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Sleeping after hair transplant? 0 0
Sleeping after hair transplant?
12-07-2014, 01:24 PM
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Question Sleeping after hair transplant?
Hello gentlemen, how would one go about sleeping after a hair transplant? as part of my hair restoration I have looked at different transplanting results and options but i see little talk about sleeping with a hair transplant. It looks like the emphasis is about enhancing the growth but I really have not seen much about some thing that you do for about one third of your day or more like one fifth of our day, for those of us not so lucky with sleeping time lol

I do not move much when I sleep but for those who do this problem could really affect their transplant or at least that's my gut feeling.
Any answers to my question above guys? Smile
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12-07-2014, 02:20 PM
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RE: Sleeping after hair transplant?
Well the good news really is that male baldness may have been a common thing in the past but not anymore. I think the topic of hair restoration/transplants is an exciting one as these days, men have been blessed with the gift of high-tech surgical transplant, and hair transplants are among the physical enhancements that are most sought after so it's great to see technology and cosmetic surgery advance together. Likewise men who have gotten hair transplant procedures tend to be more satisfied and happier than the ones living with patterned or uniform baldness.

So to answer your question, prior to the transplant, doctors advise their patients to sleep sideways or facing downward but not on their backs. Sleeping on your back can put pressure on the backside of your skull, which can result in swelling after the transplant. It may break your sleep cycle but not sleeping on your back can benefit you in the long run.
  • A change in the sleeping position should commence from the first day of transplant and should be continued for a further time period of 3 to 4 nights.
  • The pattern change will allow your scalp to settle in the recently transplanted hair.
  • Hair transplantation leads to swelling along with pain and the scalp becomes even more sensitive.
  • Changing positions during sleep is a common thing and the sleeper is usually unaware of the moving and turning of his body. It is better to place a pillow between your head and the bed panel to create a barrier. This barrier will help your scalp stay safe when you're asleep and prone to bumping in with the bed's panel.
Post-transplant, you may wonder why the doctor didn't place a protective bandage over your head so that you can avoid getting hurt while asleep. But the truth is that bandaging the head after a transplant will only lead to the retention of lymphatic and deoxygenated blood, hindering the healing process.

A spray by the name of Grafcyte is applied through the transplanted region to accelerate the healing process instead of heaps of bandages. This also prevents your follicles from fusing with the dressing.

As fluid retention leads to the swelling of your scalp, you must be careful by placing the appropriate number of pillows placed around the neck and head with an agreeable consistency of fluff. Although swelling is inevitable, taking precautionary measures can help you reduce the extent of swelling.

There's no need to freak out and stop sleeping all together. Just make sure that you've secured yourself with pillows enough to stop you from tossing and turning in excess. Also make sure that the affected area is rested carefully and comfortably.

You can also turn to medication to reduce the swelling to an extent. Always remain in contact with your concerned doctor and inform him of any irregular or painful growths. You can also ask for pain-alleviating medicine if you're not sure about over-the-counter medicine consumption.
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12-08-2014, 10:08 AM
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RE: Sleeping after hair transplant?
way to go with that answer! thanks for the details. FTR I am not planning yet on a hair transplant but simply scouting the options. Minoxidil with a couple thickening hair products and a better diet is working very well and so much more than I would have expected from it.

Considering how bad my hair was when i joined the forum and how much it has improved following the advice from the forum and the mens hair book I feel like I have added some more years to my hair before going on to jump on having a hair transplant.
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