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Showering & Sweat 0 0
Showering & Sweat
05-12-2016, 04:45 PM
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Showering & Sweat
I have searched the forum and as best as I can tell, I can't find this information. My question was about how one should care for their hair when they live a very active lifestyle (especially living somewhere hot like Florida).

For example, I shower in the morning and shampoo with a 1 on 3/4 off schedule. My hair has three distinct types, being straight on top of my head, progressing to wavy on the sides, and in the back along the nape it forms coils (which can be a lot to handle in and of itself). My hair is long. The showering, shampooing, conditioning, and styling in the morning is not a problem. However, I exercise most days of the week in the evenings (not a contact sport but I do get very sweaty).

My question is about what I should do for my hair after exercise. My hair gets sweaty and then dries and becomes much less smooth and tangles easier. Should I do the sebum coating method for a second time that day when I take a shower? Or do nothing. My hair looks and feels fine until I sweat, but then looks very lifeless for the rest of the day.

Thank you!
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