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Serious beard problem 0 0
Serious beard problem
09-24-2017, 03:37 AM
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Serious beard problem
I grew a beard for the first time in late 2015. While watching some YouTube videos on how to maintain it I saw one about the benefits of Jamaican black castor oil. I bought a bottle and gave it a try but it did nothing so I soon stopped using it.

A few months later I had grown my beard to a little over an inch. I discovered it really didn't need any help. However I decided to try the castor oil again. More than anything I just wanted to use up the bottle and get rid of it. The idea of it is to apply it to your beard for forty minutes or so and wash it off in the shower. One day I used far too much, although after washing it off I thought no more about it. That is until the next morning I awoke to find my beard was in a hard lump with individual sharp hairs sticking out. I washed it thinking there was some castor oil left but my beard remained the same. I tried fixing it for a few weeks with hair conditioner but eventually I shaved it off.

This is the part no one believes me about - I grew it back and it refused to grow back in its original condition. It felt like it had just after I had applied the castor oil. I shaved again, and finally shaved and kept my face clean shaven for three months. Even after this it grew back to how it had been after the castor oil. I let it grow for six months hoping the weight of the hair would eventually pull it into shape but it got to the point it physically hurt my face. I trimmed it to an inch long the other day. It's still hurting. There are a couple of areas especially where the hair is so hard the roots pull on my skin while the rest of the hair pushes against it.

When I applied the castor oil I applied far too much to certain areas. These are the areas that feel terrible now. The areas where I applied little or no castor oil, which is my moustache and sideburns, feel the same as they always have.

I've asked on various forums and all I get is "it's not the castor oil", "it's not possible to destroy the way new hair grows" or "it must be a hormone change". However no one can explain how I had a 'hormone change' at the exact moment I used castor oil or how my beard was soft and bushy for months and changed literally overnight (and I do mean literally) to being hard and wiry and hasn't been the same since.

I've even been to a barber and all he did was tell me to comb my beard and try to sell me some beard oil (I already have a couple of dozen bottles of beard oil). He wouldn't listen to a word I said about how my beard was once completely different.

I can't think of anyone else to turn to. I'm sure any barber or hairdresser I go to won't listen to a word I say either. I'd go to a hair specialist but there just isn't one anywhere near me (I live in Ireland).

I've tried pretty much everything. I've tried coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, even olive oil. If it sounds like I'm doing too much I've also tried just not washing it. Nothing works.

I'm desperate for advice. I'm absolutely 100% positive the castor oil changed how my beard grows. In simple terms - soft bushy beard for almost a year + castor oil = instant hard wiry beard.

If anyone actually believes me and can offer some advice I'd appreciate it greatly. However I don't want to keep getting the same "nope, you're wrong, didn't happen" replies I've gotten everywhere else. I've explained to people as best as I can that my beard was in decent condition and instantly changed after applying castor oil to it and that nothing else happened to it. If you think I'm wrong just don't reply.

I'm posting this out of absolute desperation before I finally shave my beard off forever. I need to do something radical to get my beard back to how it was but I don't know what that is.
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