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Questions about American Crew Hair Fiber Wax
05-21-2015, 08:28 PM (This post was last modified: 05-21-2015 08:34 PM by Qazwsxedc.)
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Questions about American Crew Hair Fiber Wax
Hi everyone.

I've read plenty of praise for American Crew Fiber and I'm considering purchasing it but before I spend $19 or $20 on the product, I'd like to get some information from those who've used it.

1) My hair is a little over 2 inches in length, so after applying ACF will my hair feel stiff or crunchy after applying it?

2) Will it produce a sticky or oily residue after being applied in your hair?

3) If ACF does produce a stiff, sticky, or oily residue then is there any product on the market that will leave your hair clean to touch? I'm just worried that if I lay down or if my GF touches my hair that stickiness or oiliness will remain and I'll feel embarrassed. The only product I've ever used in my life was hair gel and that was when I was really young.

I apologize if I posted in the wrong forum/thread.
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05-22-2015, 10:25 AM (This post was last modified: 05-22-2015 10:28 AM by Mike Lowe.)
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RE: Questions about American Crew Fiber
From my understanding hair fibers like the one from American Crew are supposed to give a good hold for your hairstyles. I haven't tried the American Crew pomade but even when I've used some seriously strong hair waxes, my hair didn't feel crunchy or specially hard like it gets with really strong hair gels. The strength of the American Crew pomade isn't fine but it isn't super strong so I would say that you will be fine as I have tried similar hair waxes to the American Crew hair wax and they left my hair with a natural texture and feeling light.

I really recommend that you read this thread which talks about all the best hair waxes and you have each of the best hair waxes segmented by its shine level and strength. I think that thread would be a great read if you're wanting to find a good hair wax that offers real value for money and isn't just some overpriced junk.

I've tried a few of the hair waxes in that thread like the Tigi hair wax (matte effect with a strong hold) and a couple of the Gatsby hair waxes like one that had a high shine. I can't remember the color of it as I bought a couple LOL but if you go through that thread you will find it. There are 3 hair waxes with high shine levels so you really have plenty to choose if you're into the high shine waxes and pomades like me.

I'm pretty sure that some of the American Crew hair products have been discussed in the forum before so try a search if you haven't already. I remember reading somewhere in the forum a thread about some of the waxes from American Crew. It was quite a useful read too.

Quick edit to add that I found the thread about the American Crew hair fiber great reading material especially the post from one of the moderators where he talks about hairstyles for the American Crew hair fiber wax.
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05-27-2015, 09:43 AM
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RE: Questions about American Crew Hair Fiber Wax
I second the suggestion of reading the first link posted by Mike in his post above. There are lots of suggestions of really good hair waxes for men. One of the moderators divided the hair wax range into the type of hairstyle requirements that you need so that you can choose a great hair wax for every hairstyle need of yours.
I'm also with Mike on the Gatsby hair wax products known as reworkable waxes. You can try those if you would rather go and get a hair wax now instead of doing a lot of reading. Here is the list with the Gatsby reworkable hair waxes:

I've tried the strong Gatsby hair waxes in that list. They didn't leave my hair crunchy and they're as close to a hair wax fiber as it gets. Give them a go if you're unsure of the American Crew hair fiber. Also reading that other thread that Mike posted it looks like the American Crew hair fiber is lacking some strength. At least from the comments in that thread giving feedback on that American Crew fiber.

I remember trying some time ago one of the American Crew hair wax products. I don't remember which one it was because the hair wax was from a buddy of mine and we were heading off to a house party so I used his hair wax. My hair didn't feel crunchy or oily but it did lack a bit of strength to shape my hair which is what I wanted to do in that moment. Let's say that my hair looked natural and it had a nice texture to the touch so it wasn't crunchy or stiff. But sorry bud I can't remember the name of that American Crew hair wax. It could have easily been that one but we were already drunk when getting ready to go to the house party and I just remember dabbing the American Crew wax on my hair and attempting to shape my hair! Big Grin
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