to find much better products.

Word of caution with pomades and hairdressing cremes. These are the hair products your grandfather used. They have petrolatum, mineral oil and a lot of other stuff that gave hair a lot of slick and sheen. The guys in the fifties loved all that slick and sheen but nowadays it's seen as gross. You can still get a nice and clean slick and sheen with modern pomades and hair dressing products but you're going to again have to pay a little bit more.

If you're talking of hair wax, hair gel, hair spray or styling clay products, then only the cheap ones will leave your hair all sticky and greasy. A good hair wax like the ones that the guys have recommended above will leave your hair smooth and with a natural feel. I know Jurgen said that the wax from TIGI was a bit sticky for him when styling his hair but it was not sticky at all for me. Instead the TIGI wax just gave me a great natural look and feel to my hair which Jurgen also mentions he got in his review.
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