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Pictures of Short Haircuts - Official Mens Hair Inspiration Thread 5 1
Pictures of Short Haircuts - Official Mens Hair Inspiration Thread
03-04-2014, 05:36 PM
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Pictures of Short Haircuts - Official Mens Hair Inspiration Thread
Let's dedicate this thread to posting lots of pictures of short haircuts! the goal is to give you some inspiration to get your own short mens haircut or to consider one in the future.
As many of you know we already have a guide on all the short haircuts for men, and we also include pictures in that guide. However we now want to have an exclusive thread like this one where we can all post photographs, diagrams or even paintings off those short cuts and styles that you like, currently have or would like to have!

Pictures of short haircuts for men

Beware lots of images below! it will take time for all of them to load Smile
You can also read our hair clippers discussion thread for the hair clippers that we recommend. You want to own a high quality clipper if you want to give yourself haircuts like the ones in the pictures below. So read our discussion thread on hair clippers in the link above to read our recommendations.

Taper haircut

The taper haircut is the regular haircut most men get at the barbershop or hairdresser. The hair decreases in length gradually as it goes down the sides and back of the head. The top of the head is cut in any shape you want. The taper can be done with a hair clipper, with shears (scissors) or with a combination of the two.

[Image: 3c96d086a3cf11e39b7f0ea9c0c56c71_8.jpg]

[Image: 9fd149f0a3d011e3ba111206458dce72_8.jpg]

[Image: a8c3d3b0a3db11e398fb0aa4c3a13324_8.jpg]

[Image: e6c82586a3d011e3877612bf52e1e957_8.jpg]

Burr cut

In the burr cut, all of the hair is clipped with a low clipper number - usually a number 1 to number 3. The burr cut is classified as a type of buzz cut.

[Image: ludnx0g.jpg]

[Image: 4M6xnUS.jpg]

High and tight

In the high and tight, the back and sides of the head are clipped with a low clipper number and the hair on the top is clipped with a number that is severals numbers higher than the one used for the sides and back of the head.

[Image: 1795901_682716861787416_2012235867_o.jpg]

[Image: hnX22t9.jpg]

[Image: ORtmApC.jpg]

[Image: ybtFw9G.jpg]

[Image: cfcqXOs.jpg]

High and Tight recon

The high and tight Recon is a more extreme high and tight. Everything is clipped with no attached guard except for a strip of hair on the top of the head. The Recon and the regular high and tight are popular military haircuts.

[Image: zIDb3Cc.jpg]

[Image: EwKjRPx.jpg]


A fade haircut is done with the hair tapered down the sides and back of the head until it blends into skin or is faded 'to skin'.

[Image: dedad6f2a3e411e3b0260e40d8c32bd6_8.jpg]

[Image: e1decde8a3d211e3bc3b0a68a02b4cb4_8.jpg]

[Image: 2b955918a3cc11e3969a0ebd25b736fb_8.jpg]

[Image: e508384aa3c511e38fdb120936cfcba4_8.jpg]

[Image: 95251c06a3e511e3904b12c0ac24ae25_8.jpg]

[Image: 52204f28a3dd11e3a5840ee091584d74_8.jpg]

Crew cut

The crew cut is a short hair with tapered sides & back. The hair on the top can be even or a bit longer on the front of the head than on the back of the head.

[Image: 19fc39321f2be7283332c44104d86e99.jpg]

[Image: KjwddI0.jpg]

Temple fade

The hair is tapered fast at the hairline including the forehead hairline. First two temple fade haircut pictures is Real Madrid player Jese. For a good temple fade, I recommend you to first visit a good barbershop that specializes in fades and military haircuts.

[Image: n_real_madrid_jese-5131598.jpg]

[Image: jese-castilla--644x362.jpg]

[Image: 3d3deae8a3bf11e3bb3b12eecc678595_8.jpg]


The undercut is a short haircut as it requires the side of the head to be clipped very short with the same length.

[Image: 1962842_683197935072642_335563046_n.jpg]

[Image: 067ab41ea3ab11e3b4cd1234e8e56688_8.jpg]

[Image: 1fGf56n.jpg]

[Image: 92282942a3e211e386e712e7012cbf9d_8.jpg]

2 step undercut

The 2 step undercut is a haircut that we named here in the Men's Hair Forum. It is an extra step of undercut so you have one horizontal layer of even hair and then below a shorter layer of hair so it looks like steps. The 2 step undercut can go by other names depending on the barbershop or hairdresser. In Spanish it is called 'doble escalon'.

[Image: 30008faca3e211e3b67a0e7128c55300_8.jpg]

[Image: 2cbb210ca3cb11e395db1277709cb12f_8.jpg]

[Image: 85a92a28cb864782ca478f10b0f0c11c.jpg]

More pictures below this post!

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03-04-2014, 05:37 PM
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RE: Pictures of Short Haircuts - Official Mens Hair Inspiration Thread
Ivy League haircut

The hair is tapered with a clipper on the sides & back. The hair on the top is slightly tapered to the back of the top of the head or clipped even.

[Image: e320fbd2a3e511e3add112b8d6ee8100_8.jpg]

[Image: fa119128a3d411e3b6ee12021146484f_8.jpg]

[Image: f257ecb8a3dc11e3ad551231e75530aa_8.jpg]

[Image: 1781983_676702009055568_913968282_n.jpg]

[Image: ee040064a35c11e3934d1294553a9b9f_8.jpg]

Horseshoe flattop

In the horseshoe flat top haircut, the hair is faded on the sides & back. The hair on the top is clipped from the inside so only a line of hair forming a U or a crown is left on the top. A hair clipper is used to buzz the inside of the hair on the top of the head.

[Image: MWN4awM.jpg]

[Image: DlXFFYw.jpg]

[Image: EY1gLuG.jpg]
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03-05-2014, 03:33 PM
Post: #3
RE: Pictures of Short Haircuts - Official Mens Hair Inspiration Thread
Now this is the kind of thread i like !
1st of all the taper haircut is king. And yes you can really tell how good a barber is by how good a taper cut he can give. All these cuts are sorta blending in with the businessmen cut but i reckon it is a good mix of pics to add for any one considering a good taper be it long to short or clipper or shears.

[Image: 886cdc8d9444f990a2bc2526d09d36c5.jpg]

[Image: fb9078029644a2714d4a6b820cc3eb56.jpg]

[Image: 60ebec93e771072bda593ad199337858.jpg]

[Image: 431a58c55f9f90eefd064532b791b3cc.jpg]

[Image: c27fcf69b9a10234cfa261ba90e2fdbf.jpg]

[Image: f47c34ae3f9e46196c6e1297c6cb6da1.jpg]

[Image: e1c2a62617d5fc7932674f62d523cbac.jpg]

[Image: da16e64835d0af80673653140a5ca683.jpg]

[Image: 90dfbbe48b4380eb4dcb8e9696ca3594.jpg]

[Image: 3dab208d80880faa99a5ecaa812c96a9.jpg]

The american crew cut...

[Image: 589e08b226d85c1d9bac2b145a42bb06.jpg]

The ivy league cut...

[Image: 706f96464427b112c24dbd1ce5fb785d.jpg]

The undercut...

[Image: 1e73dc9a976e336d356a0be9f445edc2.jpg]

[Image: 3bc8f5f641916cee6c5e214f9a18e385.jpg]

Fade cuts

[Image: 868596e5d8d9633381bdc09ccd4346a1.jpg]

[Image: 8fa244bf464d9f2f0ae8bff011cd4053.jpg]
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