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Side Effects of Heat? 0 0
Side Effects of Heat?
04-05-2014, 07:51 PM
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Side Effects of Heat?
Other than burning the hair, what else can heat do if you don't use heat protecting spray? Can it lead to hair loss or permanent hair damage? I used a curling iron and I was left with some pain-type feeling near my crown for the next for hours.
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04-07-2014, 12:04 PM
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RE: Side Effects of Heat?
The side effect of heat (e.g. from a curling iron and hair straightener) is only structural, it will gradually alter the structure of the shaft (i.e. structure of the hair) and make it unresponsive to styling, which leads to "burnt" hair. That's why using a heat protecting product is important: you get to protect your hair from burning it and at the same time get to enjoy all the advantages of a curling iron or straightener. A good and cheap heat protecting product is this one from Tresemme.

About what you have mentioned of permanent hair loss, the answer is no. You will not lose your hair permanently, heck, you won't even lose it temporarily. You will only damage (if you actually get to damage it) the hair that you have been straightening/curling without the heat protectant, but that hair will be eventually be replaced by new hair that grows from the same follicles. There's nothing to worry about here, but do try to use a heat protectant/tamer like the Tresemme one every time you use the curling iron.

About the pain on the crow, you were very likely pulling too hard when curling, that's completely normal. You may also have had the curling iron way too close to the scalp, which you really don't want to do. It's very unlikely that you would have had the iron too close to the scalp because the second you do that you will feel your scalp warming up and you'd move away the iron anyway.

My bet is that you were pulling too hard. Another advantage of a heat protectant is that it lubricates the hair strands so that the curling iron/straightener slides through smoother across the locks of hair, which leads to less pulling.

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