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Schick Quattro review: Titanium shaving razor for men 4 1
Schick Quattro review: Titanium shaving razor for men
10-05-2016, 01:57 PM
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Schick Quattro review: Titanium shaving razor for men
Here's a detailed review of the Schick Quattro for men Titanium shaving razor. There are quite a few shaving razors for males in the market, and one can get confused with the many different names for each and every razor. With this review for the Schick Quattro Titanium shaving razor, you will be knowing more about one of the most time-tested shaving razors that has graced the faces of millions of men!

The Schick Quattro Titanium shaving razor for men

You know, I like to always get the most bang for my buck and I equally dislike wasting my money. What I am about to say may be quite shocking to those who know me, and I need to actually build up nerve to type it as well. OK, here it goes: In some cases, you must spend a sizable sum of money for necessities. For the guys and gals alike, unless you are sporting the tough-man Paul Bunyan facade, shaving implements are required. And not just ordinary, generic brand cheap items either. For this, I whole-heartedly recommend the Schick Quattro Titanium.

[Image: 8A4RIPA.jpg]

But wait, you ask. Aren't you that guy who was telling us to go generic and find sales and clip coupons? Aren't you that cheap dude who took his girlfriend to Waffle House because they had an omelet deal that you couldn't pass up? Yes I am. I have amended my ways (and begged forgiveness for that grave error in dating etiquette). However, when it comes to matters of the face (and other more sensitive female areas... Again I say ), you don't want to cut corners, no pun intended. I have tried generic, my friends.

Based on personal experience, the above is not the route you want to take. It's quite wonderful to scare your friends and neighbors on Halloween with those infamous Hollywood blood capsules that you can smear on your face. However, when it is April, and the blood is actually your own, the hilarity gets a tad stifled. If you just want a smooth, clean shave with little to no razor burn, you have to throw the generic brand aside and pay homage to the king of shaves: Schick.

The Titanium has four blades, which somehow feel more like a facial massage than a shaving experience. I believe the secret is in the conditioning strip that contains aloe and vitamin E and helps it glide along your face. You can even go against the grain of the beard with reckless abandon and not be fearful of looking like a Jason Voorhees nightmare afterwards. It seems to make little difference what kind of shaving cream you use as well (I prefer Colgate myself). The blades do not grow dull quickly; this is one razor you can use and reuse quite a bit. I have average facial growth and shave an average of once every three days. One razor can last a month or longer under these conditions!

[Image: 1W6wNwO.jpg]

One might assume that a fifth-bladed razor would do the job far better, but this is untrue. With all due respect, Gillette's five-bladed Fusion razor was overkill. After attempting to shave myself with this contraption, (surely two conditioning strips would be better than one, I assumed) what looked back at me in the mirror was the same result as a single-bladed Wal-Mart slicer: a rash, blood, and a vow to "Paul Bunyan" myself, never touch a razor again, and wear flannel for more effect. Woe is me if a company decides to compete with Gillette and come out with a six-bladed razor.

OK, I have avoided the negative aspect long enough. Let's talk about price... And how we might be able to counteract it as well. (See? I haven't changed!) Titanium, for some odd reason, appears to mean expensive in our society. We have the Titanium credit card status, we have Titanium car wash service (this may be a regional term)... And now, we have the Titanium razor, which also indicates cream of the crop.

The razor alone will set you back approximately $10. Refill razors cost about $2 each since a 4-pack costs $8. There exists good news though: These are usually on sale in pharmacy's on any given week. Always check the sale fliers in the Sunday papers. When Schick first introduced this marvel, they had a coupon for a freebie. Also, at CVS, purchasing one of these will afford you some Reward Dollars in return, good toward the purchase of other items on your next visit.

Lastly, check this forum for shaving razor coupons and free offers. Every so often an offer for a free razor is accessible here. Besides, how else would I have been turned on to such a fine product? Happy Shaving!
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