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Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel! 5 1
Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel!
10-13-2014, 10:21 AM
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Wink Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel!
Let me tell you a little about a neat body shaving trick. This shaving trick can be used by men and women. It's just another creative trick when you are low on money and need to go on a budget like when at university or as a student. This is actually a shaving trick I used while in college so I know very well how it helped saved a few pennies myself.

Uh ... ok, before I proceed I will say this forum is for men but I am a lady. So I am giving you my experience with this. But for hair and shaving anything that works for a woman, will for a guy! You can apply this trick for shaving any part of your body although I am not so sure on facial hair since I haven't tried it there for obvious reasons Big Grin

The shaving trick I am going to post about is about using peanut butter for shaving. No I am not joking here, peanut butter is a real alternative to shaving gel. You can give it a single try or a couple over a couple of days to test how it feels on your skin. No harm done. Whatever your reason is for wanting to shave using an alternative protection, it should be noted that someone allergic to peanuts should never do this.

I have used successfully peanut butter for shaving for two reasons. One, shaving isn't that great for your skin and I have sensitive skin which means my body is prone to extra dryness after shaving. Two, I used this trick when I was in college and saving money means I didn't have to worry about counting quarters when it comes to buying little stuff. After a good shave, my legs feel much nicer and are incredibly smooth.

At a nearby shop, the cheapest shaving gel is like $1.29 and 11oz which is about 12 cents an ounce (i am converting from pennies to cents since most of you are americans! Smile). Anyway most expensive peanut butter is about $8.79 for a 64oz which is about 14 cents an ounce. Cheapest peanut butter, $2 for an 18oz which makes it much cheaper than shaving cream. Of course I am only talking of store price and not online prices at places like Amazon, which is awesome for buying shaving gel and other shaving and grooming items. Even peanut butter can be had from Amazon Big Grin

The savings doesn't stop there.

The price definitely adds up when it comes to how to shave with peanut butter. I bet by now you are thinking about how thick peanut butter is and how it will probably kill your razor if you use it. Peanut butter is best used when mixed with water. This makes it much less thick. In my experience, using a little bit of peanut butter, mixing it with water, and rubbing your hands together will make it into a thin, whitish, creamy "paste" that glides on easily. Because you use so little, you save money in the long run.

Everything with pros must have cons. The most obvious con to shaving with peanut butter is it is strictly for people that are not allergic to peanuts. If you are a huge fan of eating peanut butter, this can be a turn off for you. Also it is a good idea to have a jar set aside for shaving and a jar for eating. It is not a good idea to try this with crunchy peanut butter. If you can't stand the feel of gooey things, this may be a poor choice for you. Peanut butter gives off and leaves a strong smell in my bathroom when I use it so be warned if you aren't quite in love with the smell of it.

As far as myths go, my favourite is "don't do this or you will smell like peanut butter for hours/days". Maybe its because I always use a lot of water and little peanut butter that I do not smell. Also, to avoid an oily feel, I take a small amount of shower gel and wash the freshly shaved area. Whatever the cause, I do not smell. I have animals, friends, and a boyfriend to vouch for me. Most people had no clue why my legs were so smooth until I told them.

Another big myth is that it will kill your razor. Again as a college student that used really cheap disposable razor, the razors didn't seem to last less than they did when I used shaving gel, water, or anything else. I do have to mention that you must clean your razor when using peanut butter. This is as easy as running it under warm water, taking a towel, and rubbing with the blades then running water on top from behind the blades. It takes me an astonishing 30 seconds to do. I have seen peanut butter take out a nice razor though. The problem, using too thick a solution. This may also be linked to the lingering smell on the skin. Never use peanut butter alone when shaving.

My last myth isn't quite a myth and that is "you cannot shave with crunchy peanut butter." This is indeed untrue. You can shave with it but it will take out your razor quicker if you don't spend the extra time trying to take out the "crunchy" part of it. Who knows, maybe it will help exfoliate your skin. In that case, it may be better used as a face mask.

So how exactly do you shave with peanut butter? First, I take about a heaping spoon full and put it in a bowl. You don't want to take peanut butter in the shower as it can grow mould. Next, take a bit of it and rub it in your hands. Then add a little water. Spread it on the area you plan to shave. It should be enough to cover the entire area and not be too watery (as in still a little oily) but not so much that it cannot be spread smoothly. Simply shave as normal. Again, I always use a tiny bit of body wash or soap to help take off any extra oil. If you have a lingering smell in your bathroom, setting a small bowl of vinegar will absorb the odours.

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10-19-2014, 08:19 AM (This post was last modified: 10-19-2014 08:22 AM by Stevens.)
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RE: Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel!
I guess this is more of an interesting way to shave rather than something that is practical. FTR I have found that olive oil and coconut butter also work very well for shaving the face. Since peanut butter is almost all fat and oil then my guess is that it is lubricating just as an oil would do.

Lubrication and keeping the face from frying is key to a good shave.

oops I meant drying not frying above.
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02-21-2015, 08:41 AM
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RE: Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel!
Peanut butter is not cheaper than shaving cream ...
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02-22-2015, 07:21 AM (This post was last modified: 02-22-2015 07:23 AM by Bradley.)
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RE: Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel!
I have tried using peanut butter in the past too. I also tried olive oil, coconut butter, shea butter and even milk butter Big Grin the trick is that all these products are effective skin moisturisers and lubricants so the shaving goes smooth. You must water your face first so that the moisture from the water is trapped in the skin.

Next in my mind is using baby oil and some kind of glycerin blend Smile this is for testing purposes but most of the expensive and premium shaving gels and creams are made of ingredients that you can get for a very small fraction of the price of the shaving gel. Usually just one ingredient will do too like it happens with natural oils.

A quick edit as I wanted to add that I've used these shaving gel alternatives for shaving my face and also some tests for shaving chest hair. Haven't attempted my leg hair but i don't see that happening either.
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11-02-2015, 10:16 AM
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RE: Shaving with peanut butter just as good as shaving gel!
This is one of the rare forums where people from across the world post and read. so not all of us are British or American. Where I live, peanut butter is almost as expensive as shaving gel.

Now, I'm not talking for everyone but everyone in my family (both sides) has really good skin and all the men have mostly used only soap foam to shave. And we have always manscaped from time to time. None of us has ever had any skin irritation, though not having any case of acne helps. As I said, I'm not talking for everyone.

However, I've also tried olive oil to shave and I have to say it's really amazing too. It does what you say peanut butter does, which is to moisturise the skin. But use it only with a regular safety razor and not with any kind of double edge blade because the latter is more aggressive and needs something more consistent than just oil to not grip on your skin.
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