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Oster 76 classic hair clipper review - My years of experience
03-31-2015, 08:59 AM
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Thumbs Up Oster 76 classic hair clipper review - My years of experience
Other than asking questions in the forum I also wanted to give back, so here is my Oster 76 classic hair clipper review. I've lots of experience with hair clippers, and I usually buzz my own hair. It's been 3 years since I started using my Oster 76 hair clipper.

About my experience with the Oster 76 clipper:

I have experience with using a good amount of hair clippers from rats to great. I would put the Oster 76 as a great hair clipper. I have thick curly hair and one of my problems is that some hair clippers just can't cut through my hair once it gets a bit longer than an inch in length. This is bad especially with cordless hair clippers running on battery as the clipper will use up all the battery just trying to buzz my thick curls without going anywhere.

The Oster 76 is a classic hair clipper and in fact its name tells you that: Oster 76 classic. That's its name. Depending on what you get, the Oster 76 comes with blades only and not with guiding combs. My guess is because most Oster 76 hair clippers are sold to barbers and hairdressers, and those guys tend to have plenty of guiding combs already. To give you an idea of what a guiding comb is, it's the hair clipper length that you hear around being called a one, two, three etc

Ease of use:

The Oster 76 isn't a light hair clipper but it also isn't the heaviest. This means that you will need a bit of practicing to get your haircut right if you're cutting your own hair. By some practicing I'm talking of you mastering the hair clipper after the third haircut, so this isn't so much of an inconvenience and it's in your interest to learn how to use the Oster 76 classic hair clipper. The machine is very intuitive so you will be buzzing your hair like a boss in no time.

If you're a hair clipper noob, the Oster 76 is a good hair clipper to buy. The Oster 76 is very forgiving with mistakes that you may do when cutting you hair. This is good because you will make mistakes cutting your hair!! We all make mistakes like buzzing a line at an angle instead of straight or buzzing through the top when you weren't supposed to buzz it. It\s perfectly normal so don't worry about it.

I have friends who were complete noobs to hair clippers and cutting their hair, and they all spoke great things about the Oster 76 clipper. They also managed to master the groove of the Oster 76 in a couple of haircuts like I told you. I already had a fair amount of hair clipper experience when I used the Oster 76 hair clipper for the first time, and I found the clipper to be as close to perfection that you could get with a regular cable hair clipper.

Using the hair clipper with its cord:

About the cable. Like you will see the Oster 76 isn't a cordless hair clipper. This is as oldschool as it gets. I believe the cable used to be thicker in other models prior to this one so they made the cable aka cord in the Oster 76 thinner or more flexible. That's what my dad's barber told me.

Anyway the Oster 76 cord is fine and won't be in your way when cutting your hair. You will however have to take into account the cord as you're cutting your hair, but that's fine as long as you have a mirror or after a couple of haircuts when your own intuition will tell you where to place your head with regards to the hair clipper and its cable.

Price, accessories and where to buy the Oster 76:

Compared to other hair clippers, the Oster hair clipper isn't cheap. But to me I would rather invest some more dollars into my machine than buy a cheap one. My Oster 76 so far is 3 years old, and the only thing I have had to do is grease it up with the hair clipper oil that it has. Sometimes you will get some hairs in the teeth of the clipper after a haircut which you can easily clean with a brush or even a toothbrush!

The oil and cleaning brush is included in the Oster 76 classic clipper. The only thing that isn't included are the guiding combs, which I highly encourage you to also buy as otherwise you will only be able to do very short buzz cuts. The guiding combs aren't cheap at all so it's worth getting them.

I have seen in this forum that they recommend buying the guiding combs as a bundle to the Oster 76 hair clipper. This is a good idea. I have seen the guys here recommend both where to buy the Oster 76 classic and its guiding combs in this thread:

Just go to the hair clipper part of the first post and they've put the recommended seller to get both the Oster 76 and its guiding combs.

As far as buying your Oster 76, I recommend Amazon. That's where you will get the cheapest prices and it's much more convenient as you won't find the Oster 76 in stores that sell cheap hair clippers. I got mine from Amazon and I have seen that the guys here also recommend a particular seller in Amazon for the Oster 76, so get your Oster 76 from the seller that the guys here recommend.

Conclusion from this review:

So the Oster 76 is a great hair clipper. It doesn't matter that you may be a noob or that you're experienced with hair clippers. The Oster 76 is a great hair clipper that is very useful to any form of experience and it's a hair clipper that will last you years without problems and that will cut through any hair type or thick hair that you put it to the test!

