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Not sure if maturing or receding hairline (Widow's peak)
05-16-2015, 01:18 PM
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Not sure if maturing or receding hairline (Widow's peak)

I'm 23 years old, I eat clean, exercise regularly and take some supplements (zinc, D3, Omega 3, etc.). I also still had bad acne problems until recently.
In recent years I experienced a big Widow's peak pattern developing - the corner on my right side of forehead has been maturing/receding faster than my left corner side, there's also visible thinning on the left side (red circle) so I expect that part to disappear in the following years.
But my peak doesn't look like it is receding for now plus my forehead was never that high when I was a teen, so that creates a big delusion for me whether I am just experiencing maturing hairline or is it receding.. :/

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards.

(Tried to paste some picture links but I doesn't allow me Smile )
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05-22-2015, 08:11 AM
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The difference between a widow's peak and male pattern baldness can be subtle.
Hi there and welcome! Widow's peaks are common and are not a sign of balding. However, it's imperative to differentiate between a Widow's peak and actual male patter baldness. I've upgraded your account so that you can embed pictures as pictures of your own hairline will be very useful to determine whether you have a benign widow's peak or whether you're experiencing the first stages of male hair loss.

A good tip to know if you genuinely have a widow's peak is by looking at pictures of your hairline in your teen and by looking at your hairline once it has matured (which usually does in your late teens or early twenties). Do you have in both pictures a widow's peak?

The peaked hairline known as a widow's peak is inherited, so you probably have someone else on your family with the same hairline trait. In any case, if you had a widow's peak in your early to mid teens, then that's a good hint of you having a widow's peak not that you're a more-matured. The fact that you still suffer from acne and that you're 23 could mean that your hairline has yet to matured, but we can get a better idea of your hairline's status with your own pictures.

Lastly, this is how a widow's peak looks, even in women. As you can see the temples' hairline remains circular and isn't far back towards the crown (i.e. vertex area). Male pattern baldness (usually) has a wider mid-frontal hairline while the temples recede like track marks.

[Image: 490px-Paul_Ryan%2C_official_portrait%2C_...ress_2.jpg]

[Image: 640px-MaleWidowsPeak.jpg]

[Image: Widowspeak.jpg]

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05-23-2015, 04:34 AM
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RE: Not sure if maturing or receding hairline (Widow's peak)
thank you for upgrading my account and for your response.

Regarding the acne - it's hard to say that for the last 2-3 years it had anything to do with hormonal activity, most probably not, more of an issue of European/Western skincare products that my skin doesn't like (I'm on Japan now and it's been great). I did have mild Widow's peak when I was a teen, but it progressed every year bit by bit I see (I'm looking at high school pictures).

I think my mother has a slight Widow's peak, but I wouldn't bet on it.

But my father really surprised me (I was scanning his hair throughout today's family lunch, I think he even caught me once or twice lol), he did experience receding hairline in corners like MPB picture 2. or maybe slightly more but nevertheless its still locked in at his age of 55 and the peak is still present at the same spot as it was when he was 30 I would say. He had very thick hair but when MPB came they started shedding very very quickly - his hair on top is now like MPB picture 6! - so you can see why it's not easy to spot his Widow's peak hairline (he also keps it as low as he can with a razor, fortunately today is his usual longest before getting a haircut so I could see it relatively clearly).

Anyway here are the pictures (it was after a shower so it may look like my hair type is thinner, but they're actually quite thick):,CDAwglJ,jhj2SGg,27VYbxR#0 (red circle marks where the hair is thinning and will be gone ina a few years),CDAwglJ,jhj2SGg,27VYbxR#1,CDAwglJ,jhj2SGg,27VYbxR#2 (this corner made the most concerns),CDAwglJ,jhj2SGg,27VYbxR#3

I'll try not to stress about the hairline and just hope it locks in, but regarding the shedding on top like my father experienced so suddenly I really hope nutrition, supplements, good care and low stress will help with that.

Kind regards.
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05-23-2015, 04:50 AM (This post was last modified: 05-23-2015 04:51 AM by Pirlo.)
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RE: Not sure if maturing or receding hairline (Widow's peak)
I forgot to edit regarding father's receding hairline (corners), it's obviously not locked in if it's at MPB picture number 2 and even slightly progressing. Sorry.

Kind regards.
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