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Shaving tips for a closer shave? advice needed 0 0
Shaving tips for a closer shave? advice needed
08-15-2014, 09:43 AM
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Shaving tips for a closer shave? advice needed
Can any of you share some tips on how to get a close shave? we have talked about disposable razors but this leaves me wondering if getting a close shave with any kind of disposable safety razor is possible. From what i read of you guys, it looks like a safety razor with blades is better than the disposable razors.

Anyway if any of you could please share some shaving tips for a close shave? maybe some advice on the shaving process that one can improve? thanks!
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08-15-2014, 10:59 AM
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RE: Shaving tips for a closer shave? advice needed
Every male is different in that we have oily or greasy skin, dry skin, a pale face, dark face, thin facial hair, a thick beard, a baby face, a defined face... all kinds of combinations which makes your own shaving a more customized experience (IMO). There's just no one shave fits all. Plus, there are days when we don't want or need a close shave.

I'm a shower shaver. I've been shaving in the shower most of my life. Why? It's because I'm after fast more than close (sometimes my face shows it too). I generally use a soap blended with both aloe Vera and glycerin, it is a basic soap that I've found is a great all purpose soap. I do still use shaving creams or gels.

I shave with one of the better disposable razors, the one with the lubricant pad next to the blades. After I am done shaving and get out of the shower, I apply an alcohol-free aloe and panthenol shave lotion. It soothes my nicks and moisturizes my skin.

For the most part I will get a clean, close shave that is ideal for the office. Neither my boss nor girlfriend have complained about my lack of a close shave, so I think I am doing good. Here are the tips from my personal experience that I use for getting my clean and close shave:
  • Get in the shower and moisten your face with hot water and steam.
  • Spread the shaving cream, gel or soap across your face and work it into your skin by massaging it lightly.
  • Here's the hard part; choosing the razor. Experienced men will say that a straight razor gives the closest shave but a straight razor also requires the most shaving precision. For me, I will just use a good disposable razor. No need to dispose the diposable razor after only one shave, dispose of it after a few shaves. Just avoid older razors as anytime I've shaved with an old razor; my face looked like several kittens had scratched it LOL
  • With your other free hand, make sure to keep your skin stretched at all times. That will prevent nicks and cuts and get you a closer shave. This trick is important.
  • I start with the sideburn and cheek areas. Don't press down on your razor, just follow the grain of the hair and pull or push the razor along.
  • Lift your nose to get a close shave for the mustache. Same goes for the corners of the lips.
  • Tighten the skin under your lower lip and gently stroke away the stubble. Then with an upward stroke begin at your chin and follow the contour of your face all the way up to your lower lip.
  • Now, run your hand over your face and search for areas you need to "hit" again
  • Use water to rinse the shaving cream, gel or soap as well as shaved hairs off your face.
  • Apply an alcohol-free (if possible) after-shave lotion or cream.
The above is the shaving method I use to get my clean and close shave. Hope my method helps!
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08-21-2014, 12:19 PM
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RE: Shaving tips for a closer shave? advice needed
hey bro thanks for the shaving tips.
I saw your post on skin irritation and shaving and you know your stuff man Smile

I have heard good things about aloe vera in this forum and even for head hair. Glycerin is used for what though? thanks again for any help!
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