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Pantene Pro V hair spray vs Finesse hairspray review 0 0
Pantene Pro V hair spray vs Finesse hairspray review
12-11-2014, 09:57 AM
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Pantene Pro V hair spray vs Finesse hairspray review
After having flooded the forum with mens hair questions, I'd like to give back by posting a review, so this is a review of Pantene Pro V hair spray. I compare it against the Finesse hair spray I had been using although I may post other reviews comparing to other hair sprays as I have gone thru quite a few of them in my quest to find the right hair products for my mane Smile FTR this is my experience from some time ago and since then I have learned quite a bit more in general on mens hair products.

If you are like me, you kinda know your way with hairspray and can achieve some good hairstyles with it. Back then, no matter how many times I tried, I could not quite reproduce the quiff hairstyles that I used to with my Finesse hair spray. The hair spray seemed too wet or simply did not hold the quiff I tried to make with my fingers and some pomade. I just assumed I wasn't getting the right haircut to hold on to the quiff as ideally you need the correct taper and I had been going to a new hairdresser whom I wasn't too sure of. I now realize that it's not just about the cut, but also very much about the hairspray.

I formerly used Finesse Extra Hold hair spray. I think I must have originally been attracted to this spray for its smell (no joke!). It is one of the best smelling hair sprays on the market, in my opinion. However, having previous hairstyles that did not rely on hairspray, I did not really know much about using the substance to get the maximum styling benefits from it, and I guess that I thought each brand was pretty similar except for its smell. Now, I did notice that some hair sprays I had tried seemed "wet" and very hard to use for styling, especially the non-aerosol pump types of sprays. However, most aerosol sprays that I had tried seemed alike to me.

The only reason I became aware about one of my now favourites hair sprays, Pantene Pro V Stylers spray, is simply due to my not being able to find Finesse on the shelves of my favorite and convenient Wal-Mart store any longer.

On a side note, why is it that every product that I really, really begin to like at Wal-Mart stops being carried?? I mean, come on! Star Bucks Low Fat Latte, Lender's Onion Bagels... I could go on and on. It's a conspiracy. A fellow shopper yesterday was complaining of the same thing! If it sells well, they stop carrying it! Go figure! Sorry. I guess in this case it is a good thing that they stopped carrying Finesse, or I would still have droopy and fairly non-existent quiff.

Anyway, out of sheer desperation, I actually read some labels and finally settled on Pantene Pro V Texture Spray as my new hair spray. The difference in the performance of the two hairsprays is rather amazing. The Pantene spray dries very quickly, is light going on & it holds very, very well. If you set up the quiff with your fingers seconds after spraying, it actually stays exactly where and how you styled it. It doesn't droop or sag as with other sprays! And I am no lover of Pantene products as I've found most of them, except for a couple of them, to be mediocre to low quality.

I am sure that you have seen commercials where a stylist sprays and then runs his fingers through the hair to "lift" it. I have tried that maneuver with good old Finesse, with no difference. In fact, it would make a rather gummy mess and leave my hair looking lumpy and awkward. Again, I thought the stylists knew something I didn't and that I was simply using the wrong finger-running technique. Pantene actually allows you to "lift" your hair in this way and it will stay put.

Rarely am I excited enough about a product to write the company, but after using the Pantene Pro V Stylers spray a few times, I honestly did sit down and draft a letter of praise. Secretly, I am hoping to receive a coupon or something, but I would not have written unless I was impressed with the product. This whole experience taught me that experimenting with different brands is a must in the health and beauty business. We must not trust that most brands are alike, which was my general attitude toward most products on the market today. Unfortunately, it is true in many cases, but trial and error just might result in finding a product that outperforms the others by leaps and bounds. Of course, you do know what this means. Now that I like it so much, Wal-Mart will stop carrying Pantene Pro V Stylers hair spray. I guess I will have to buy up all they have on the shelf! Big Grin
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