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Style ideas for Cameron Dallas haircut? 0 0
Style ideas for Cameron Dallas haircut?
05-02-2014, 02:27 PM
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Style ideas for Cameron Dallas haircut?
One of my young nephews was asking me the other day about Cameron Dallas haircut. How to style the hair, what haircuts to get etc but I hav no idea what to tell him. I just read another thread of another forum member asking how to do one of Cameron Dallas hairstyles.

Since joining the forum and actually knowing that the hell i am doing to my hair, lots of people compliment my new hair styles etc if a friend asks me about how to do a hairstyle, I usually troll him and tell him to google the *** out of what it is he is asking me. But my nephew is a 16 year old kid and i am not gonna troll him. So while I told him to browse this forum i thought why not ask it directly in a thread.
Here are some pictures of Cameron Dallas hair. It would be great If any of you can give some style ideas on how to style the side part hairstyle of Cameron Dallas. Or any similar hairstyle.

Thanks! btw my nephew has curly hair you think he can do these hair styles or would need to straighten his hair?
PS.... srs thread guys I aint trolling this time and no this is not for me Big Grin Big Grin This guy is a narcissist douche and I don't even know what he is famous for. All i know is the girls at th high school my nephew goes are essentially asking every guy to have one of these pictures below inspired by this douche if they want to get some with the girls. Insert *I don't want to live in this world anymore* meme but hey we don't get to call the shots in this vanity driven world.

Oh yeah, the pictures lol

Picture for the quiff

This is the new haircut of Cameron Dallas. This is what my nephew was mostly interested in but then said the other Justin Bieber styles which I have no clue about. See other pictures below too pls.

[Image: photo.jpg]

Picture for what looks like a fringe?

[Image: m_6204155_13KuiPvZ4pd1.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: gYqsqFd.jpg]

Picture for a side part business style

[Image: tumblr_n1e1fyjwhJ1t9ojy8o1_500-9194.jpg?...;amp;h=521]

Picture of quiff or brush up style?

[Image: tumblr_n084pbMl7M1rnwqy7o1_500.jpg]
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05-03-2014, 12:07 PM
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RE: Style ideas for Cameron Dallas haircut?
James like I mentioned to you in the other thread, if your nephew has coiled curly hair - see hair type guide - then I'm afraid he will need a hair straightener for any of the hairstyles of Cameron Dallas. I understand his situation in high school & it sure is a drama for a teen seeing his friends al with the side fringes or shaggy cuts that he can't do with his coiled curly hair.
If anything, try to get your nephew The Curly Hair Book, that book is a life-saver for men with curly hair. Lots of structured advice about grooming & styling curly hair while also lots of inspiration & motivation to wear epic curls. Tell your nephew to pass by Rogelio's Manly Curls website cause I am sure that website will make a good impact on him Smile

Ok so back to the hairstyles. Let me go thru each other. I go thru each hairstyle by numbering them & using the title you have to each one - which had the pictures too.

1) Picture for the quiff

The first one of Cameron Dallas haircut. That is just a messy hairstyle with quiff & with a shaggy cut. Very easy to do, he will need 2 inches on the top of the head & 1 inch sides and back. If your nephew doesn't have the haircut already, then go to a hair salon & ask a hairstylist for a shaggy cut with the hair length I have given you. If you can take that picture of Cameron Dallas new haircut, then even better.

Hair products needed: just some rubber wax, this one from Gatsby will work great for that messy style with a matte look. The wax can be re-shaped all thru the day so he can keep tousling his hair whenever he wants in the day to alter his messiness.
By the way he will also need a hair straightener. He will need a hair straightener for all the posted hairstyles of Cameron Dallas, so simply get him this BabyLiss hair straightener which has a very good price & is one of the best straighteners for men + high quality.

2) Picture for what looks like a fringe?

Yea that is a side fringe. It's a messy side fringe tho so to do it, 1st straighten the hair & then coat the hair in a styling cream - see next below for styling cream recommendation. When the hair is coated in styling cream, then 1st set the direction of the hair with a comb & then continue 'combing' the hair with the fingers only as you point a hair dryer to the hair you are 'coming' with the fingers.
Shake the hair as you comb with the fingers & have the hair dryer blowing air to the hair. Do this until satisfied with the messy side fringe.

Hair products needed: a good hair dryer! now is a good time to invest in a good hair dryer that lasts him years so get him this hair dryer which is an excellent hair dryer for men.
For styling cream, get him this moisturizing cream which will set a really cool side fringe & also help keep the straightened hair moisturized.

3) Picture for a side part business style

Correct, that is a side part as a businessmen hairstyle. It's basically a taper haircut & the hair is side parted.
Have a look at our businessman hairstyle guide, but basically you need to get the pater cut from the barber. The at home your comb your hair to the side starting from the left temple. Use pomade for the side part. Oh & straighten the hair before coming it with the side part.

Hair products needed: a good pomade with some shine like this high quality pomade. Also get him a real men's comb like this one which is a sturdy men's comb made to last an eternity.

4) Picture of quiff or brush up style?

That's more like a volume side part + brush up hairstyle. Have a look at our brush up hairstyle guide for how to style hair up & with volume because that is the main emphasis here. Then you can angle the hair as if it were a side part.
You will need a hair brush for this & a matte hair wax like the one for the messy hairstyle with quiff in the 1st posted hairstyle of Cameron Dallas. Coat the hair with the wax & then lift your hair up with fingers as you blow dry the hair - keep the hair dryer pointed to the hair section you are lifting up.
The haircut on the sides is a simple taper cut which any barber can do, while the hair on the top is 3 inches long. Straighten hair before starting to style.

Hair products needed: the hair wax from the 1st hairstyle & the hair dryer from the 2nd hairstyle.
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05-04-2014, 09:22 AM
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RE: Style ideas for Cameron Dallas haircut?
Pretty much what Jurgen posted above.

I have to also agree that, if he has curly hair, he may want to look into styling his curls instead of beating them down with a hair straightener. Buy him instead The Curly Hair Book as a gift, he will really appreciate it, trust me from experience Wink.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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