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Side Part Hairstyle with Beard - Pictures of Style Trend 0 0
Side Part Hairstyle with Beard - Pictures of Style Trend
04-15-2014, 03:03 PM
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Side Part Hairstyle with Beard - Pictures of Style Trend
The side part is a classic mens hairstyle that requires the hair to be combed to the side. To complement the side part, a beard can be worn to provide a classic male style that is, paradoxically, a trendy style. As you will probably know from our trendy beard styles discussion, hairy faces are in, so a classic combination of a side part with a beard is certainly a look that is going on strong in 2014.

Pictures of men with beards and side part hairstyles

The actual side part hairstyle can be done in a classic manner (i.e. side swept) or it can be done in a more shaggy tousled manner, with plenty of volume on the top of the head. What really matters, though, is that the hair is combed perpendicular (or at an angle) to the parted line created at either temple of the forehead.

Regular side part

For a regular side part with volume, use a good hair mousse like this volumizing mousse that will give you lots of volume that you can keep under control and have as much as you want.

[Image: 3c1385b2581d3b58de496c347d9833e4.jpg]

[Image: 256ce71510e08473edad04ac85ae939b.jpg]

[Image: d48696b1e4f349e59513e1289bb8f16a.jpg]

[Image: 61d47a8255ae92a24e5e0f3b28c002f1.jpg]

[Image: 04c714dae76df7f41b730ca42ff70328.jpg]

[Image: 3f70c77e97aace9060d9cd1c310b8eb6.jpg]

[Image: 003b82692e8a71f9b5c2606c4a240e44.jpg]

[Image: 0bfd6e5aae1a8dddff7303822edcf8c3.jpg]

[Image: bc5f33643cff9dbf12fa2502cbd6c934.jpg]

Side swept

The side swept is a somewhat flatter styling version of the side part which emphasizes the even direction of the hair by sweeping it (i.e. combing it) with pomade and thus giving the impression of the hair being slicked, similar to slicked back hair. A dude who wears the side swept with a beard is Ryan Gosling. For the side swept, you can to be using a good pomade like this one here which is perfect for the side swept.

[Image: Hmqfnth.jpg]

[Image: 6a1241d86ebd4b8bc42a648a95df58ca.jpg]

[Image: 975aa0eef5351f69cdda194a08a1da24.jpg]

[Image: d60e3222843dc18585fc6029be91f43e.jpg]

[Image: 9cf0d3854498fe85e0231ee849cd50e2.jpg]

Undercut with side swept

We have mentioned here at Men's Hair Forum that the Undercut with side swept was a serious men's hairstyle of 2013, and, at the time men, would combine the side swept plus Undercut with a beard or would simply go beardless. However, no one can deny that an Undercut with a side swept and a beard surely provides an eye-grabbing style!

The only difference with this whole style as opposed to the regular side swept hairstyle mentioned earlier is that you will need a high-quality, heavy-duty hair clipper to be able to give yourself the Undercut (check out our guide in the link, the Undercut is a very easy haircut to give yourself and all you need is a good hair clipper).

In this forum we highly recommend this cordless hair clipper which is not only an awesome hair clipper and very much worth its price but it is also made by a powerhouse manufacturer of hair clippers, so you have full warranty and peace of mind that you are paying for a clipper that will last you years! You may also want to look into our recommended hair clippers forum discussion to consider other clippers if the one recommended in the link is a bit to steep in price (but, again, it really is worth it!).

[Image: aa4275cacfef7a98a2e77b7102f5586a.jpg]

All in all, what do you think of the side part plus beard look? And what about the pictures of the styles so far? Do you have any favorite picture from the ones already posted or would like to post your very own one?

Discuss, gentlemen Smile

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