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Review of Hanz de Fuko Quicksand Dry Matte Finish Hair Wax
09-09-2015, 08:00 AM
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Review of Hanz de Fuko Quicksand Dry Matte Finish Hair Wax
G'day gentlemen!

Here to bring you another personal review of a hair styling product - the Hanz de Fuko Quicksand. I wanted to get this product for quite a while, and a few weeks back, somebody was selling a brand new one for just S$13 (about USD$9.20). I couldn't let the opportunity go and once I got Quicksand, it's become one of my favourite products to use.

Let's get started!

Looks and smell

[Image: 4pdWgMt.jpg]

Quicksand comes in the standard packaging that is done for all other Hanz de Fuko products. A plastic container with a metal-looking cover. Information provided on the container include the product's name, its basic properties (High Hold, Dry Matte Finish), instructions on how to use and a list of ingredients. It looks decent to me and doesn't feel like its a cheap product.

In terms of smell, Quicksand might turn some away. The product smells like mud, perhaps unsurprisingly because of the product's name. However, it has to be said that it isn't that terrible. Using this product, nobody has ever commented on the smell - which means that it is either a weak scent or it isn't unpleasant. Still, some might not want to put something that smells like mud into their hair.

[Image: 2B9EemR.jpg]

The wax is olive green in colour. The creamy texture allows the product to be taken out from the container and spread onto the user's hands easily. More on that in the next section.

Styling abilities

When warming up the product in your hands, Quicksand turns into a transparent grease. When running the product through your hair, it gets harder to run your hands through your hair progressively. This is because of Quicksand's unique combination of being a wax and a dry shampoo. The dry shampoo element dries up your hair quickly, giving it a matte look while the wax provides hold, keeping your hair style in place.

Hold-wise, Quicksand is on par, if not better than Gatsby Spiky Edge Moving Rubber (Pink). One full fingertip of Quicksand on dry hair provides solid hold and volume for about five hours, then it will start to 'loosen up'. However, despite the reduced hold after five hours, it definitely still provides sufficient hold to keep hair out of your face (i.e. hold with little or no volume).

Quicksand gains a huge plus in terms of restyling. If you feel that you need more hold, just add more Quicksand to your hair. No need to worry about it being too greasy, too overloaded - because Quicksand is a dry shampoo too! There is absolutely no shine from the product.

On the subject of dry shampoo, its an ideal product to use on second-day hair too! Makes your hair look clean and gives it volume.

Washing the product off

From what I read, all Hanz de Fuko products are water soluble. That is true, at least for Quicksand. Water washes it off properly with just a little effort, while shampoo and conditioner ensure that your hair is 101% clean. For a product with high hold, it is amazing how its washed off with one wash using water only.


On Hanz de Fuko's website, its sold for USD$17.50 per container (2 oz/60 ml). I use the product for at least five days per week and after a month, I'm left with 85% to 90% of the product. It could easily last me for four to six months. So basically, you are spending USD$35 per year on hair products, if you are planning to use it as frequently as I do. Decent investment if you ask me, don't forget you get two products in Quicksand - wax and dry shampoo!


+ decent packaging
+ easy warming up of product due to creamy texture
+ combination of wax and dry shampoo
+ lives up to its 'high hold' and 'dry matte finish' properties, while providing volume
+ does not make hair look greasy when adding more to hair
+ as a wax, its easy to wash off
+ a container lasts long and is decently priced for what it offers
+/- muddy smell
- application of product might be more difficult after running hands through hair a few times

Definitely try it if you can! It is a one-of-a-kind product. I've heard people say that Quicksand is a really unique product, but its only when I tried it myself that I realized why its being mentioned a lot.

Final Rating: 9.5/10
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09-09-2015, 08:33 AM
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Hanz de Fuko's Quicksand Dry Matte Finish Hair Wax is a good product but overpriced.
This is a very detailed and great review of the Hanz de Fuko Quicksand hair wax. I modified the title of the thread slightly so that it was made clear that this was a review. That way other people searching for a review of the Quicksand hair wax can find your review easily.

I haven't been on this forum that long and I have seen mixed feelings about the hair product range from Hanz de Fuko. As a barber I think that their products are slightly overpriced compared to the competition. Brands like Gatsby, TIGI, Layrite and even Redken have similar hair products and quality, yet the products from these brands are much cheaper. In the hair product industry you better be justifying the premium price for a product if your competition offers the same high quality emphasis at cheaper prices. A quick walk through the recommended men's hair products discussion will quickly show anyone how the products from the brands that I've mentioned above are cheaper than the product range of Hanz de Fuko and those products in the linked discussion are actually recommended in the forum by the rest of barbers and forum users.

Your review is very useful in my opinion. I would not rate the Quicksand product as high as you did but I still think that it is a good product. I found that the holding strength is somewhat stronger than the TIGI Bed Head Matte Hair wax (see its review in the link), and this TIGI hair wax is the one that is always recommended as a "general purpose" kind of hair wax. It will hold up the majority of modern men's hairstyles and it gives a neat and clean texture to messy hairstyles.

I'd use the Quicksand from Hanz de Fuko for shaping purposes if trying to achieve a dry matte finish in the likes of the TIGI Bed Head hair wax.

I like how you compared Hanz de Fuko's Quicksand hair wax with the Gatsby Re-Workable hair wax. These new types of men's hair wax products are getting better and better and now you can expect a clean and sharp look when re-styling the hair. I think that the Quicksand hair wax does a good job in this area of re-styling through the day, although not as good as the range of reworkable Gatsby hair waxes listed in the linked post. The Quicksand hair wax does live up to its high hold though which is why I think that its forte is in high-hold hair styling with a dry matte finish.

You did the smart thing of first testing a known high-hold hair wax as the one from Gatsby that you reviewed in the past, and then you went and tested another hair wax that also has a high-hold. My impression when it comes to high-hold hair waxes nowadays is that the word "high-hold" can be interpreted by each manufacturer as they like. A high-hold in a hair wax should be the same as an extra strong-hold in a hairstyling gel.
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