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Single blade safety razor or multi blade safety razor? 0 0
Single blade safety razor or multi blade safety razor?
10-01-2014, 03:47 PM
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Single blade safety razor or multi blade safety razor?
Curious to know how many blades does your safety razor have? single blade safety razor? or multi blade safety razor? believe it or not I have heard before from my barber how single blade razor is better than multi blades razors. Something about how more than one blade just damages the skin and how a good single blade is enough. This goes against what the commercials say about those Gillette safety razors, Schick and wilkinson razors.

Is there some merit to a single blade safety razor?
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10-01-2014, 04:54 PM
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RE: Single blade safety razor or multi blade safety razor?
As someone with sensitive facial skin, I can tell you that the multi-blade razors tend to cause bad irritation and redness. Not all but most of the multi-blade razors wreak havoc on my face. If you get a good single blade razor, you can get an awesome shave that is just as close as a multi-blade but without the irritation. Double win.

Here are some reasons favoring single-blade razors to multi blade razors.

It's a smoother shave

You'll use a safety razor to make many passes at your facial hair, working it down naturally and comfortably. Multi-blade razors are more prone to sort of "tearing out" facial hair rather than cutting it, causing razor burn and other skin irritation, and disposable single blade razors don't have the weight of a quality safety razor (which is a tremendous help in getting a good shave) nor are they usually as sharp. By far the best reason to switch to a safety razor is the comfort you'll have both during and after your shave.

The blades are inexpensive

It's a common myth that shaving with a safety razor is necessarily expensive, but after you buy the razor itself (usually around $50 new and less used) and a brush, it's a very inexpensive way to shave. You can get about five blades for three bucks, and the cost goes down as you order more and more razor blades for your safety razor. Blades for a Mach 3 razor can cost more than that, and as we've already discussed, those multi-bladed razors don't really work exceptionally well.

Shaving is more enjoyable

There's a certain method to shaving with a safety razor that has attracted shavers for years, even after the introduction of the disposable razor. Using a brush, learning not to press down, and following the contours of your facial hair leads to an almost Zen like experience, and even the sound that safety razors make as they slice through hair is satisfying. You might think I'm exaggerating, but there are entire forums dedicated to the use of safety and straight razors. Shaving actually becomes pleasurable.

It's classier

Hey, people treat you differently when they see a nice razor and brush on your sink - the ornamental quality of good shaving implements isn't a small thing. A silver safety razor looks nice, classy and impressive.
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