I can answer any questions that you guys may have. I am thinking of posting more hair clipper reviews but will probably post of the cordless hair clippers. As far as hair clippers with an electric cord go, the Oster 76 is the best hair clipper to buy. That's from my experience with other hairclippers too.
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04-01-2015, 06:49 AM
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This is an excellent review post of the Oster 76 classic hair clipper!
Thanks for your opinion and review of the classic Oster 76 hair clipper!

I've quickly stylized your review with the structure so that it is easier to read. Your review is very complete and you've written a lot to go with it, so I've just changed the structure a bit for better reading.

I have to agree with you, the Oster 76 classic clipper is among the best hair clippers for men. It has passed the test of time and it is as demanded these days as it was when it was first launched. Likewise, Oster is a brand that anyone can trust, whether you just want the Oster 76 for your own haircuts or whether you're a barber in a busy barbershop.

With regards to the guiding combs, we too recommend grabbing a set of them when purchasing the Oster 76 clipper. In the link that you've posted of our sticky recommended men's hair products list (look in the linked thread for our recommended hair clippers), we have provided a good source of the Oster 76 hair clipper itself and of the guiding comb set. The guiding comb set is bought as an item itself and it is very cheap and so much worth its purchase to get the best range of haircuts possible with the Oster 76 clipper.

I would finish off by saying that the Oster 76 will do absolutely everything you want it to do, and many times, an Oster 76 hair clipper owner will not be able to even put the hair clipper to the real test as the complex haircuts that really test a great hair clipper like the Oster 76 are only implemented in specialized barbershops. And whether it is a specialized barbershop or an unisex hair salon, you will see the Oster 76 being used. That should tell you something about how good, reliable and durable this hair clipper is! Smile

Thanks again for this Oster 76 clipper review. It's great to read the experiences and reviews of forum members who buy hair products for their own use and can then compare their experience with previous experience. I am aware of you military background and this of your experience with hair clippers, which makes this review even more valuable.

For what is worth, we also have a very-detailed thread covering the best hair clippers available for men and the Oster 76 is among the most recommended of all hair clippers. It's a thread worth reading for those hair clipper enthusiasts, of which there are many in this forum! Smile

Lastly, I'm adding 2 pictures below to show how the Oster 76 looks like:

[Image: 0lfzrdX.jpg]

[Image: A46njep.jpg]

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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04-25-2015, 02:12 PM
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RE: Oster 76 classic hair clipper review - My years of experience
You know I'm looking now to buy a seriously good hair clipper. Not one of those cheap hair clippers you get at Walmart. I've tried 4 hair clippers so far and they weren't that bad on paper either. Wahl, Panasonic and a couple more brands, but they've all broken down after some months of use. Granted we give the clipper some heavy use but it's annoying to see a Panasonic hair clipper last you 3 months before it breaks.

So I want to go back to basics, a true performing hair clipper. I want a professional hair clipper. I have seen the Oster 76 classic model recommended in this forum by the big guys. Your review is another sign that this is the hair clipper that I need.

I use a hair clipper to buzz my head currently. I also have two sons who use the hair clipper to buzz their heads and they also have friends of theirs coming home to get their heads buzzed. So the hair clipper takes a good beating but nothing like it'd do in a barbershop. Another big problem that I have found with all the hair clippers that I've bought is that they over-heated like crazy. This problem would start after the second month of use and it was bad enough that you had to rush through your buzz cut.

The Oster 76 is a winner. I'm also looking at the other hair clipper you reviewed and which is also highly recommended by the barbers in this forum. I'm talking of the Andis BGR plus hair clipper. That's a cordless hair clipper whereas the Oster 76 classic model is a corded hair clipper. I don't mind corded clippers but I know the cord getting on the way and not being able to buzz your head anywhere at any moment is a big drawback for some. So in that case the Andis BGR plus hair clipper would be the best hair clipper.

So I'm just giving it a final thought but I think I'm going to go with the Oster 76 classic hair clipper. If the barbers in this forum are recommending this hair clipper in all the threads that it pops up then that's a clear sign that this hair clipper is one that will take any heavy duty use you put it through. I read the threads in the links from the post above mine and they point to the Oster 76 as one of the top corded hair clippers.

So happy to have finally found a place online as is this forum where we can read so much advice, tips and experiences from the professional guys like barbers and then the regular users like myself and the many other guys who use this forum. Great place, gentlemen.
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