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Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade for wavy hair?
08-05-2015, 10:06 AM
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Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade for wavy hair?
This is a question about the Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade for slicking wavy hair. It was asked on another thread, but replied here below.

Hi Jurgen (forum moderator), when you say that the Paul Mitchell tea tree grooming pomade could give you slicked back hair, does it work with spongy wavy hair? I meant to have that slicked back hair style but reducing my hair volume so I don't look like Jon Travolta. Thanks!

Moderator edit: see the reply on the next post below by one of our forum's barbers.
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08-12-2015, 10:38 AM
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RE: Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade for wavy hair?
Your question was moved from another thread to this thread as a main question by another moderator. It's an interesting question that you've asked for those of you with wavy hair looking for good pomades to style your hair, so I will answer it myself since Jurgen is on holidays and I'm also one of the forum's professional barbers on board.

The tea tree pomade from Paul Mitchell is designed for a less formal look if we compare it to other pomades that are designed for the classic slicked back style. If you read the following slicked back hair guide in the link you will learn that there are two types of slicked back styles for men:
  • Classic slicked back style: the hair is combed back low and tight with a lot of hold.
  • Modern slicked back style: the hair is combed back or styled back with fingers and with some volume.
The volume achieved with the modern slicked back style can vary from just some volume to the same volume of a pompadour hairstyle. That's the type of hair volume that you're talking about when talking about the hair of John Travolta in 'Grease' which was a pompadour hairstyle.

This is a good example of a modern slicked back hairstyle with wavy hair. You can have less hair volume than the volume in the picture by just using your fingers or comb to press down a little more when slicking the hair back.

[Image: a31d93d474657509a72f956dd80dbe6b.jpg]

You can get the slicked back hair a little lower in volume as one of our forum members this with this picture:

[Image: f8JX1k1.jpg]

A classic slicked back hair style has the hair completely flat and the wavy hair is combed back hair so that it extends and looks straight. Here's a great example of a classic slicked back hairstyle with wavy hair:

[Image: OCLJEwQ.jpg]

Now this Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade goes very well for the modern slicked back style and not so much for the classic slicked back style. However one good benefit of the Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade is that it provides a moisturizing effect that helps to tame the wavy curls and any wavy hair frizz that you may have. It's the rebellious nature of wavy hair and the common frizz experienced with wavy hair that gives the 'big hair' effect most of the time in men.

By using this Paul Mitchell pomade you will be able to make your wavy hair more pronounced with improved aesthetics. However your wavy hair will have some volume. If you are slicking your hair back with this pomade and see that you have too much volume for your liking, then comb back a little more and make sure that you are pressing down with the comb as you slick back the hair.

If you are looking to have a classic slicked back style with flat hair and with your wavy hair hardly standing out from the scalp then choose another pomade. Oil based pomades are the best pomades to lay your hair flat and in a classic slicked back style so see these two oil based pomades listed in the linked post and get the one that has the better price for you. Do remember that those two pomades are going to give you a high shine.

If you aren't into having a high sheen and shine with a classic slicked back style then go with a good water based pomade. For your wavy hair styling purpose I'd recommend that you read this review of the water based pomade from Layrite as that specific pomade will work very well for you and the review in the link tells you all the benefits of that Layrite water based pomade and where to buy it online for a very cheap price.

Just to conclude and to re-visit what I have said. Use the Paul Mitchell pomade for wavy slicked back hair with some volume (not a lot) and with a nice wavy shape with less frizz. If you want your wavy hair to be slicked back flat and with a lot of shine then choose one of the two pomades in the list that I linked to above. Finally if you prefer a natural shine from a pomade that will flatten your hair when slicked back then see the Layrite water based pomade in the review.

Also for those of you interested in more about this Paul Mitchell grooming pomade, the question asked by the forum member above was initially asked as part of the following linked thread with reviews of the Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade.
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