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Skrillex Haircut: How to do it 5 1
Skrillex Haircut: How to do it
06-12-2013, 04:31 PM
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Skrillex Haircut: How to do it
The other day at my barbershop a kid asked me for a Skrillex haircut, I had to look up who Skrillex was as sometimes we have customers asking for haircuts from trendy celebrities and what not. Turns up Skrillex is an androgynous dude who looks like a lesbian butch and who wears a bastardized short haircut as a side undercut aka asymmetric haircut.
Anyway, after having a quick look online on my laptop at my shop, I summarized the Skrillex haircut as follows:
  1. Grow hair to ten inches in length
  2. Grab a hair clipper and buzz one side of your head to a number 1 (clipper length)
  3. Buy yourself an ugly set of black rimmed glasses and walk like you haven't seen the daylight for weeks.

You don't need to grow your hair to ten inches to get a Skrillex haircut although the long hair length helps with making sure you look like a punk (which is what I think is the goal of the haircut)
About this kid, because I value my clients, I convinced him to get a decent tapered haircut we gave him and he thanked us a couple of days later for not letting him get a Skrillex haircut.
Silly hair trends, I tell ya.

[Image: Skrillex-Image-2012-HiRes.jpg]

[Image: Skrillex210313.jpg]

Oldschool barber getting it on with the internet era.
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06-12-2013, 05:18 PM
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RE: Skrillex Haircut: How to do it
LMAO at the butch comment! I must say the first time I saw him I thought "him" was a "her".

The Skrillex Haircut is fairly silly and women are imitating the style too, I think it was that daughter of Will Smith, Willow, who also imitated the Skrillex haircut. Awful, just awful.

Anyway, for those of you considering the Skrillex haircut (i.e. hipster haircut) as the way forward in 2013 and 2014, do yourself a favor and buy a good hair clipper as you can do this haircut very easy at home and in minutes, so no need to be spending money with visit after visit to the hair salon. For the best cordless hair clipper, get this one from Andis (comes with everything included for the most hipster or modern of male haircuts).

[Image: willow-smith.jpg]

[Image: willow-smith-lace-up-pants-07.jpg]

On a side note, the girl (Willow Smith) has the same facial features of his dad Will.

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06-15-2013, 02:21 PM
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RE: Skrillex Haircut: How to do it
Oh yes you did Barber, you had me at the lesbian butch comment xDDD seriously, do u get lots of kids asking for a Skrillex haircut?
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06-16-2013, 06:13 PM
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RE: Skrillex Haircut: How to do it
whats the point of buzzing one side of your head, would not that take a huge long time to grow back?
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