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Side part undercut vs side swept undercut, difference?
07-07-2015, 07:02 AM
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Side part undercut vs side swept undercut, difference?
I'm not quite sure about this but I'd like to ask it here for the experts, what's the difference between a side swept undercut and a side part undercut hairstyle?

I read a thread detailing the side swept undercut. So it seems like the side swept is also a side part? since the hair is combed to the side and even without undercuts and instead with any other type of haircut. The undercut for the side part would be as normal for a disconnected haircut. I'm just wondering what would be the difference on the top of the head for the side swept vs side part hairstyles. Can any of the forum barbers mention the difference please? Thank you!
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07-07-2015, 12:55 PM
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RE: Side part undercut vs side swept undercut, difference?
The difference between a side part undercut hairstyle and a side swept undercut hairstyle is easy. I'll do my best as a barber to describe below each hairstyle.

Side swept undercut:

A side swept is what we call a flat hairstyle. The hair is combed low and flat on the scalp, with the tallness or height of the hair on the top of the head being less than an inch in height. In a side swept, the hair is slicked to the side with either a pomade or a high shine hair wax. The act of slicking your hair to the side with a pomade or with a hair wax is what the 'sweeping' of the hair is all about.

This forum has a great side swept hairstyle guide that is essential reading if you're interested in slicked hairstyles for men. Another hairstyle that follows the same principle of low and flat is the classic slicked back hairstyle. As expected from this forum, there is also a slicked back hair style guide that has all the advice and tips that you need to slicked back your hair like a pro.

With a side swept the hair follows the same direction. The hair is combed and slicked even, except at times for the forelock which may be angled in a flat quiff. Think of the side swept as the hairstyles of guys in the thirties when all they had were those awful boar fat pomades and mineral pomades that stained and greased everything they touched. The hair would lay flat and had a slick and high sheen texture to it.

This picture below is of a side wept undercut hairstyle.

[Image: 7ff33bf847a0d895bab7e0410f211c35.jpg]

If you want to see more pictures then check out this side swept undercut discussion.

Side part undercut:

A side part is hair that has been parted at the side, it's usually the left temple but the hair can be parted at the right temple too. In a side part, the hair is given more room to grow up so in a side part hairstyle the hair will not lay as low as in a side swept hairstyle. Instead you can get quite a lot of volume and just as much volume as you want in a side part hairstyle so long as the hair has been parted.

With a side part the hair can follow the same direction or it can be styled messy. To style a side part hairstyle with a messy look, you first part the hair and comb it to the side and then you use your fingers to tousle your hair. You can get your hair as messy as you want, there's no textbook definition for it so go crazy if you want! Big Grin

A great forum guide to read is this side part hairstyle guide which has lots of pictures of the different side part styles with short hair and medium length hair. You will also find different side parted styles with volume, from medium volume to big volume like in the brush up hairstyle and the likes.

Hair products typically used for a side part and especially for modern side part styles with lots of volume include hair waxes, styling mousse products and hairstyling creams. You can read more about these hair products for men on the recommended men's hair products thread that has sections for all of the men's hair products plus the sources from where to buy them at low costs.

If you're feeling for giving your hair tons of volume then you can also use a hair dryer as hair dryers are by far the best products to give men's hair a lot of volume. In the case of wanting to get a hair dryer then go thru the men's hair dryers thread to know about the best hair dryers for men.

This picture below is of a side part undercut hairstyle.

[Image: fb705cef5b28c1b89814150851347ed4.jpg]

The picture above of the side part undercut is of that rapper geezer known as Macklemore. Just yesterday someone else posted a guide to his undercut hairstyles so take a look at his guide for lots of pictures of his side part undercut.

So really both hairstyles differ in volume and hair products use. With an undercut tho the hairstyles tend to look similar as the side part undercut looks best with short hair and not with medium length hair. You can't get enough volume with short hair in a side part. But the best hair length for a side swept undercut is a medium length from three to five inches, which is about seven to twelve centimetres.

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